Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Adria: My Parents

Devon is annoyed at me for pacing like a caged animal just inside the veil.

As soon as I'd let Eric go, I'd felt weird. Something I never thought I would feel. I'm falling for him and it's exhilarating as well as scary.

Letting him go just after I kissed him like it was my last instead of my first, was heartbreaking. So, I followed him as soon as he stepped out of the veil.

“It's getting dark Adria. Lets go back!” Devon stands up and kicks away the stone which makes two baby deer run away.

“I can’t go back like this. I’m so worried.” I throw up my hands and consider going after him for nth time.

“I can’t leave you here and can’t stay here either or my mom will send troops after me!”

“Does she care enough to do that?” I snort, then feel bad for treating Devon that way.

“Well I don’t think so. She hasn’t said a word to me in last four days.” He grumbles.

“Awww baby come here!” I throw my arms around him and hug him which he returns.

“Am I falling in love, Devon?” I ask him.

“Well...” I feel him smirk over my shoulder.

“Why are you quiet?” I ask him when he doesn’t say anything or walk out of my arms.

“Adria, we fall in love once in a lifetime. Are you sure he is that guy?”

“I think so.” I mumble. Suddenly feeling foolish for kissing Eric or even thinking about falling for him. I've just met him, for God's sake.

“How does it feel?” He asks, his voice barely a whisper. I think about moving back and looking up at his face but I don’t.

“I don’t know. When I first saw him outside Baskerville B, he was nervous and I thought it was super cute. Later, I felt weird when I realized he watched me getting punched by Dan. I guess I would've preferred it if he hadn’t seen it. He totally won me over at the café. He didn’t let me take care of myself but did or tried to do everything on his own. He was so different from Cyril who always did what I wanted.”

“I think it was Cyril’s way of loving you but you're not the one who likes people who do what you tell them to do or want them to do. I guess you want people to help you like Eric did at the café. He didn’t let you do anything.” Devon hugs me tighter before letting me go.

“Someone is pretty observant!” I smirk and he laughs, “No actually, I can’t help but read what people think!”

I punch him in the gut but he knocks me down on the ground by slamming his shoulder into my stomach. I giggle as I try to breathe, “So...you have never been in love!?”

He goes still. Instead of answering, he helps me up and turns away.

“Time to go, young lady!”

“Devon?” I call him but he waves over his shoulder. I look over my shoulder at the veil and then at Devon’s retreating back.

“Devon!!!” I call out again and he stops. “I can’t go! I mean I want to wait or stay here just a bit longer just in case...?”

He shakes his head at me, “I’ll be back then!” He hollers and turns away again.

I keep pacing for another fifteen minutes and keep looking at the forest, waiting for Devon to appear. I feel weaker in legs and I feel a headache building up. Never once in my life I’ve felt so helpless. Well minus the night of my eighteenth birthday but that was different.

When Devon doesn’t appear for an hour, I throw up my hands and try to reach him from through my mind. I can’t feel him anywhere and it scares me. I’ve always been able to feel him anywhere in the forest when he was training me. My nose starts to bleed as I push further into the forest and just when I’m about to retreat, I feel him. Around the training grounds!


Adria run! That’s all he says before his presence disappears again. I wipe out the blood from my nose and look around. Its getting dark faster due to the storm and there is no one around. It's strangely quiet. Taking a deep breath, I turn around and run towards Mrs. Headley’s house. Towards Eric.


I take deep breaths and look up at Headley’s house looming over the hill. It's my second time here. First, when I came here, she'd asked me about the people in the forest. Of course, then I didn’t know and called her old crackpot before leaving.

I slow down my breathing and open up my mind. For some weird reason I still don’t feel Eric anywhere around. I should be able to, right? I’m careful as I feel for anyone on the ground floor then at the upper most floor leaving first and second floors. For all I know she might be keeping that insane old man there from what Eric told me. When I feel that there's no one in the house, I quietly make my way up into the house.

I ease open up the window on the ground floor which is just by the stairs going up.

