Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Jade: Abducted

It was a huge surprise when the men in masks had barged into Dianne’s apartment. I don’t remember anything other than a man putting a handkerchief over my mouth and me struggling to breathe.

Next, when I woke up, I was in a pitch-black room with its windows sealed with a type of metallic sheets and only two bulbs turned on in the corners.
The room was decorated with heavy dark red-colored carpet and matching furniture. I was relieved when I found out that Dianne and Zoe were with me in the room.

Verona visited us after few hours and she was pissed, “Where did Cyril and Adam go?” She barked as soon as she walked into the room with two masked guys. Talk about kidnapping in the movies and I wondered from which movie she got the idea?

Obviously, we didn’t know and Dianne did tell her over and over again that both of them had said that they were going for a walk.

Next, we knew, she slapped one of her guys and stomped out. Part of me, rather a huge part of me was glad that they didn’t get Cyril. When I looked at Dianne and Zoe, they looked relieved as well.

As soon as the morning rolled in, we were thrown in the van with black windows from wherever she was hiding us. Dianne whispered as we were thrown into the van that she had kept them in Dawson’s club. No surprise there and if Cyril is as smart as I think of him, he will get here and would know.

Now we’ve been in the van for two hours and Verona is still pissed and steaming in the front passenger seat.

“If they don’t find them, we are done!!!”

“Relax V. We got the documents!” The driver takes out a cigar from his pocket and tries to light it up.

“Put it away!” Verona barks at him. As much she is pretty, she has a nasty personality.

“Verona, honestly! Calm down for God’s sake!” The driver lights up his cigar as Verona scoffs and looks away. I turn to look at Zoe and try not to smirk. Zoe is also fighting the laugh. After a while, I suck in my breath for I know where she is taking us, back to Baskerville towns!

As we turn towards the forest in the DreamTown, we hear police cars’ sirens, and the next moment we are surrounded by many cars. Verona visibly goes pale as she turns to look at us and then back to the front again.

“Verona Amery, please step out of the car with your hands where we can see them!”
“What do you want me to do?” The driver asks and his grip tightens on his gun in his belt. Verona puts her hand on his thigh before opening the door and stepping out.

“Hi, officers. Is everything ok?” She tries to be sweet but a slight tremor in her voice is unmistakable.

“Step away from the van and ask others to get out as well!”

The guy on my left quickly frees the three of us of our cuffs and opens the door. As soon as I step out, I take a deep breath at the sight in front of me. One of the officers is checking Verona while few others move towards the van. She is so done for. Just when the officers reach the van, Verona’s guys pull out the guns and start firing. At the officers!

I don’t stop to think and bolt for the nearby shop with Dianne and Zoe on my heels. We dive behind the tables and curl up as the sound of bullets split the silence around us. I’m terrified.

Dianne throws her arms around me and Zoe and curses under her breath. The shopkeeper also dives behind the counter as someone starts firing at the shop. In the next few seconds, the gunshots die down and I dare to lift my head.

Everything has happened so quickly, I’m surprised how on earth I even managed to hide in here. I can still feel my body shiver and Zoe’s condition isn’t different from mine. Slowly, Dianne looses her grip around our shoulders and I slump down, taking in everything around me.

Everything in the shop is a mess with the displays shattered and cakes on the floor. I jerk at the sound of someone kicking the door open. Unconsciously, I hold tight onto Dianne’s arm and vaguely feel Zoe do the same. Please let it be the police, I shut my eyes tight and pray.

Dianne takes a shaky breath, “Raymond?” I jerk open my eyes at her voice and sag in relief. We are safe.

“Dianne?” The officer says incredulously as if not believing the person in front of him. Dianne gets up and in the next moment she is hugging the officer tight who is still in shock.

“Didn’t you die? Wait, that’s not a very smart thing to say right now!!” Officer Raymond says as Dianne steps back.

“No...I...!” Dianne stammers.

“You were after Verona, right?” Officer says, his tone accusatory.

“Yeah. Sorry I didn’t come to you...I...” The officer raises his hand, cutting her speech.

“Now is not the time!”

I don’t get to see what goes down between Dianne and the Officer as Adam and Cyril barge in the room. Zoe cries and rushes right into Adam’s arms, “You are okay!!” Adam hugs Zoe tight as she sobs.

Cyril walks slowly up to me and rubs the back of his neck nervously. “You’re ok?”

I break into happy sobs and rush into his arms. The moment his arms come around me, I sag onto him.

“Oh, God! I’m so sorry Jade that I walked out like that and I’m so glad that you’re ok!”

“How did you know?” I move back a little to look at his face.

