The Warrior's Tigress Mate

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"It's too tight,"Valerie complained,"I can't wear this."
"You can and you will,"Lisa said firmly,"we're talking about a drop dead gorgious man Valerie not a boy,this changes everything."
Valerie cursed under her breath,telling the girls who she had an eye on was a bad idea,her taughts on clothing no longer mattered,how she felt now came second as the four friends are determined to help her woo the most wanted man at school. How did things get so crazy in the course of one day? And who's stupid idea was this anyway?
"OMG,"Rachel beamed her voice full of excitement,"you are rocking that dress."
"No am not,"Valerie snarled pointing to her reflection in the mirror,"It's too tight,everyone is going to laugh at me."
"That's not true,"Amy laughed excitedly as she looked her up and down,"look at you,you look amazing."
Valerie looked at her reflection in the mirror,if it was anyone else she would gladly agree with her friends but she wasn't soft and delicate like her friends,she was harder,more muscled,she was no man but she was not femine either. She was wearing a pink leather dress with spaghetti straps,it hugged her tightly and sat right above her knees,the strapless bra she wore underneath showed off the swell of her breasts,silver sandals decorated her feet,the straps ran between her big toes and circled her ankles,and showed off her toes that sported pink nail polish courtecy of her friends.
She turned to them her body shaking with nerves,her eyes begging for honesty.
"Please tell me the truth,don't let me go out there and make a fool of myself,"she begged.
Rachel stepped towards her,her smile bright and genuine,she cupped Valerie's face in her hands forcing her to look at her,"baby,if I looked half as good as you did I would not be ashamed to show off my assets,you look smoking hot Val. You're fregin hot I promise."
"She's right,"Sarah said quickly,"you look stunning,the boys are going to go crazy."
"I don't care what the boys think,"she scowled turning back towards the mirror,"only what Lushan does."
"Well he is going to love it,"Lisa promised.
Valerie turned her attention back to her reflection. She didn't have on any jewelery,weren't girls supposed to wear jewelery? Her hair was done up in one single cornrow at the center of her scalp the edge fanning her lower back.She did look nice. Maybe. She looked female,a hard muscled powerful female who could probably walk on water if she wanted to. Valerie stood straighter thrusting her chin out in defiance. Valerie turned to meet the wide eyes of her friends.
Holding out her hand she ordered,"lets do this."
The room was soon filled with overly excited cheers. The small gang had spent the night at her house against the best wishes of their mates,they were determined to help her win the hot teacher which ment they wanted to be around to play dress up. Valerie wouldn't be surprised if the boys slept outside her house all night.
Her family however were curious as to why she was hanging out with werewolf mates as well as terrified for the poor girls because of her reputation,she had to give them her word there would be no funny business. She could hear her brothers sneaking around most of the night,what did they take her for anyway? She was a good girl now,she grinned smugly as the five of them left the room and went downstairs to have breakfast with her family. She knew they would be suspicious about her new look but she held her cool as they entered into the kitchen where her family was already seated and enjoying the meal prepared by their mother Hidy Kingsly a beauty and the best mother in the world,the woman was a doctor and gone from home half the time,if not for both her parents working in the same hospital she was sure her father would have gone mad already from being away from his mate so often and for such long periods.
The smell of pancakes and fried chicken filled the house and made their mouths water,along with scrambled eggs, frieg bacons, and sausages and toast.
Her mother was a super woman,she always managed to get up and make breakfast,which was always a large buffet of all kinds of wonderful foods,tigers were big eaters.
"Morning,"they greeted as they entered into the kitchen.
Shane was on his feet in seconds and rounding the table wearing a deep scowl,he pointed at her outfit and waved his hands above his head furiously,"where do you think you're going dressed like that?"
"School obvioisly,"Valerie gleared,the four girls giggled but stopped and looked away to their sides when Shane growled at them.
"Wooh sis you look great,"said a grinning Sammy as he came around the table to inspect her attire,Valerie grinned,he always knew what to say,"so who's the lucky girl? Must be special if you're getting all dressed up."
The four friends stiffened their giggles as they hurriedly sat down to get away from a fuming Shane.