I’m lucky that it wasn’t locked. Its dark inside and all the lights are turned off. I sneak in and close the window behind me before climbing up the stairs. I stop on the first floor and strain to hear the voices but there's no one here. Still, I decide to check the door. I quietly make my way to the door behind the curtain and turn its knob. Its locked.

I smirk to myself before willing the door knob to change into metal rod and it does. The door creaks open and I cringe at the sound. I look around when no one appears, I sneak into the room.

“Who's there?” I hear a soft voice.

I take out a stone from my pocket and will it to change into light stones as the ones in the forest. As the stone changes, I see light rays coming out between the fingers of my closed hand. When it stops changing, I hold the stone up so that whole room lights up.

I wish I hadn’t sneaked into this room. In front of me, I see a huge cage like Eric mentioned in which stands a man or a guy around thirty looking at me through the bars. His face is covered in dried blood and has jet black straight hair which fall into his violet eyes with bluish hue visible in pale white light coming from the stone. As I move closer, I notice that he is very good looking.

“Dianne?” He whispers. I can see the tears pooling in his eyes.

“Wha...No! I’m not Dianne! I’m her daughter!” I say and move closer. He has this sad and warm look in his eyes. When I tell him who I am, his breath hitches and he slumps down.

“Are you ok?” I whisper and he shakes his head, his eyes tightly closed.

Just then, I hear someone outside the room. Quickly changing the light stone back into ordinary stone, I dive behind the pile of boxes which line up one side of the cage.

“Bert doesn’t feel anything!” I hear a woman say tartly.

“He will, stop worrying!” A man says in somewhat gentler tone.

“Eric, stay close!”

I stop breathing for a moment. He is here but I wasn’t able to feel him.

“Well, where will I be running after you’ve cuffed my hands and put wards around me from making me inaccessible for anyone else like...Adria maybe?” He says sarcastically. I’m guessing that the woman is Mrs. Headley and the other guy is Albern. So they have wards around themselves. Reason why I couldn’t feel anyone in the house.

“Get up.” Albern say and I hear the cage rattle a little as if kicked.

“What do you want now?” I hear the guy’s strained voice. “Its time! We are moving into the forest!”

“You...what?” I hear Eric say.

“Wait up, Clara!!” I hear a third voice. I feel my breath getting stuck in my throat for it belongs to the old man I saw in Eric’s head.

“What now, Bert?” Mrs. Amery say, irritated.

“Charon contacted me just now! The girl is missing!” He says and I hear someone kick the cage again. I try not to lean down and peer from behind the boxes for they have torches and my eyes will give me away which tend to become brighter in the dark.

“Missing? What do you mean by missing? Wasn’t she in the forest?” Mrs. Headley yells.

“Don’t yell at me. She has the mental abilities and her head is well protected so we can’t get to her any other way either!” Bert says, a little carelessness visible in his tone.

“Why not? She's just a half human!!”

“That's what makes her special and her abilities special." Bert retorts. It's as if he's complimenting me and making fun of me at the same time.

“Leave her be! If she is in the towns, we will know within moments!” Albern say in his gentler tone. I’m guessing that this is how he speaks with Mrs. Headley.

“Okay! Get up Argider, you are coming with us! I have arranged a family reunion for you!”

Argider? Argider, as in my dad? CRAP! That guy in the cage cannot be my dad, he...he died. I hunch over and try to breathe through my mouth. No way, that cannot be my dad! He looks...so young!

I hear the cage door being thrown open and someone drags Argider out. “What will you guys do by bringing me into the other forest?” He asks and I hear someone snort in response.

“Are you Adria’s dad? Dianne’s husband?” I strain to hear Eric’s whisper.

“Eric, you can’t ruin the surprise!” I hear Bret chuckle. I slump down on the floor and feel tears fall out of my eyes. So, he really is my dad who probably had no idea that he had a daughter all this time.

“Dianne had a daughter?” I hear Argider’s surprised but hurt voice.

“Of course she did! She was pregnant, remember?” This time its Mrs. Headley’s amused voice.

