Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Adria: My Abilities

I gingerly make my way towards the stream nearby. As I near it, I notice different animals around me. They’re all hiding, peeking from behind the bushes and the trees. It’s as if they’re cautious of me. Strange...

I shrug and continue. As I walk, I notice the trees thin out further down the path, flowers glimmering on its edges.

I reach the crystal clear stream after few minutes and take a deep breath. On the other side of the stream, the forest thickens out even more, and I can’t see past three files of trees.

I squat down and take off my sneakers, unable to resist the urge to put my feet into the water.

“Don’t!” I jump up when I hear someone behind me.
It’s Jaivyn’s wife.
“Why not?”

“Fishes. They’ll bite.” I notice she speaks softly and avoids looking into my eyes. I put my feet back into my sneakers, sourly.
“Yeah, these are the wild ones. Don’t worry. I can get you a big bowl or something; you can soak your feet in it.” She says as she gathers her dress and bends over the river.

“You will do that?” I ask, surprised. Somehow I didn’t picture Jaivyn’s wife to be this sweet or soft-spoken.

“Of course, if you want me to.” She says with a smile. I jump back, shocked, as she moves back, and I notice a fish move out of the water on its own and fall into the wooden bucket she has brought with herself.

“What did you do? I mean, how did you do it?” I stammer and point at the fish in the bucket.

She looks at me over her shoulder and smiles again.

“That’s what I can do here. Pull objects towards me. It’s like telekinesis if that’s what you are thinking.”
“Oh!” I don’t know what to ask or say to that.

“How do you do it?” I ask after a while as she pulls out another fish.

“Everything here is related to mind. We call it magic, but we have the mental powers that we are born with in general. Everyone has a unique one.” She puts in another fish, and I sit down with her to watch how she’s doing it.

“Watch the fish. The water is clear enough, and I can spot them.” She points towards two fish as they swim towards us.

“Then, I focus on its shape, its strength. I exert pulling force to make it come out of the water and into the bucket. When I began, I had to mentally track the path towards where I wanted the object to be. Now, it comes naturally.” She winks at me and expertly pulls out another fish from the river.

I want to try, I realize. It’s stupid, really, for I know everyone has only one ability, but I still want to give it a shot.

I take a deep breath and will a slightly big fish to come out of the water. I slowly look up and guide my sight towards the bucket. Nothing happens, and I let out an exaggerated sigh. Who am I to think that maybe I can do more stuff than the mind ability? Though this looks so cool, and I’m unable to do it.

I find Jaivyn’s wife looking at me, amused. I feel my cheeks burn before I start the stammering explanation.

“Devon thinks I possess mental or I’d say mind interfering capabilities at his level,” I add in to show her that how annoyed I am to have some useless ability.
She laughs, and I look at her. Her laugh is like a soft music note. When I look closely, I notice that her face seems more relaxed than when I first saw her. Devon mentioned that Jaivyn doesn’t love her.

“What’s your name?” I try to ask casually though I’m curious about her. I want to know more.

“Aylin,” She stands up, wiping her dry hands on her dress before offering her to shake.

“It's...beautiful,” I look at her in awe, for her name fits her for some reason.

“Won’t you ask what it means?” Aylin asks softly.

“Tell me.”
“It’s a Turkish name. Meaning ‘moon halo’.” She smiles sadly and picks up the bucket.

“Daemon said all the names have meaning light.”

She turns to look at me, “He said that? It isn’t important. We focus on what the names mean. By light, he meant the good names, a good omen. Do you know that names affect our personalities?”

“Do you believe that?” I ask.

She smiles and looks around, “No. But don’t tell anyone else.” She winks and starts walking away.

“Wait!” I call out after her. She stops and looks over her shoulder again.

“Do you love Jaivyn?” I ask breathlessly. Afraid that she might get mad, for it's not my place to ask something like this. But I want to ask. I've never had a girl friend before, and for some reason, I want her to be. I don't know what else to talk about with her.

She looks at me strangely before sighing and slowly shaking her head.

“Then, is there anyone?” I ask again. I mean, there has to be someone other than her husband then, right?

She opens her mouth to say something when I notice Devon coming towards us, “Aylin, Jaivyn’s getting mad again. You are late. Did the fish.....” His sentence dies down as he notices me with her.

