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Imperium: Volume 2

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It's been weeks since our first major move on The Dominion. We learned shortly after our efforts that General Elias escaped with his life, and now the battle between the Dominion and the Resistance were in full motion. It was time for our people to fight back!

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

Readers Announcment: This book contains coarse language, violence, depictions of abuse, and sexual content. This is a trigger warning.

We were all in Harry's office listening to the chatter on the radio. A few days after Project Midnight went down, our sources in the Capital advised us that the explosion took care of a few top officials, and General Elias was critically injured, but no death was ever confirmed. No one new what happened to him. Whether he got out and received aid, or whether we did the job and he succumbed to his injuries.

It's now been a few weeks and we've been dialed into the radio daily. Today our answers were finally answered when General Elias spoke over the broadcast.

"Fuck!......... Fuck!" Harry yelled.

He took the radio off the filing cabinet and threw it against the wall, almost hitting Raeve in the process.

"Harry, calm down." Said Raeve.

"We almost fucking had him!" He screamed again.

"He's alive, yes but now he knows something he didn't before." Raeve waited until Harry had the sense to calm down and listen to him.

"He knows we exist, and he also knows we're not here to dick around. Fuck Harry, we managed to get into the Capital under his watch, and tried to blow him up in his sleep. Right now he's shitting his pants."

I listened to Raeve, and watched him slowly lift a calm over his leader.

"Listen, he continued. They don't know we have the map to the other camps. I say we use that to our advantage, and help those who can help us. General Elias will be sending all his abled bodies looking for us, so why not make him work for it."

I watched as Harry stewed over his words. He pulled out the map, and we looked at the dozens of prisoner camps that covered the continent.

"This is going to be a big effort from all of us. We don't even know how many prisoners are being held. We wont be able to bring them all back here, if theres a considerable amount." He paused. "We're going to have to set up somewhere else."

He looked around the room, scanning all our faces. Raeve, Jay, Kipsky, Johansson, myself and my father.

My father was now training the new recruits that were coming in the dozens since we blew up the Capital building. Word of our movement was spreading like wild fire, and with that The Dominion was pulling in every man, woman,and child that could wield a weapon for their cause.

Harry looked back to the map on the table pondering over what the plan was.

I know where we can set up a second camp. My father spoke up.

We all looked at him and the seriousness in his face, took me back to our training days. Without looking at me he spoke to me.

"June, do you remember the abandoned mall that we stayed in a few nights?" He asked.

If it was the one he was talking about, there was no way I could forget it. It was located in a town that had a sulfur mine located near the edge of it, and the smell alone deterred anyone from staying there. We had spent a few nights there to avoid the Dom Squad, who raided our camp just a few kilometers from said place. Somewhere where I'd rather not spend again, but the thought of it was starting to make sense. It was the ideal spot to have another base camp. No one would ever want to set up there. A smile slowly grew on my face, the more I thought about it.

"What was the name of it again?" He asked.

"Lingham." I answered.

I listened to my father as he repeated the information that was stored in my head. Everyone listened, and looked at eachother as a plan was slowly starting to take shape.

"I'll need someone to run base camp there, if we're going to do this." Said Harry.

"Jay, you've been with me since the beginning, are you up to it?" He asked him.

"Sounds like a plan." Answered Jay.

"Raeve." Said Harry. "I'll need you to travel back and forth to relay information between base camps, so your in charge of Intel. Richard, we'll keep you here to continue training, if you dont mind. June." He looked at me with a stare I was already to familiar with.

"June, Kipsky, Johansson, Raeve. I need you to form a tactical team. You guys will be in charge of hitting the camps, so choose your persons wisely. This is going to take awhile to set up before we make our next move. We can't let Elias, get this one. You understand me?"

We all stayed silent but the concencus around the room was a big Fuck Ya.

Okay. Harry said as he looked down at the map one last time. "Let do this."

..................... 3 months later........................

Prisoner Camp Foxtrott

"Mathers! Your stationed up top, get your ass moving." Yelled Officer Morrison.

I slowly made my way out my bunk before stretching all the stiffness and stress away from my fatigued body. I looked at my watch and it was 4:30 in the morning. Fuck me I thought. I sat up and looked at the other bunks with all the fresh recruits that were sent in a few days ago. I got up and went to the co-ed bathroom, and splashed cold water on my face to further wake me up. Looking at my reflection, almost sickened me.

I didn't want to be here. I was recruited by General Elias and his goons under a mandatory serve mandate after the Capital building was blown up by the resistance. I was studying to become a medical practioner, when the parade came through my city and forced us into servitude.