“Oh God!” Again I strain to hear Argider’s whisper.

“What are you planning to do?” I hear Eric’s pissed off voice and I scramble to my feet again.

“You’ll see. Everyone from A is in the forest!” Bert says and I hear him move out as well.

Now I dare to peek from behind the boxes and find Eric and Albern face to face, glaring with Argider slumped by Albern’s side.

“Care to move aside?” Albern say acidly. Eric keeps glaring and suddenly kicks him in ‘that’ place which sends Argider and Albern down with pffft.

Eric sends two more kicks into Albern’s stomach who is not able to scream as Argider has clasped his hands on his mouth. Now, I dare to show myself from behind the boxes and tear a piece of cloth from my shirt, exposing my stomach in doing so. I quickly change it into a longer piece of non-tear able cloth. Eric jumps up a little in surprise but then I notice amused smile play on his lips. He probably knew that I’d follow him!

Argider keeps his hands on Albern’s mouth who is struggling to breathe as Eric helps me tie his mouth and then Eric tears another piece of cloth from his shirt and hands me over to change it as well.

After tying Albern’s feet, hands and his mouth, we throw him into cage and lock the door. Eric raises his hands to me and I change his cuffs into small metal balls while keeping my eyes on his. I see concern for me there for I know my face is wet because of the tears earlier.

“Stay here with him and let me check on Bert and my grandmother. Bert is someone you cannot mess up with right now!” Saying this Eric kisses my forehead and runs after Bert.

I lift up Argider rather awkwardly from under his arms as he is slumped down by the cage where Albern is making weird noises.

“No, don’t!” Argider whispers and I put him back down, “Bert will hear us...”

“I can’t leave you here!” My breath hitches into my throat again as I look at his face. He can’t be my father. My brain is screaming at me but I know that he is. The way I felt when I looked at him was different in a good way and I knew right then that I don’t want to leave this person here.

“Dianne?” He whispers again. I take off my small woolen sweater I had thrown over my zebra print t-shirt and try to wipe dried blood from his forehead. He turns his head away and I freeze.

“She's ok. She's fine!” I lie and I watch as his shoulders relax. Devon mentioned that Pneumas love only once in a lifetime and I realize that this guy loved my mother a lot.

I reach out to wipe his forehead once again and this time he lets me. I can’t clean it much for the blood has dried already. I hear footsteps coming and stand up. It's Eric, I take a deep breath I didn’t realize I was holding since he walked out of the room.

“My grandmother and Bert are in an argument. We have seconds!” He quickly lifts up Argider who winces but lets Eric support him from one side as I support him from another. We quickly move towards the window and look down. It's risky to go down the stairs but the jump from this window is not that high.

“ALBERN!” I hear Mrs. Headley yell. Eric tells me to jump off the window with the shake of his head but I don’t want to. Argider nudges me with his elbow and I nod while pressing my lips into thin line. I don’t want to leave them behind.

Taking a deep breath, I jump and land in perfectly before looking up. Next is Argider. I don’t want him to jump but he waves his hand, asking me to move aside. I gape as he jumps and lands on all fours.

Eric lands as light as a grasshopper given his abilities. Next I know, we are running down into the town. Argider is trying hard to keep up and Eric stops every two seconds to help him.

As Mrs. Headley had said, there's no one in the town. It is dark and the only light is coming from the half-moon which isn’t much. While running, I take out the stone from my jeans pocket and will it to change into light stone.

When we reach Dan’s shop, I change the stone back, plunging us into the darkness once again.

“So we are going back into the forest?” Eric asks as I hunch over to take deep breaths and Argider slumps down by the wall.

“He should eat something!” I say and Eric goes into the shop, leaving us behind. He has better sight than me so he would be able to find something without the light.

“So...” I say and sit down with...my dad. He chuckles or at least try to.

“I hear someone!” Eric comes back out and throws a water bottle at Argider, who catches it with amazing reflexes, and a small sack at me.

“We can’t go into the forest. Devon told me to run! He was trapped or something happened by the training grounds!”

“Shit!!” Eric mumbles and runs his hand through his hair.