"Father help me out here,"Shane turned to the man who was quietly enjoying his meal his eyes pleading,"you can't be ok with her going out dressed this."
Mr.Kingsly shrugged biting into his chicken and toast sandwich,"no girl can make another dress all girly,only a boy can. That's kind of a good thing since I was beginning to worry."
He turned to look Valerie over,"that dress is a little over the edge but you look amazing dear."
Valerie felt her heart grow three times bigger,not about the boy part hell no,Lushan was no boy she wanted to say but held back. Her father was never into her girl on girl life, he was worried about what would happen if she ever found her mate and her sexuality got in the way.
"At least wear a jacket or something,"Shane sighed defeated.
Valerie looked around the kitchen,"where is Derick?"
"He didn't come in last night,"said Sammy his shoulders rising and falling in a shrug.
"That's not like him,"Valerie frowned,"did he at least call?"
"Yup,"Shane sat back down to his meal still not pleased by his loss of the small battle,"he's an adult you know,he is allowed to sleep out if he chooses."
"I know,"Valerie took her seat next to him,"It's just surprising because i've never not seen you all not be home."
Conversation was light as they all enjoyed their meal. Valerie made a mental note to call her brother and make sure he was ok.

Lushan entered into the desserted classroom,it was early just a few minutes after seven o,clock. Sipping on his coffee he took a seat behing his desk,he needed this well deserved time to clear his taughts. His shoulders were strained,he knew,his eyes sporting light bags from lack of sleep. His beast was just as reckless,who knew he would miss being stocked so much. He missed her presence following him around,he missed their small conversation,he didn't like not being the center of her focus he selfishly admitted.
Reaching into his briefcase he fished out test papers and his breakfast,a chicken and vegetable sandwich wrapped in a zip lock bag.
He skipped through the papers and munched on the sandwich deep in taught.
He paused half way into taking another bite of his meal when a familiar scent tickled his sences.
She's here,his lycan yipped.
She was early,she hasn't come in early since their last conversation a couple of weeks ago.
Lushan listened to the soft taps of sandals on concrete as she came closer,her rosey mango scent was mixed with something else,a soft hint of lovely perfume,that was confusing,Valerie prefered colognes,also she did not wear sandals now that he was thinking clearly,she was a sport shoes and boy boots kind of girl.
Lushan stood and went to his normal spot by the window,looking out he saw Valerie's friends and their mates carrying on like wild animals in heat which could only mean they were separated for a while and was desperate to get back time lost. Why was that he wondered. The eight has been unseparble for weeks.
Her scent filled his sences making him dizzy,grabbing onto the window sill he steadied his racing heart,he really has missed her.
"Mr.Storm,"she breaths,he did not miss the hint of nervousness in her voice.
"Valerie..."Lushan froze mid turn,the sight he was expecting to see was not this that welcomed him.
Thor howled loudly in his head,his voice desperate and his running around in circles only made things worse. The lycan was screaming in his head,clawing as he tried to free himself. Was she trying to kill him? A growl escaped his mouth as Thor made his presence known to her,his growl was of pleasure as they basked in her glory.
"Good morning,"Valerie said as she walked slowly towards him,her breathing was uneven with nerves,his however was uneven for a completely different reason,she stopped a foot away,she was so close now that keeping Thor at bay was now a war in itself,"why so angry?"
"Am not angry,"his voice came out low and groggy,clearing his troath he allowed his eyes to travel over her,he couldn't help it,Thor demanded it. She was dressed in the prettiest pink he has ever seen on a person,the dress was a second skin on her and hugged every lovely curve of her body,the top was low enough to give him a lovely view of the swell of her breasts.
Her thighs were on full display,smoothe chocolate things that gave way to endlessly long legs.
"Then why are you glearing at me?"she fussed with the straps of her bag pack nervously,"is the dress too much?"
"For school definately,"he gritted,he didn't mean it to come out sound harsh but Thor was not making things easy,"It's a lovely dress Valerie. You look stunning."
She grinned widely looking down at herself,"you think?"
