Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Cyril: Going wild

“Stop it right there, guys!” A guard runs towards us as soon as he notices us making our way inside without checking.

“Hey!!” He yells but I don’t stop. I'm furious.

I drove straight to the police station with the copy of documents tucked under my shirt. Adam tried talking me out of this but there was no way I was going to wait.

We reach the police station early next morning where I knew I would find the guy I am looking for. By the time we cross the information desks, one of the guards pulls my arm and twists it behind my back. As much as it hurts, I don’t flinch, “I need to see Chief Inspector Raymond right now!!!” I yell at the guard, but don’t try to free my arm. Hearing the name, he lets go of me.

“Do you have appointment?” One of them asks and I snarl, “No, but it's freaking important!”

“What’s the commotion, gentleman!?” I hear his voice behind me and turn around to face the very person who inspected our bar every weekend and used to create quiet a scene every time he did. Dawson hated him, but he never did anything because his regular inspections let the business run.

“Well, lets see who we have here!” He smirks and I want to punch him just like whenever I saw him messing with the girls at the club while his men created the mess.

“I need your help!” I say through clenched teeth.

“Really? How can I help you?” He pretends to check his nails on his left hand and I clench my fists.

“Remember Verona!?”

“Of course! That girl’s got some attitude!” He winks.
“Well...” I take out the documents from under my shirt and throw them at him. He catches them while keeping his eyes trained on me.

“What is this?” He turns it over.

“Something huge?” I suggest, mockingly.

He calls us over with his hand and guides us into his room. He settles into his chair and points towards the guest seats.

“This is huge and I sent these documents around the other police stations as well!” I put my right leg on my left and calmly look at his shocked face. It's a lie though. There was no way I could make the copies of these documents, but this much lie won’t hurt.

“Why did you do that?”
“He was desperate! Still is!” Adam says weakly from my left as he avoids looking right at Raymond.

Raymond doesn’t say anything but quickly takes out the papers and stares at them. By the time he stops looking at them, his mouth is hanging open!

“What the hell is this? It's Verona Amery as the famous Daniel Amery’s daughter?”

“The very!” I smile. He is curious now and as long as he wants to become famous, he is going to do anything I ask.

Raymond quickly picks up the phone and orders his men to get ready.

“Where will you start?” Adam asks as Raymond pockets his gun and reaches for his cap.

“Start from the club. Raid it. It has a basement where Dawson usually sat. I hope Verona left that untouched.”

“She should have.” Raymond mumbles, “You guys stay here!”

I look at Adam nodding vigorously and decide to stay which I wasn’t planning on earlier.

“You can eat or whatever and pray that this isn’t a joke!” Raymond points at me and I nod, “Its not!”

With that, he is gone. I look at Adam twisting his fingers nervously and think about the girls.


We wait four hours in the police station before Raymond walks into his office, all serious and tired.

“So...?” Adam asks.

We'd walked around the place and had something to eat, but couldn’t eat much because both of us were nervous and worried. Adam checked on Zoe’s siblings and thankfully they were fine, totally unaware of what was going down here.

Adam’s parents had passed away month after his graduation so he had no one else other than me and Zoe. He loved Zoe and considered her siblings as his own family. I was his best friend from last year at high school. All four of us including Jia used to hang out but Jia kept her distance from Adam and Zoe just like she kept her distance from other high schoolers.

“Have you ever been in the storage rooms of the club?” Raymond asks me pointedly and I shake my head because I haven’t been there. Dawson didn’t trust me. At all.

“We are taking Daniel Amery into custody and Eric Amery’s name will be cleared because he had nothing to do with the fraud so far. We are looking for Verona Amery but we can’t find her. Any idea where she might be?”

“If I had, I wouldn’t have came here!”

Raymond nods, “Last she was seen on her way out of Exeter. I have contacted people but no one knew where she disappeared in between.”

At this, Adam elbows me slightly and I know where she is but we cannot involve the police in this.

“Cool... Just awesome!” I say sarcastically and Raymond raises his eyebrows at me.

“Cyril, I think you would like to keep this tone to yourself. I’m the one helping you here!”

“Really? Why does it feel like I’m the one helping you here!?” I retort, imitating his tone.

“You are free to go. Don’t get too far, because I'll be keeping my eyes on you guys. Can’t let you off the hook till this case is done!”

At the moment the phone rings and he picks it up, “Chief Inspector Raymond!”
He frowns at whoever is calling, “Yes I’ll be there!!”

He quickly gets up again and finishes his coffee in one gulp, “They have found Verona around a place called DreamTown or something. Silly name, but we're going. Come with me!!”

Adam looks at me, his eyes wide and I’m sure I mirror that look. We know what that place is!


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