Going Home (Going Home#1)

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Jade: The Towns

“Oh, it’s Adria!” I jump up from my chair and rush outside to greet her. “Finally!” I run right into her arms, knocking her cap down. She giggles and hugs me back.

“You should stop, you know.” Adria pats my head lovingly and bends down to pick her cap as I release her. Her messed upbraid slips from over the shoulder, and I resist the urge to touch it. She has gorgeous hair for someone living in this town for a year now. They are thick, raven-black that reach up to her elbows, but she hardly lets them down. She always tucks them away under her jackets or shirts and her caps. And her eyes, they are set of most unnatural and gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen in nineteen years of my life. They are almond-shaped bright violet eyes with a bluish hue that is only visible if you look closely or look right into her eyes at night, but her eyes always have this sad look. Even when she laughs and hugs me and tells me stories, her eyes never change. She has a delicate frame, but she is stronger than she looks, actually a lot stronger.

“So, what did you do all day?” She asks me as we make our way back into the house with our arms around each other.
“Helped mom with the gardening and nothing else,” I say wryly, and she puts her arm around my shoulder and squeezes a little.
She arrived in Baskerville B one year ago. She was in bad shape. My mother was the first to find her body by the gate and immediately allowed her to stay. People at Baskerville A are in control, and we in Baskerville B are their servants. My parents made up a story of Adria being their niece, who lost her parents and came to stay. Thankfully, no one tried to dig further or question her. After she was nursed back to health, she refused to mention what had happened to her, but from the way my parents treated her, I could tell they knew what happened or they knew who Adria really was.

She started helping us with the housework and became part of my family. Strangely, the older people of this town always see her with wary eyes and stay away from her. No one dares to come near her or even say a word to her, which hurts me much. She is like my sister and a fantastic person in the world besides my parents, but people still don’t trust her. She thinks it’s better that way because she is not a very social person, unlike me. OK, maybe just like me.

She scared people off, even more, when she first survived her fifteen-minute trip through the forest. When she was asked to transfer the goods from B to A, she said it took a lot of time to go by the dirt road from outside the towns and went through the forest.

The forest has been here between the two towns for as long as one can remember. There is nothing at the rear of the town except for hills, then mountains if you keep walking more in-depth into it (these are tales for no one actually went there). On one side, there is a deep river flowing from the mountains, making Baskerville B the right place for farming and growing different stuff. On the other side, there is a forest, which goes on till Baskerville A, and on the upfront of the town, it goes on for a mile by the road towards the world outside.

The people of this town love to live here, but I don’t. It is quite a beautiful place, and people here tend not to rely on developing technology (God knows why seriously we need a few cordless phones, please). Only a few of us use telephones or televisions. The only connection to the world is through DreamTown a mile away, where the forest ends, which is a modern town. All the trade and shopping by our people is made there and other than that we tend to live here. Children also go to school in that city, but they also love these towns’ peace and beauty. Hardly any outsider visit the town, for it is difficult to find. Adria once slipped that she found this place by accident, explaining the state she was in when my mother saw her.

The forest has been a mystery for about seventy years now. My grandmother told the story of her gorgeous friend who also used to visit the woods every now and then and how she was never harmed, and then one full moon night she disappeared, never to be seen again. Many daring young men tried to find her, but they too never returned. People have long since placed barb-wired fences around the forest to avoid wild animals from wandering into the towns, but there hasn’t been a case in many years. Other than the path from the middle of the forest that leads up to Baskerville A, all the ways into the woods are sealed.
Adria shakes head at me, looking over at the forest, and puts her arm over my shoulder, “I wish I could take you there, Jade, but it’s so dangerous and beautiful!”
“Dangerously beautiful? No, thanks!” I put my hand around her slim waist that she hides with loose shirts and hoodies.
“Yes, as you wish!” She chortles and goes inside.
“Oh, Adria, you are safe!” I hear mom’s calm voice, and I picture her hugging Adria, for it is the routine. I smile at the forest and rush back inside.


“So, did anything interesting happen in A today?” Dad asks as he places a skillfully decorated salad plate at the dining table.
Adria shakes her and tries to hide her smile. I poke her with the pointed end of my spoon, “Adria! Please tell us!”
“I met this guy by B’s signboard; he was supposed to go to A, so I helped him get there. He looked lost, followed me all the way to Dan’s.”
“Wow! It’s been so long since anyone showed up there.” Mom hands over Adria and me our plates and pulls out a chair for dad,

“What was his name?” Dad asks her.
“Don’t know, didn’t ask,” Adria shrugs and starts eating. It’s so like her. She’s not concerned with anyone else but a handful of people she cares about.
I make a face at her and start eating as well. I decide to make Adria tell me every detail about him later as I attack potato rissole on my plate.
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