Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Eric: Threats

My grandmother was furious when I came home after the storm had stopped and told her what I did at the café.
“I told you to take Leslie with you and not to wander around!” She’d shouted at me and from behind her Albern had shaken his head in disappointment. I wasn’t worried though, so I'd just told her I was sorry and locked myself up in my room. After a shower, I took out my sketchbook and started making another sketch of Adria. I look at the sketch after completing it and jot down more points about her:

1- Saw Them in the forest, who are they?

2- Have an unusual eye color.

I look over at the points about her and everything seems off. I’m dying of curiosity but don’t know who to ask.
Someone knocks on my door and I look up at the clock; it's 10 pm, who could it be?

“Come in”

Albern walks in brusquely and I casually put my sketchbook away, “What is it?”
“You met her didn’t you?”
“Who?” I stare at him as he walks around and sits down on the sofa.

“Adria Emerson?”
So her last name is Emerson. “No, I didn’t. Why did you think that?”

“Eric, Dan told us how you up stood for her!” He rubs his face.

I force out a laugh, “So you know how she is treated at Trade D Crops?”

“Eric this isn’t funny. She has something to tell your grandmother and she refused when we asked her nicely.”
“That means you are going to beat it out of her? The way I saw it, she was punched just because B couldn’t stock more crops and she had to bring them here!” I get up and start pacing in the room because I’m furious. It looks like my grandmother is behind whatever treatment Adria is getting just because she isn’t telling what my grandmother wants to know.

“It is just a warning, stay away from her!” Albern says firmly.

“What is it that you asked her? If you want to know that badly, I can help.” I ask at his back as he gets up to leave. He chuckles before turning around to face me.

“Do you believe in magic, Eric?” His question throws me off and I gape at him. Magic? What has the magic to do with all this? I want to shout at him but I restrain myself.

“Forget it! Emerson’s matter has nothing to do with you.”

“Sure thing! So, whatever I do with Adria has nothing to do with you either. Keep out of it!” I say wryly and hold the door open and wait for him to leave.

He looks up at me and grins, “We will see.” Was that a threat?

I bang the door shut as soon as he leaves my room and flop down on my bed in anger. Did he just threaten me? Just because I'm trying to understand Adria? What's going on in this place?

This won’t do. I will confront Adria even if I have to walk into the forest to make her tell me everything. Deep inside, I know it’s all about the forest.

As I close my eyes and try to control my anger, my brain conjures up her picture. She dressed in wet clothes and her long raven black hair flattened due to rain. I shake my head and turn on my side. Her violet eyes with long black eyelashes holding water droplets were something I wasn't going to forget, ever. Groaning, I turned on the other side and forced myself to think about anything but her.

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