Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Cyril: Planning

“Cyril, you need more proof to get Dawson behind bars!” Zoe throws the file on the table and folds her arms, “You got all the information on Tansy Williams, and trust me, it’s not enough.”
“Then what do you want me to do? I have to be careful not to get under his radar because he HAS my mom!!” I rub my face in frustration.
I did all the research I could on the pictures Adam got me. All I could found out was that Tansy Williams worked in another club before being arrested for transferring the drugs. She wasn’t charged guilty and was released only to go back to working for that club. From the looks of things, Dawson is selling drugs to other clubs as well, but we have no proof of that.
“We need to follow or apprehend this man who makes deliveries to Tansy.”
“Cyril, we are not professionals. We can’t do this on our own, man!” Adam says, frustrated.
“Then do you have a better idea?”
“We tip the police anonymously. Just try to know the date of the next delivery!” Zoe suggests, and I shake my head because this is not going to work.
Zoe ruffles my hair and picks up her car keys, “I’m leaving, guys. This was the best plan I could come up with!” I nod without turning towards her. I notice Adam staring at me.
“What?” I ask and put my head down on the table, “I can’t do this!!”
“Cyril, tip the police and step out. Or steal Dawson’s records and hand them over to the police?” Adam suggests, and I throw the file at him.
“And get killed? I won’t be able to walk two steps to the doors. He has cameras fixed inside the room and two guards on the door who do thorough checking when you go in and when you come out.”
Adam sighs and looks around. It’s almost midnight, and we are at Adam’s apartment. I guess I’ll be staying the night. I pick up our plates and walk towards the kitchenette.
“Cyril....??” Adam calls me, thinking hard about something.
“Yeah, what?”
“Is there any girl who isn’t fond of Dawson and has no choice but to work there because of the money?” I frown at Adam.
He smiles sadly and looks towards the door. Of course, he got the idea from Zoe. Adam has been crushing on her for a while now, but she has turned him down multiple times. She is the eldest daughter of her household with four younger siblings to look after. She does part-time jobs to feed her younger siblings since her father past three summers ago. Adam’s future isn’t much promising either because he runs a book shop in the neighboring street, so I get the idea why he is being rejected repeatedly.
“Yeah, there are many cases, but what are you suggesting?”
“Maybe this girl can steal the records?”
I snort, “It’s not gonna work. No one is stupid enough to do that, and what are you going to do about the cameras?”
“Wait!” Adam picks up his phone and turns on the speakers.
“Adam, you’ve got to be kidding me. I barely reached the parking lot of your building!” I hear Zoe’s annoying voice and roll my eyes at Adam.
“Zoe, I’ve got another idea. We can use someone who isn’t very fond of Dawson to steal the records.”
“The Cameras. The Cameras Adam!” I emphasize the word, but Adam waves me off.
“And that should be a girl who works for him?” Zoe asks.
“Yep, and Cyril said he can find someone like that!” Adam wiggles his eyebrows at me, and I roll my eyes again before turning back to do the dishes.
“Is the camera control room open, Cyril?” Zoe asks me.
“Yep, because it is on the third floor, and hardly anyone goes past VIP rooms.”
“See? Problem solved! We can distract them.” Adam smirks at me.
“And how do you suggest doing that? There is a guard outside that room as well!”
“It’s easy. I can help”
“Zoe!! What. Are. You. Planning?” Adam glares into the phone.
“I can flirt a little. Act drunk, maybe?” She chuckles on the phone, and Adam kicks my chair down.
“Zoe, I think we should use someone else, or Adam will lock you up!” I tell her, trying not to laugh myself.
“Na-an. If he called me, it means he doesn’t want to do it without me.”
I smirk at Adam’s angry face as he rubs his eyes with the heels of his hands, “Zoe, I just called you to let you on the plan.”
“Adam, I can help. Cyril is my friend too. You can’t trust any other girl more than me.”
“She’s right, Adam.”
Adam sighs in frustration, “Cyril, collect the info on the girl and check out the camera control room as well as all other things one more time before we work on the plan.”
“There is no need to collect the info on Verona Amery. She was kicked out of her house by her father one and half years ago because of something she did, which I still don’t know, by the way, and since she had nowhere to go and not even a penny, she came to Dawson. She’s his favorite.”
“That’s it?”
“Pretty much?”
“You are hopeless, Cyril.” Adam and Zoe speak up together, and I shake my head at them as they start bickering over it.
Verona Amery isn’t an ordinary girl. She is from the Amery family, owners of a famous cosmetics brand. I don’t know why she was kicked out of her house and off the family registry, but I know that I can trust her—sort of. I don’t know anything more than that, but her expressionless face and eyes are hard to miss. Her time with Dawson isn’t easy, and if she can get out, she will. She made the mistake of working in the club, and now Dawson isn’t let her go.
I pick up the file on Tansy Williams and stuff it in my bag. This will also help along with the records.
“You sleep on the couch!” Adam tells me as he gathers up the papers that are scattered on the floor.
“Do you think we can do this?” I ask him quietly.
“Do you think Verona can be trusted?” He asks me instead.
I nod, “Yeah. We’ll see. Now get out. I’m sleepy.”
“Also, I’ll find out who was the lawyer in charge of Dawson’s case the last time. I’m pretty sure whoever he was will be pretty pissed and will help us even it means helping us unofficially!” Adam says as he throws a pillow and a blanket on me.
“Yeah, do that. We’ll need all the help we can get. I’m tired of this shit. I don’t even know if my mother is alive!!” I cover my eyes with my arm and try not to cry. It’s been a year since I saw her, and she was sick at that time. I didn’t get along with her, but she still was my mother.
“She’ll be fine, Cyril. We’ll figure it out. We’re not alone!”
I nod. “Good night, bro.”
Adam chuckles, “Good night!”
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