Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Eric: Answers

I feel Devon’s glare bore into my back as we make our way to the front of the forest.

“What?” I scowl at him but he narrows his eyes.
"Don't you dare break her heart!”

“Devon, you don’t have to worry about that. I won’t even dream of hurting her.” I shake my head and think about Adria. The kiss we'd shared.

“Eric, you are about to do something dumb. What if...what if you can’t come back or...?”

“I know. I know that. I will have to find my way back to you guys if I get trapped or something.”

Devon squeezes my shoulder and nods.

“We are here." I look at the golden trees in front of me and take a deep breath. It's time to man up and set the things right.

“I’ll be back!” I wink at Devon before crossing the veil.

One second I was looking at Devon’s worried face and next there's nothing but deep and dark forest behind me. I bite my lower lip and stuff my hands into my jeans' pocket, and slowly make my way to Baskerville A.

I feel Adria’s presence at the back of my head again, just vaguely, but she is there. I didn’t mind really but it was hard leaving her behind.

As I had walked away from her, I felt her feel scared and she was trying not to cry. Part of it amazed me at how strong she used to be before coming here and how she just lost every ounce of strength in her when she realized she will have to fight her way out again, like before.

I still remember her crying and calling herself murderer. It tore my heart and I kind of hated her mother and even Cyril who couldn’t do anything to stop her. I shouldn’t think this way about situation I don’t even know much about, but I can’t help myself.

It's awfully quiet. It’s the first thing I notice as soon as I cross the opening. There are no people around and it's still day. I keep my senses open and feel few people peeking on me from behind the windows and doors which feel creepy and so not normal.

Did they know I was coming? How is it possible that no one is around out on the streets? I cautiously make my way up to my grandmother’s house and notice another storm approach from over the forest.

I take deep breaths at the door before raising my hand to knock. The door is thrown open before my hand can connect with the door. I find Albern in the door, giving me a piercing look from behind his thin framed spectacles.

“Albern, don’t!” I hear my grandmother behind up and he steps aside to let me in.

“What are you doing here, Eric?” My grandmother asks calmly. Just putting up a show, I'm sure.

“I won’t be here for long! I just want answers.” I say, and pretend to appear causal.

“Answers?” She chuckles. “You could have asked instead of running away.”

“I’m afraid I didn’t have a choice. I think you know that I don’t trust you!”

“And I’m afraid you will have to,” She looks up at me, rather lovingly “if you want to know the answers, that is.” She's not wrong. I know that, and she knows that I don’t have any other choice. I follow her into her study room.

“What’s wrong with people in the town? There was no one there!” I ask as the condition the town was in, still nags me.

“Oh, that! I was experimenting and it worked. They are my people so don’t worry about them!” She takes out a book from her desk drawers.

“So, I take it that they told you everything? Their story and who they are and what they can do?” My grandmother asks after a while as she hands over the book to Albern,

“Well, yeah.” I nod.

She starts laughing, “They are so naïve. They don’t even know anything”.

I look at her, confused and little bit scared. My heart starts beating uncomfortably, because the the calm on her face is unnerving me.

“You should thank me for those abilities that you have. What are those anyway? They will be three or more than three at level twelve.” She looks at me. Again with so much love, but it sends chill down to my spine.

“I think you know that!” I say.

“Oh no, Eric! No, I don’t! Had I known, I would've arranged for you to be here earlier!” She waves her hand airily.

“What if I don’t tell you?” I take the risk of pissing her off.

“You will. You care about that girl Adria, don’t you? Right now I would like you to know that she is at my mercy.” She winks and I feel my heart hammering in my chest.

“What...what did you do?” I ask her breathlessly.

“Nothing yet. But Aura and Daemon can handle her. Her abilities lie at lower levels. It’s funny, really. She has royal blood running through her veins, but her abilities are almost non-existent. Courtesy of her human mother, I take it!”

“You don’t know that!” I whisper.

“Oh yes, I do! Aura said you doezn’t seem to like her. Daemon thinks the same!” She talks about them as if she's known them for years. I think she has.

“How do you know them?”

“When they realized how lame it is, waiting for some girls the prophecy points to, they came to me. Dianne’s mother came into these towns when she was taking her last breaths. She fell sick, poor thing. Dianne was perfect, but not really. She wasn’t strong or even strong willed. She had nothing in her just this age thingy like her mother. I asked Joseph to marry her but he loved me more. If he had, we would've been living deeper into the mountains.” She sounds ridiculous.

“Do you hear yourself right now? You sound insane!”