“The forest on the left...Go there!” Argider says as he finishes the bottle in one gulp and throws it away.

“Let's go! They are almost here!” Eric helps Argider up as I open my mouth to argue.

By the time we cross the opening, I see light behind us. I quickly dive into the forest at our left and Argider starts guiding us away from the lights in the forest. So everyone really is here.

“What are they doing here?” I ask as I run.

“They are all sorcerers, Adria!” Eric says as he helps Argider run.

After few minutes of running just near the fence, we come upon a huge tree with wide space under it. “There!” Argider sounds more breathless by now and I don’t want to run either. We are trapped and I know it.

I move aside the small roots and peer down. It’s a small hole but not very small and stairs go down into the ground.

“What is this place?” I ask as Eric vanishes into the hole. After a minute, he calls us to follow. I feel claustrophobic as I crawl my way inside from over the small stairs which hurt like hell when I crawl.

When the stairs end, the hole opens up to an open space and Eric catches Argider who is in front of me.

As soon as Argider’s feet hit the floor, he slumps down again. Eric raises up his hands to catch me and I cautiously lower myself into his arms. His hands linger a while longer on my waist and I don’t think I mind that. Had it been Cyril, I would've punched him already, playfully though.

I help Eric drag Argider deeper into the wide space and set him down in a corner as I stand up and stare around.

Eric takes out bread and apple from the small sack he took from Dan’s and hands it to Argider. He smiles sadly before taking a bite. I stand there and watch him in awe as he savors the taste and dives in for another bite. When I lift up my eyes, I find Eric looking at me. I smile before putting down the stone on a higher spot, lightening up the whole space.

“What is this place?” Eric asks in amazement as he looks around.

“My father found this years ago.” Argider say with his mouth full. I pick up two more stones and light them up but Argider stops me, “The light will go outside. One is enough!”

“So,what can we do now?” Eric sits down on Argider’s right but I keep standing.

“We wait for the morning. There's hardly anyone with mental or sight abilities to find us so, don’t worry. The only thing we have to worry about is Bert, Daemon and...and my sister.”

“What can they do?” Eric asks and I sit down with him.

“Both of them are my older siblings! Bert and I share fast reflexes and I have additional hearing ability with another. I can make others do whatever I want just by using specific tone of voice. Bert had to drug me before he got me out of the forest. Bert has mental abilities and sight. Aura can change one object into another, other being exceptional at choking someone else without even touching and last one is that she can set fire with a small amount of heat present. She is someone you don’t want to mess with, Bert is ok but Aura is worse. All three of us are level eight and it's no joke!”

“So, I get reflexes from you both, hearing senses from you and sight from Bert?!” Eric clenches his fists as his arms lie over his knees. I put my arm around his shoulders and I feel him lean a little into me.

Argider laughs, “No, Eric you don’t have three. You have all the abilities of mine and Bert’s!

Clara gave a lot of blood to your mother, almost turning her into one of us. Your mother’s body couldn’t handle any more blood so you were an immature birth and your mother died because of excessive bleeding. Her nails, nose, ears and eyes started bleeding!”

I feel Eric shudder! “Argider, stop it!” I scowl at him.

“He has to know what he is! Your grandmother might have given you the abilities but none of these things make you one of us. Your abilities will disappear with time or use and none of them are at twelve like she claims to be. You got them from us so you will be at level twelve in reflexes but others won’t be more than eight. Twelve is no joke!”

“It’s a relief then!” Eric rubs his arms and leans his head against the wall.

“What did Mrs. Headley mean by ‘planned a family reunion’?” I ask for this sentence has been bothering me for a while now.

Eric looks between me and Argider before saying, “Verona got your mother and Jade and she is going to bring them here!”

Argider’s eyes shoot wide open, “No! No no! They will use her for the sacrifice!” He whispers and looks at his hands helplessly.

I feel tears pooling in my eyes and I bury my face between Eric’s shoulder and the wall we are leaning against.

My mother is alive. And she's headed here. Why am I not surprised?


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