“Know what?” He asks, confused.

“Where we will be?”

He smiles and pulls me back into a hug before saying, “I didn’t, I lost it bad and I sent the documents to nearby police stations. Raymond was pissed but it worked, didn’t it!? It was a lie but Raymond bought it.” He adds in a whisper and I try not to laugh.

I move back again to look at him again. He looks relieved, tired and sad at the same time. “You did nothing wrong as long as the outcome was for the best.”

Officer Raymond kills the moment by coughing right by our side.

“Do you want a lift back or something?”

“Verona...?” I start but Raymond raises his hand to cut me off. I’m beginning to hate this guy.

“She survived! Her guys were shot though!”


“So, Cyril?” He asks Cyril again who still has his arms around me.

“Nah, I’m going to come back later!”

Raymond smirks as he looks between us and our arms around each other, “Of course!!”

I seriously hate this guy. I scowl at his retreating back and Cyril bursts out laughing, “I know!”

“Kids, I’m going back to the Baskerville towns. Where it all began. I can’t run from who I am anymore and my daughter is there.” Dianne says to all of us. Zoe bites her lower lip which I came to know is her nervous habit and Adam runs his hand through his hair.

“I’m coming with you!” I say, stepping away from Cyril. Dianne nods grimly and looks at the other three.

“I can’t! I’m going back.” Zoe says glumly and Adam nods.

Although it hurts and I don’t want them to leave us but I understand for she is worried for her siblings. This isn’t her fight and could’ve been hurt today, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself and I bet Cyril feels the same given the way his shoulders sag visibly.

“That’s it then,” Cyril claps his hand together, “You two go back, I’m going with Dianne and Jade.” I look up at him, confused.

“I want to see her. One last time!” Cyril tells me and I nod. He won’t be able to relax unless he sees her. Part of me hates Adria for this but one can’t help who they fall for.

Dianne nods, “That’s it. It’s decided! Let’s go! I’m afraid we don’t have much time left!”

I give Zoe and Adam a tight hug and follow Dianne out. Cyril hugs them both together and says that he is sorry for dragging them into this. They both smack him and watch us go with their arms around each other.

If I had the chance or means to stay, I would’ve made sure that those two got together. They’re crazy for each other so their reasons for holding back seem bogus. When one truly loves someone, they don’t notice the baggage their love comes with. As we walk away, Cyril holds my hand and I squeeze his back, glad that he is coming with me.


It takes us an hour to get into Baskerville B. The first thing I notice is that it’s empty. There’s no one around. Suddenly, I don’t feel excited anymore as dread creeps up in my heart. Dianne slams the car door, a little forcefully and starts running. I follow her with Cyril.

“Mom, Dad!” I yell as soon as I cross the threshold into my house. But there’s no reply or even a small sound of movement around the house.

“Where is everyone?” I ask Dianne who is staring around, her eyes wide. This is unusual, never once a situation arose where people in B had to abandon their homes and I know that Dianne feels the same way I do.

“I wish I’d know!” She says and finds her way into the kitchen with me and Cyril behind. I run to the refrigerator, hoping that they’d left some kind of note.

I sigh in relief as I find a note in my mother’s familiar handwriting. “Dianne!” I call her over and hand it to her.

Headley is going insane really. She asked us to come into the forest on the right. Can’t stay! Adria, if you come here by any chance, give Jade a call she might try to reach us and will be worried.

Love, Orla

“In the forest on the right?!” I ask and look up at Dianne. She shakes her head, confused.

“Let’s go and see what we can find!” She says through gritted teeth.

We follow her through the opening and to your right. I don’t hesitate when we cross the opening for deep down I always wanted to know what lives there.

This part of the forest is weird, not like what it looks from the outside. From the trees by the fence, it looks like a dark, thick forest with green lush trees but once we cross the fence, it’s not the same. After those impressive trees, it’s all but wild trees and shrubs. Most of the plants I notice have thorns and the forest ground is dry. Despite these plants, the forest is thick nonetheless. I trip few times as I try to save my clothes from the thorns but Dianne is walking fast and she’s not bothered with her clothes getting small tears because of the thorns.

Behind me, Cyril curses once in a while. For a moment I feel like we are walking in some kind of wild desert. I think I now know why we found Adria in the condition she was in a year ago. She must have gotten lost in this part of the forest and only God knows for how long. I’ve been barely five minutes in here and I’m already bleeding from the small cuts here and there.

We walk for a few more minutes when Dianne pushes us down behind huge bushes and we peek through it. The scene in front of me leaves me breathless and scared. It looks like something right out of an action movie just before the bloodshed.


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