“Yes, I know I do. You don’t know what lies in the mountains, but I do. I might not have seen anything in there but unlike Pneumas we sorcerers stay true to our kind and pass down the stories and tales the way they are!!”

“And what this all has to do with Dianne’s age?”

“Pneumas live longer. Hundreds of years if they don’t fall victim to fatal disease or die by other unnatural means.” She settles down in her chair and crosses her hands before looking up at me.

“And what would have happened had she married your husband?” I say in a biting tone.

“Nothing, really. She isn’t the one prophecy points to! Or wasn’t the one prophecy pointed towards until she gave the birth to her daughter!”

I gape at her. I do not understand any of it.
“Eric, sit down! I will tell you everything I know but if you're thinking about doing something, Adria will get hurt.” Its weird, she is threatening me and giving me answers at the same time. I wonder if she has a way of keeping me here or using me for the purposes she gave me what I have, the abilities.

I sit down keeping my eyes on her all the while. At the same moment, the phone in the hallway rings.

“I’ll be right back!” Albern tells my grandmother and vanishes down the hall.

“You know about Tinuviel, I guess?” My grandmother plays with another book in her hand.

I nod and she smiles, “Daemon told you?” I nod again, not trusting myself to speak for I am way too much angry.

“Tinuviel was a sorcerer, nothing more. She turned into half Pneuma when she was with child and that was the time her blood was used to seal the gates. Pneumas have higher mental capabilities aside from abilities, way higher than us and everything is heightened for them so they fall in love just once in their lifetimes. This explains why Tinuviel fell for Blake and agreed to whatever Pneumas’ leader offered her.”

My head buzzes at this, only once in a lifetime. This also explains why Devon was warning me about Adria. I have to make sure that I make my way back to her. If she's falling for me or already has and I don’t make it back, she will never be happy. Ever! I shudder and look up at my grandmother who is watching me intently.

“Her blood was used so it means Pnema’s need the blood of the person who is half human and half Pneuma like Adria and Dianne. But the problem is, we don’t have Dianne but Adria and I’m planning on using her to make our way back.”

“How...how can you do that?”

“They killed so many of us. We are running short on magic and everything else. I want something for my people and it's inside there.”
“Your people?”

Now she smiles widely, “Yes, Eric my people in Baskerville A. Remember you mentioned Albern that this town is weird?”

My mouth fall open and I look at her, shocked and scared. All these people in this town are sorcerers.
“It took me years to find everyone and bring them here!”

“Where are they now then? What about the people in B?”

“Well, they are helping me create a little bit of storm. People in B are scared of it and whenever I want them to work faster, I ask my people to create this storm. No one is on the streets because they go inside to help me!”

“What... what else can you guys do?” I stammer.

“All kinds of magic. Really, we can take down Pneumas in matter of seconds but for that we need spells, ingredients and all that stuff. Having Aura and Daemon at my back is helpful but I think my people can put up a little fight now!”

“Then why did you do what you did to me?” At this, she glowers at me.

“Your mother was born without any magical abilities and she had to go and marry that human who had big fancy cars. You and your sister were to born without anything so I had no choice but to do what I did. It's an accomplishment, really. My people will have to do magic with ingredients and stuff but you...you only need to use your head!”


“I couldn’t work on Verona but I was ready when your mother got pregnant with you and I got the news. I went to her and fed her stuff.”
“Was that stuff Pneuma blood?” I feel as if my voice is coming from somewhere else, somewhere far away. Devon once mentioned that their bone marrow was unique. The abilities had nothing to do with their brains but with their blood, a reason the abilities took toll on heart and whole body rather than on brain.

“Yes, and not only that. I used two of them on you. Both with different abilities and both at level eight. Which made you to have the abilities of level twelve and if you think that you can do only selected things, you are mistaken! Eric you are special and you don’t even know it!”

“How...?” I struggle to force the words out of my mouth but fail to do so. I push down what little I had eaten. My grandmother is making me feel sick from myself.

“You must be able to do four things. I used Bert to get into your head like I did on that kid Jade, but Adria blocked us out both the times which meant two things, Adria is powerful enough in the field of mental abilities which she gets it from her father and you don’t have this ability!”

“Why do you care?” I snarl. She smiles at me before standing up, “I care because I worked so hard on you!”

Just then, Albern enters the room and looks between my grandmother and me. He looks euphoric.
“What is it, Albern?” My grandmother asks.

“It was Verona. She got them. She got Dianne and she is coming here!”


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