Aylin doesn’t turn to face him. Instead, she keeps looking at me and I at her. Devon! I slowly notice the two of them standing together, Aylin begging me with her eyes to keep this to myself and Devon raising his eyebrows heavenward at us.

“I met up with Adria.” She waves awkwardly at me and turns away.

“Go on quick before he gets madder. And don’t tell him I stole his bow!” Devon hollers behind her and she waves without turning.

“You like her?” I ask bluntly.

He sputters and starts laughing hard, “Her? Are you kidding me?”

Guess he doesn’t know. I keep glaring at him.

“You are serious!” He sobers up and coughs. “No, Adria, I don’t. Well not the way you meant. I help her out and listen to her problems because you know Jaivyn. He's kind of rude to her and never once appreciated her since they’ve been married.”

“She has no friends?” I ask again, still curious.

“Nope. She is a guarded girl. She avoids gatherings, people, or anyone who talks about her.”
“I like her.” I say quietly and go back to sit by the river edge.

“She talked to you?” He asks incredulously.

“Whoa! What did she say? Did she say anything about me?” He asks curiously as he joins me.

“No!” I look at him crossly. Yet he said he doesn’t like her.

“Guess you are still mad?”

“Devon, I don’t trust your mom. Get the picture?” I ask and bend over the river as Aylin did.

“I...uh. Why?” He asks earnestly.

“No idea. Neither does Eric. I think I trust Eric. I feel like I have to protect him. If something happens to him, I will not forgive myself.”
“You like him?”
“What?” I slip but catch myself before I fall into the water. Is he getting back at me for asking him the stupid question about liking Aylin?

“Ok, not discussing this. And yes, I don’t trust my mother either. She’s been hiding stuff and all. Why do you think I didn’t mention the guy we saw in Eric’s head?”

“You were trying to gain our trust?” I suggest weakly because deep down I kind of know that I can trust him.

“No you cotton-head because I don’t trust her either. Especially Daemon and his minion.” He puts his hand on his waist, his tone indignant.

“Leave these topics, my head hurts already. Eric’s mind is secured, and as you said, I possess amazing mental ability so that no one will mess with me. I take it.”
I bend towards the river again.

“What the hell are you trying to do?” He asks wonderingly.

“Trying to ask their market rates?” I retort, and he bursts out laughing.

I ignore Devon laughing his head off and do what Aylin did. For some weird, vague reason, I feel like I can do this, and to satisfy my curiosity, I try again.

I calmly will a fish to pull out of the water and guide its path towards Devon. I sit down breathlessly as a fish pulls out of the water with lightning speed and hits Devon on his arm. He staggers, and I laugh.

“What the...?” Devon asks but stops as he notices fish by his side and my smug grin. I can do more stuff than just stupid mental ability.

“Adria... that’s... how?” He stammers.

“Why?” I smirk.

“No one can do that!!!” He keeps staring at me, wide-eyed.

“What do you mean?” I ask dubiously.

“We possess one ability. ONE. What you did, its certainly more than level three at which Aylin is. How... I mean you shouldn’t be able to do that!!” He points towards the fish.

“I...uh! I dunno. I felt like doing it? Is it a bad thing?” I ask, confused.

“No, Adria, no!” Suddenly, he hugs me tight and I squirm, for I am not used to being hugged. Well, touched.

“Devon explain before you hug me to death?” I suggest, trying to push him away from me.

“Don’t mention it to anyone. I’ve got an idea but keep everything you can do to yourself.” He requests anxiously.

“Even Eric?”

“No, you can tell him but do you trust him enough that he will keep his mouth shut?”

“Devon, honestly, why don’t you trust the guy?” I push him away and pick up the fish.

“It's not that I don’t trust him. I just can’t bring myself to. I mean, he's certainly one of his kind, and he has no idea what he is. It's like he's lost, thoughts scattered, no focus, etc., etc.” He throws up his hands, and I hit him with the fish again.

“Its not his fault. He had a hard life and Devon where will you go if NO place wants to accept you?” I have no idea why I'm defending Eric, maybe because I see myself in him, as I was a year ago.

“I will live with the fish.”

“Of course you’d do that.” I shake my head.

“Let's go back. I’m tired as hell from all the hard work.”

“You should be. Abilities are not something to play with.” He throws his arm over my shoulders, and I let him as we walk back towards Eric.

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