"I know,"he corrected tightly,"are you comfortable?"
She nodded quickly rocking back and forth on her heels and tippy toes,"at first I was freaked out because it clung so tight,but it's easy to get around much."
She held up a thick black jacket for his inspection biting back a smile,"my brother insisted."
Lushan chuckled tensely,his eyes devouring her body greedily,"I can see why."
Valerie watched his intensely,his eyes were completely glossed over in shiny black with golden glows,she's never seen a shifter with eyes like his before,which really had her wondering what he really was.
What ever he was,it was very clear he was at war with his beast at the moment.
"Should I go?"she asked hesitantly,her nervousness returning ten folds,it was impossible to hide it anymore,not when he looked like he was contemplating sending her away.

"Don't you dear,"Thor snarled,"do not reject what is ours."
"She's too tempting at the moment to keep around right now Thor,"he shot back,"we cannot risk doing something stupid. Like what you're trying to do right now."
"I will not forgive you if you hurt her Lushan,"Thor howled savagely before adding,"I will go dormant from you forever. Don't test me. Just let her come closer and smell her hair,just let us hold her for a little while."
The desperation from the Lycan within him was nerve racking. It was true that they've been waiting for centuries,somewhere along the line they even gave up on finding her,but ever since they did even sex with other females has become more like torture,it only gets worse the closer it got to her seventeenth birthday. His sex life died one month ago and since then all they've been doing to keep sane was masturbathing,and that was more than just a little embarrassing to admit,George has not let him live it down,it was his fall back joke whenever he was loosing an arguement,which ment it came up alot.
Valerie watched his eyes as they fought between a silent battle between black and gold,and red and black. If not for her keen eye sight she wouldn't be able to see it war between colours. It was intense.
"Ok,ok,Thor,"Lushan cursed,"you win this one,but one wrong move than am not happy with and i'll lock your ass away myself."
It wasn't often they had disagreement of this magnitude,normally it was about silly stuff like Thor wanting to run some poor S.O.B off the road for no particular reason.
"You don't need to leave Valerie,"he sighs massaging at his now trobbing temples.
Valerie stepped closer to look up at him,he looked so tired,she's never seen him look that way,he was always calm and so composed. She cupped his face in her palms,his bronz skin was so smooth,his jaw hard and well defined,there was no flaw to be found on his face,his brows were perfectly thick,his eyes intimidating and hard,almost cold,they weren't cold right now however,they tired and held longing. Longing for what she wondered. Without thinking she brought his head down,he did not try to stop her, towards hers and touched her lips to his,his lips were soft and warm,full and larger against her own. He was so tall she had to lean into him on the very tips of her toes to deepen the kiss. She felt him relax and a soft sigh escaped his lips warming hers. She moved closer still until she was standing between his parted thighs needing to feel the heat of his body against her own,she tangled her fingers into the dark black of his wavy hair as his lips,very hesitant at first,began to slowly move against her own in soft teasing kisses that left her swooning,he was devine.
Lushan held unto the walls where hips were purched,he knew if he held her this that was happening now would not stop at just a light kiss. He should break this up,stop her before things got out of hand. But he didn't. Instead he called on his high brid powers,the gift of wind.
Valerie yelped her eyes flying open as heavy wind rushed through the open window howling loudly, it slammed against the door and windows like fist shutting everything and covering the classroom in darkness except for the lights coming through the glass windows that looked over into the school yard and then it was gone like it was never even there.
Valerie gulped hard her body shivering slightly,she looked up at Lushan wide eyed,"did you see that? Was that a...a ghost?"
She wispered the last part knowing full well it sounded stupid,ghost weren't real.
Lushan stiffened a laugh but could not stop the smile from forming.
"Who knows,"he shrugged his eyes dancing with amusement before becoming very serious,"do you want to talk about ghost Valerie,or shall we pick up where we left off?
Have you had your fill already?"
Valerie shook her head quickly,was he asking her to kiss him,sure he didn't say the exact words but those ment the same thing right? He wanted her,even if he didn't come right out and say it.
