Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Adria: Just Another Day

“Fresh ones on the top,” he smacks my head, “Fresh.Ones.On.The.Top”, this time he slaps my butt, and I pretend to fall down and curl up, for if I don’t, he will keep hitting me. I hate getting hit more than anything in the world, but here I have no choice but to suffer like before. I’m the one who got herself in this mess, so who am I to complain?
“Get your ass back to work, bitch!!”
“Yes,” I nod and stand up, but this time I keep a distance between us.

I started working here five months ago. Dan Nelson approached me to offer me the job, but he makes sure that I suffer every single second I’m with him. All I have to do is transfer the crops from Baskerville B to A through the forest everyone avoids for reasons I have yet to know. Sometimes if he’s drunk or in the mood, he lets me go to the city market. I cherish those moments.

I love the forest for it is beautiful and peaceful, but I’m scared of it at the same time. I rest for hours on my way back near the two golden trees, which are only in the middle and denser part of the forest. At the same time, I keep my distance from them because it’s not every day that you see pure gold trees standing alone in the woods. I’ve dreamt about these trees before, once or twice, but I barely remember those dreams, and seeing them here made me feel...weird. I didn’t come into this town on my own. I was pulled here. It was like I was forced to come here, which is yet another mystery in my list of unsolved-mysteries growing day by day.
Sometimes, I bring the crops on a truck from the main gates, but mostly it’s me on my bicycle with a cart attached to it that rattles all the way through the forest. I kind of find its sound in tune with the rustling leaves and few birds chirping deep in the trees when I pass.

I’ve never seen a single person in the forest or beyond the fence so far. People give me horrified looks whenever I set out for Baskerville B. For me, it’s a shortcut and the most peaceful place ever. It’s a place where I can be myself, the way I truly am.

“Adria, how long do you think will it take to harvest the corns?”
“About three more weeks?”
Dan smacks my head hard with his cap. “Why so long? What are people up to in B? Can’t even tend to a few crops?”
I bow my head down and pretend to tremble and stutter, “Few....few..of us a.... are...sick!” God, I hate sounding like this.

“Sick my ass!!! Tell them to make sure the field is ready for plantation in the third week from now!” He glares at me and walks away, muttering curses at everyone in B. Really, it’s not our fault. People in A have control over most of the things, including medicine around here. A virus broke out last week, and people in B are still recovering from it. But everyone in A is just fine and doesn’t care. Another mystery to solve.

After sorting out the veggies, I get on my bike and set out towards the forest. Another day has gone by. It’s my regular routine, I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it either, for it is better than what I’ve been through.
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