Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Adria: Inside his head

Eric collapses again, and his head hits the table before Devon, and I help him lay down. Daemon, Jaivyn, and Aura stand aside and let us help him.

“Now, what happened?” Jaivyn asks, irritated.

“I told you guys before that someone is trying to access his mind.” Devon retorts.

“How is even possible?” Daemon asks in a submissive tone, “The wards are not trying to fight anyone.”

“I don’t know, but someone’s trying it over and over again. Eric blocked me out earlier means he was constantly fighting the other person unconsciously, and now it wore him out.” Devon sighs and sits down by Eric’s side.

I look at his face, which looks like he is in so much pain. He said he had no one he cares for in this world. What does that mean? How is it even possible? Even I had Cyril and then Orla, Ben, and Jade to care for me.

“Do you think he’ll give over?” Aura asks as she, too, moves to sit by Eric’s other side.

“No. He’s still trying to fight whoever it is. I can feel it.” Devon whispers and moves to sit by his head.

“Devon, no!” Aura warns as Devon moves to place his forefingers on Eric’s temples.

“Why not?”

“We don’t know who it is. It can be someone dangerous given the way they’ve surpassed the wards without even triggering them.”

“Mom. I have you guys to help me, so stop worrying.”

“What are you doing?” I ask him out of curiosity and worry.

“I’m going to pay his head a visit.” He smirks, which turns into a smile when he notices concern and confusion on my face.

“Don’t worry, Adria, I’ll just help him to block out whoever it is.”

“Devon, you will end up creating a bond with him. Do you really want it to be with Eric?” Jaivyn asks in a much nicer tone than I’ve ever heard from him.

“Yes. Right now, his life takes priority, we’ll figure out what to do with the bond thing later.” Devon says, his eyes trained on me. He is doing it for me, I realize. He gives me a sad smile before he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes as he presses his forefingers to Eric’s temples.

After mere seconds, Eric’s body jerks and then stills. I look up at others to see their reactions. Daemon is pacing, and Jaivyn is looking out the window while Aura is bent over Devon’s side with her eyebrows furrowed.

“What is a bond?” I ask Aura.

“It is something only the Pneumas who specialize in mental ability can do. Devon will back Eric up against whoever it is. Imagine a wall around your thoughts Adria, a solid wall, and when you create it with someone else, it stays there. Once Devon does this, they will always be able to share stuff which none of us know.”

I look over at Devon as sweat drops begin to form on his forehead. After a minute, he opens up his eyes and removes his hands from Eric’s temple.

“He is blocking me out too.”

“What?” Aura gapes at Eric. “How can he do that?”

“Honestly? I have no idea. There is another person who is invading his head, and whoever it is, tried to throw me out too. And if this keeps up, Eric will lose himself completely.” Devon says gravely as he brushes Eric’s hair aside, which is matted to his forehead with sweat.

“What do you mean?” I ask, knowing the answer well.

“He won’t be the same again. He’ll go mad, or in the worst-case scenario, he’d die.” Devon looks up at me grimly.

I hug myself tight and look at Eric’s face. I notice blood coming out of his nose.

“It’s getting worse.” Aura rushes to bring water and a towel.

“Adria, you mentioned someone in your friend’s head. What did you do?” Devon asks me.

“I don’t know. I could hear whoever it was, and I simply asked her to leave Jade alone.”

“And the person did?” Devon asks, still confused.


“Can you try and help Eric?” Devon asks. “Maybe it’s that same person. Could’ve followed Eric to get to you?”

“How?” I ask eagerly for I want to help him, fighting off the chill I get from his words.

“Devon, we don’t know what level she is at or which ability she specializes in!” Aura says as she dips the towel in the water, wrings it, and puts it on Eric’s forehead.

“We can try,” Devon says and looks up at me again. “When you press your fingers on his temples, imagine him standing at the end of a tunnel. Make sure you imagine him clearly, or it won’t work. Free your mind of anything else.”

“How will I know it’s working?”

“If you do it correctly, you’ll be sucked into another tunnel, and that will be inside his head, and that’s where he’s building up walls against me.”

“That’s all?” I ask doubtfully.

Devon chuckles, “Yes, that is all, but don’t blame me later.”

Taking a deep breath, I shift Eric’s head in my lap and press my forefingers on his temple. I imagine a long dark tunnel with a light at the end of it. I picture him standing there like he’d been standing beside Baskerville B board the first time I’d met him.

I try hard to stay calm as I imagine his features. Eric has a deep set of olive green eyes and chocolate brown hair that fall in his eyes. He has high cheekbones, long, thick lashes, and light olive skin.

Within seconds, I see him standing at the end of the tunnel, and the next moment I’m sucked into another tunnel. I try hard to breathe as a dull ache starts building up in my body.

The second tunnel is wider than the first, and the walls here are metal-colored. I notice cracks here and there in the wall on my left while the wall at the right is solid.

Eric? Eric, can you hear me? I call out as I slowly walk ahead.

Adria? I hear his surprised voice echo. I watch as up ahead a wall cracks emitting a bright white light. I rush towards it but just when I’m few steps away, it builds back up.

Eric, it’s me, Adria. Please let me in! I shout.

No. No, it cannot be you. I hear his tired voice echo again.

I start running to find another opening. Every time I see a large hole in the wall, it builds back up before I reach it. There are holes ahead of me and behind me, but I can’t reach them.

Eric, please! You will kill yourself if you keep this up. I shout again.

It can’t be you. Why would it be you? I hear his voice echo again. Now he seems tired and in pain.

I stop running when I see someone else in front of me, A tall guy with silver-white hair. He punches the wall as quick as lightning, and another hole forms in it.

“Stop! Who the hell are you?” I ask him as I approach him cautiously.

The guy jumps back in surprise as the hole builds up again.

“I can ask the same from you.” He drawls, taking a couple of steps towards me. He looks at me from head to toe, making me shudder uncomfortably. I take few steps back, seeing his horrid face. He has violet eyes with silver hues and pointed teeth for incisors.

“Leave him alone.” I stutter, for I am scared of him.

“Why? He is ours, to begin with. He has been ours since the day he was born, and yet he ran to you. And how did you manage to sneak in here without me noticing?” He sneers and starts making his way towards me. I swallow the fear rising in my throat as I try to maintain distance between us.

“What is he?” I ask, trying to divert his attention from Eric, enough for him to build the walls back up. But, I can see that he is failing at it miserably as the holes keep on appearing and filling up later.

The man laughs, and his laugh sends a chill down my spine, “He is no sorcerer and neither a Pneuma. Someone who exists in between. He is the fruit of our experiment twenty-three years ago.”

“Experiment? YOU EXPERIMENTED ON ERIC?” I shout because, for some reason, I get angry.

“Don’t involve yourself in this, young lady. Return this kid to us!” He threatens me, and I scoff.

“Good luck at getting him back.” Saying this, I touch the wall and imagine another thick layer covering the wall. This layer, my layer, is thicker than Eric’s, and it spreads over Eric’s within a blink of an eye.

“NO! STOP!” The man shouts and punches the wall again, but it doesn’t break or even cracks a little.

“Do you what have you done? HOW CAN YOU DO THIS?” He snarls at me.

“I don’t care. For now, saving him from you is my first priority!” I muster every bit of strength I have to imagine to get another layer over mine, and this time I feel Eric joining in. Together we enclose his mind, and as soon as it encloses, I collapse.


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