Her confidence soared ten folds and her lips were on his in seconds,her hands cupping his face as their lips danced togather in a hot spicy kiss,their breaths danced togather and the need to invade his mouth with her tongue became overwelming,she needed to taste every corner,to print his taste in her mind forever. She tugged gently on his bottom lip teasing them apart with her tongue until he caved and parted them for her. Valerie moaned into his mouth her tongue darting inside,her teeth clashing with his but she was too far gone to care about embarrasment. He tasted of coffee and chicken,beyond that tasted magically sweet,she tangled her tongue with his own pulling his closer and sucking his tongue into her mouth. One hand held his head captive as the other travelled down to his chest caressing and marvelling at all his hard muscles,she worked the buttons before he could stop her,quick and fast like the wind that invaded the room only seconds ago. Pulling away from his lips she began kissing greedily at his troath,nibbling and sucking on his smoothe skin leaving small love bites everywhere she travelled. Her heart hammered loudly in her ears blocking out any other tought but the need to ingrave her name on him for the world know he was owned,or would soon be. She pulled his shirt free from his trousers pushing it away from his body before pressing her own against his,his size engulfed her,his warmth,his cologne. He was so hard,her hands travelled over every visible flesh as her mouth followed leaving small wet kisses.
Lushan bit back a moan,his eyes closed tightly as he sucked air through gritted teeth,his breathing coming hard and rugged. His palms ached from gripping the walls so tightly he could hear them cracking under his hold. His head as spinning,the need to take her here and now too overwelming. Thor was sprinting in his mind his excitement bubbling over and their arousal consuming their logical thinking. Her tongue teased his trobbing nipples one after the other flicking over the buds with long sweet stroke that had him struggling to breath. His body shook when her hand gripped his hardened manhood through his trousers and began massaging his member through the fabrics. He couldn't let her go that far,it was too soon still.
She struggled against him when his hands imprisoned her own,snarling and hissing her eyes growing black. Her arousal was pungent its sent suffocating,denying her what they both wanted became a battle in itself,one he was scared he would loose.
Valerie pulled her hands free,her chest vibrated with her loud purrs making her full breasts dance dangerously. Her hands worked his belt buckle,soon the button was undone,the zipper down and her trembling hand began forcing its way into the tight material of his trousers. Her breathing was rugged and all over the place,her body trembling with the need to be clamed even before the time,she was lost in the heat of passion and dragging him down with her quickly,she was licking and sucking on the muscles of his abs,her tongue teased his navel darting in and out of the hollow hole.
Valerie inhaled deeply as her fingers met the silky flesh of his aching manhood.
His muscle was thick and long and pulsed against her fingers. Lushan pulled her hand free from the material,the act took every ounce of strength he had. He held her against his body when she began yowling loudly and tears shimmered in the blue of her eyes. He stroked her back gently as frustrated tears spilled out and bathed her cheeks.
"It's ok,"Lushan cooed softly as he stroke the center of her back with his fingers up and down then in small circles,slowly Valerie began to calm until her struggling finally seased,"just breathe. Breathe."
Valerie hugged him tightly and burried her face against his chest. This was too humiliating,she never cried.
Lushan held onto her for what seem like forever. He pulled away from her when he could hear the sound of vehicles pulling into the school parking lot one after the other. He tilted her chin with his tumb and fore finger until her eyes met his. He grinned smugly.
"Go to the bathroom Valerie,"he chuckled wrinkling his nose,"you smell like a horny teen."
"Well that's what I am at the moment,"she shrugged ackwardly averting her eyes from his,"am never going to live this down."
"You will,"Lushan laughed his eyes full of amusement,"once you do something alot more recklace I presume. Now please go."

Lushan watched her leave,his fist were clenched tightly by his sides,his hybrid lycan howling sadly as it curls up in a small corner of his mind hiding itself away from him.
"Just be patient,"Lushan said softly,"she will be ours soon."

Valerie sat silently on one of the bowl of the girl's bathroom,she felt emotionally drained and lonelyness made her body cold,it was not a feeling she was used to or one she like,the hollow feeling in her chest seem to be consuming her as it pulled her into a mindless sleep.

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