Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Cyril: Verona

“Verona! Verona please just think about it?” I run and hold onto her arm to stop her.

“You’re insane. Dawson will have your head for it!” She says grimly and frees her arm from my grasp.

“He already has my mother for over a year. I have no idea if she is alive? I am just doing it because I want to know!” I sigh and say to her retreating back as she tries to dig out a wine bottle from the rack.

“What if it fails?” She asks, tensed.

“It won’t. Even if it does, I’ll take the blame that I was the one who set you guys up in exchange for money.”

“Don’t! Don’t do that!” She nervously bites her lower lip and with a last look in my direction, she walks away.


“Everything’s set!!” I tell Zoe and Adam as I sit down on our table in a small restaurant.

“You said Dawson asked you to look for Jia, he will call you any day now.” Adam takes fries out of Zoe’s hand and plops them into his mouth.

“I have that set too. I have her diary which she left behind and I will give it to him!” I look out the window at the heavy rain falling in sheets.

“Her diary? Why?”
“She mentioned something which doesn’t make any sense. I’ll be happy to watch Dawson go insane, figuring it out.” I try to laugh but fail miserably.

“What did she write Cyril?” Zoe asks softly.

“She mentioned some places. Like a forest with golden trees and stuff?” I stop. “If I hadn’t recognized her handwriting, I would’ve thought that someone else wrote it. Jia was never into fantasy.”

Zoe gets up from beside Adam and sits next to me. She takes my hand into hers, consoling me. “None of us really knew her, did we?”

“This is all stupid. She used to dream about those and in last entries she has written on how she wants to find such place. Part of me believes that she was losing her sanity, she wasn’t thinking like a normal person!”

“Can golden trees even exist?” Adam asks.

Zoe shakes her head, “No they don’t, idiot. We don’t know from where she got the idea from.” She fixes her eyes on me again. “And she wasn’t well when she was here and you of all people know it. So forgive her if she wrote stuff like that.”

I nod, “Giving that diary to Dawson will buy us some time and if we act in next two days, we will have him behind the bars.”

“And if it makes you feel better, I found out about the lawyer who went up against Dawson years ago. He said he will gladly help us but for that to happen, we have to find something solid.”

“Don’t tell me you went yourself to meet that guy?” I ask him and he shakes his head, “No brother, I asked someone to ask someone to ask....”

I cut him off, “Got it.”

Zoe grins at him and throws fries at his face, “Ouch! Would have loved it had it been a flower or something, Zoe!” Adam shakes head hopelessly this time.

“So we’re all set?” I ask them and stand up to leave.

“Yep! For now!” Zoe gives me one worried glance and nods.


“Cyril, Cyril, Cyril,” Dawson stands up and pours himself another glass of wine. He is going to get drunk at this rate and it will be the end of me if I stay longer.

“I just found this diary!” I say defensively.

“I know you did but all this contains is a rubbish about stupid golden trees?” He chuckles and raises his glass to toast, “To Jia’s dreams, for they are hilarious.”

I look down and clench my fists.
“I’m guessing that there is no way to know where she went?” Dawson looks up at the huge grandfather clock in the corner, “It’s as if she went without a destiny in her mind.” He takes a sip and looks over at me as I try to keep my motions in check.

“Looking at you right now, I know its true.” Dawson puts down his glass and pats me on the shoulder. He regards me for a moment, his hand heavy on my shoulder.

“Will you be my son, Cyril?”

“What?” Heartache and Jia forgotten, I turn and look at him skeptically.

“Want to inherit this business? Make it your own?” He asks me again without turning back to look at me.

“Why would you do that?” I ask him incredulously.

“Because I’m desperate Cyril! I let someone dangerous in and my business is falling apart. I don’t know what is happening around this place anymore!” He comes around to pick up his glass again and dismisses me with the wave of his hand.

I keep standing there and look at him closely. He seems off. He seems worn out and tired. Is he sick?

Dawson sighs frustratingly and looks up, “Didn’t I tell you to leave?”

I bow my head a little and rush outside for I can’t get out fast enough.

He is sick. He has to be and for a long time. This is why he wanted Jia to inherit everything. This is the reason he’s kept me closereason he took away my mom and made me run his errands every now and then. This is the reason he never hit me, not once. He must be very sick.

I press my temples as Verona puts a beer bottle in front of me.

“What happened? Did he do something?” She asks as she takes a sip from her bottle.

“No. Verona is he sick?” She chokes at my question and I hand over napkin from the table as I wait for her to reply.

“He told you that?” She asks.

I shake my head, “No, he didn’t.”

“He seems off for a long time now, Cyril. Everyone around here knows that.” She takes another sip and keeps her eyes on me.

“Why?” I ask her as I twirl the bottle.

“Don’t know. No one knows.”

“You live with him Verona, you should know. Of all people you should know.” I ask desperately and she stands up.

“Go home Cyril, and wait just a little longer to play the game.” Saying this, she walks away quickly. I turn my head around to find Kayley looking at us intently. Kayley is Dawson’s other favorite and she and Verona never get along.

I walk up to her and put an arm around her shoulders as I look around and take a sip from my bottle.

“Getting closer to Verona?” She asks me sarcastically.

“Nope, not really. She is an old woman and this young man looks for her sometimes for advice!” I try to joke as she is easy to distract but is a dangerous person to have on your bad side. She reports almost everything to Dawson.

“Dawson called you?” She inquires.


“What for?” She looks up at me and I realize I'm practically falling on her. Moving back, I comb my hair with my other hand to appear casual, “He wants me to find Jia!”

To my surprise, she bursts out laughing, “That bitch is still on his mind?”

“She was his daughter.” I point out, sourly.

“Her mother was something. She was gorgeous and broken. And Dawson really loved her.” She says this so casually but it surprises me. No one ever talked to me about Jia’s mother. Not even Jia.

“Dianne?” I ask appearing to be totally uninterested.

She doesn’t take the bait though and gives me a piercingly look, “Jia never said anything about her?”

I shake my head and moves even closer to Kayley for I want to know everything there's to know about Jia’s life. When I started hanging around her, she was fifteen and her mother died when she was seventeen. I didn’t get to know her before her eighteenth birthday. I had met her mother few times but I only talked to her once.

“Dianne arrived here with Jia when Jia was one. She was desperate for a job and Dawson took her in. She was gorgeous so she became really famous. Dawson paid her a lot for only bartending. He asked her out three years later and ended up marrying her when Jia was seven. Dawson said Dianne were never happy and whenever he asked what bothered her, all she could say was she misses her home and her ex-husband, Argider. Funny name isn’t it?” She laughs out a loud again, catching the attention of people around us.

“Dawson curses the guy a lot. He said she never changed in seven years and till then he was tired of her. He started taking out his frustration and anger on her. He told Dianne to get out but Dianne never left saying she can never go back and that she will never feel home again somewhere else. She committed suicide when Jia turned seventeen. Dawson hated Jia and that feeling had always been mutual.”

“Suicide? She didn’t think about Jia and committed suicide?” I feel myself getting angry at Dianne even though she is long gone.

“Yep suicide. Broke Dawson bad.” And Jia, I add silently.

Kayley moves away from me as she spots Dawson exiting his office. Her shoulders fall when Dawson calls for Verona. I smile sadly at her and quietly make my way out.

For now, I want to find out who the hell is Argider. Jia never mentioned that name. I bet she didn’t even know it but technically Dawson does and if Kayley knows this much, I wonder how much Verona knows? Its Verona we need to go after first before acting on your plan.

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