And of all places, they stuck me in a prisoners camp. It was everything I was against, and now they put me on watch over the prisoners and perimeter.

I went back to my bed and grabbed my black uniform and gear from the trunk at the end of my bunk, and got dressed. If I was known for anything it was being fashionably late.

I walked out of the bunk house and made my way to the watch tower at the east end of the camp. It was an hour before the prisoners were to get up, and the start of my perimeter check.

"It's about time you showed up. I've been sweating my bag off." Said Roberts.

"Ya ya, get out of here." I told him.

"Fuckin Morrison's got a stick up his ass today." He said.

"When doesn't he.?" He just laughed as he made his way down.

One thing we could all agree on was our hate for Officer Morrison. He was a trigger happy air head, who felt like his superiority complex justified his mistreatment to the prisoners and the other soldiers.

He especially liked to intimidate the children that were put in these god for saken places. Especially towards the younger girls. He was a sadistic pig, who I would gladly see swap places with any of these poor individuals.

It was currently summer, and it was hotter than haydies. The only relief we got from the summer heat was the shade that came from the watch tower.

Day in and day out I would watch the torment that came from the other soldiers. We had about 4 weeks of basic training, which was enough time to learn the ins and outs of our weapons and learn to keep our mouths shut and do what we were told. There were a few that didn't want to take part in this war. But the few were massed by the many who took pleasure in watching people suffer.

I looked at my watch. 5:30. Time for them to wake up. I could see my replacement making their way, and the second they got up here, I descended down the tower and made my way to the perimeter fence.

It was the only thing that made this hell hole tolerable. I actually liked conversing with some of the prisoners. Alot of them were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or were relatives of those who were fighting in the resistance. I particularly took to this one young boy, who went by the name Remmy. He reminded me so much of my younger brother. I made sure he got extra attention, as he was so malnourished and frail.

I spotted him wondering the yard. He never spoke up first as we all looked the same dressed head to toe in the same black gear.

"Morning Remmy." I said gently.

A smile now beaming on his face.

"Morning." He said.

"How are you doing today buddy?" I asked, but I already knew the answer.

"I'm ok. A little hungry." He said while kicking the dirt at his feet.

"Well how about you meet me at the back bunkie house and I'll get you a little something from my personal stash." I told him.

He nodded happily, and made his way to the bunkie house. I was almost finished my perimeter check and on my way to soldiers quarters, when I felt a sudden shift in the earth beneath my feet.

Before I even had time to register what it was, I was thrown to the the ground by a sudden blast. What shortly followed was the sound of gun fire. I looked to the fence, and saw that a whole section was taken out by...something and beyond that, fighters.

They were firing upon us, and suddenly I felt the earth move again, which sent me back to the ground. I looked over and behind the storming front of fighters, a lone figure stood in the back by the tree line. I could see an array of colours that danced around their body, and watched as they lit up from the top of their head and sent a pulse of energy to their feet. The ground shook and took me back once more.

"The resistance." I gasped out. I quickly scanned the yard and saw soldiers shooting back.

I could see our men getting hit left and right. I think I even seen someone appear in the watch tower, and took out the replacement before disappearing again.

I saw Morrison walking the opposite direction of the fight with his pistol in hand. Typical I thought. I got my rifle ready, when I heard screams come from behind me. I looked back to see Morrison shooting whoever he could.

"Remmy." I quickly jumped up and ran towards the back of the compound where I knew I would find him. Then I felt the sting of a bullet graze my leg, which made me stumble to the ground. Again the earth moving beneath my body. I got up with the help of my rifle, and made my way to the back where I saw Remmy trembling in fear. He was in shock and standing in the open.

"Remmy!" I called out to him, and he turned to me with tears streaming down his face.

I was closing the gap between us, when I saw Morrison walk towards him with his gun aimed up. I heard the shot.

It was like slow motion as I watched Remmy's body drop to the ground.


I pulled out my side arm and I aimed towards Morrison. I continued walking towards him, with shock filling his face as I emptied my clip into his chest.

I dropped my gun and ran to Remmy, who laid motionless on the ground. I removed my helmet and dropped next to him, rolling him over so he could face me.

He was gone.

I'm so sorry Remmy. I couldn't take my gaze off of him. I could feel the tears burning my eyes, before I felt the sting of something pierce my neck. It threw me onto my back, and I took my hand to it. I could feel the warm liquid pouring out, and the air I tried to take in wasn't coming in.

I was dieing. It was as simple as that. I could feel a cold chill run over me, and soon the darkness to over.

I'm sorry Remmy.

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