The Warrior's Tigress Mate

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Not everyone knew the principal at the school was also a shifter,you could say no one did except for Lushan who had senced the man's hidden aura,why he was hiding that part of him was beyond him but it wasn't his business so he didn't really care. However standing before the piece of prick now all he wanted to do was punch his fucking face in,but this was not the time or place. Lushan sat across from the man who sat proudly around his large desk as though it was some kind of big achievent a nasty smile of his disgusting face.
"Mr.Stone it has come to my knowledge that you have been spending just a little too much time with one particular student,"said the man,he was watching to see if he was getting a rise out of him,he wasn't,"can I ask why?"
Lushan studied the man closely,he knew what this was about,the secretary woman.
"Well Grayer,"he began as he rested both elbows on his knees and interlocked his fingers togather then resting his chin ontop of them,"like you just said,a student. Could I ask which one? Because I spend alot of time with all of my students to ensure the don't fall back what with exams right around the corner."
"Don't play dumb,"the man snarled slamming his heavy hand down on the oak of the desk,"am talking about Valerie Kingsley,I know you two are fucking."
Lushan bit back a harsh laugh,"can I ask what this is about? And if you have proof of what you are insinuating I would love to see that also."
"Are you calling me a liar?"the principal growls,sitting back in his chair he grinns nastily,his voice low,"I never pegged you for a cat fucker."
Lushan felt his beast rising and forced it to calm down,he kept his features calm,his emotion well hidden as always. Chuckling softly he pushes himself to his feet,"if that's all Grayer,I have a class of students eager to learn that I need to get back to. Enjoy the rest of your day."
He turned and left the office,he could hear the angry growl of the reptile but could care less,stopping at the secretary's desk he purched his hip on her desk and grinned down at the woman,he kept his back to the office as he leans in close to wisper,"let me know if any of my students gets dragged in here. Call me right away is that understood?"
The woman smiles and nods quickly,"oh and let this stay between us,ok love?"
She leans into him and he kisses her softly,he has long since lost interest in any woman who was not his mate and the act made him physically sick,he forces a smile as he stands.
"Thank you,"he said before leaving the office and pulling the door shut behind him.
"Let me kill him,"Thor begs,he could feel the anger from the beast courcing through his fueling his own rage,"let me destroy him beyond recognition for disrespecting our mate,for believing his meek strength is a match for us."
"Not now,"Lushan told him,"this isn't the place for it."
He listens to Thor ranting about him being weak all the way to the classroom. His mate however was not in class.

"Fucking piece of shit,"Grayer cursed,he gets up and leaves the office,walking pass his hot secretary who did not even look at him,the fucking bitch.
Pushing the door open he stands in the door way and looks out onto the corridor,as usual it was empty,or so he taught until he saw her.
"No fucking shit,"he wispers taking in the sight of her,he's seen the girl in many form of clothing,most very distaceful,but this,this was.."fucking dick hardening."
The dress she wore hugged every lovely curve to perfection,the swell of her breasts had his mouth watering for a taste and a taste he would have.
"Miss Kingsly,"he calls catching her attention,she turns and a loud groan leaves her lips when she saw him,Grayer bit back a smile and kept himself cool as he straightened,his large form filling up the door way,"why are you not in class?"
"Heading there now sir,"she replys.
"Office,now,"he orders,he watched her shoulders tense and her naked back stiffen,her skin looked silky soft,this was not a dress for school but he would make it slide,so long as she played along. She straightened her shoulders and thrust her chin upwards as she strutted towards him,the sway of her wide hips had his cock hardening in his trousers,he licks at his lips greedily.
Valerie stood before him,she was very tall for her age and was almost as tall as he was at six foot six,he looks down at her,not really at her but at her lovely breasts that made his fingers itch,curling them into fists he turns and headed back to his office.
"Hold my calls,"he tells the secretary not even spearing her a glance, if things went according to plan he would have a new play thing very soon.
He listened to her steady breathing behind him,he could feel her uneasyness,she has been to his office so often you would think it would feel like a second home.
He waited for her to enter then closed the door behind her and bolted it.
"Sit down,"He orders as he began pulling the shutters shut,he listened as she sat down stiffly,her calm breathing no longer calm,she had every reason to be afraid,he allowed his reptile to makes its presence known,tiger or not she was no match for him.
Turning to look at her now he watched her eyes grow large as she took in the colour of his eyes which were now a glossy yellow,his pupil no longer circular but long,thin and black.
"What the hell are you?"she growls,he was surprised and more than a little insulted at the lock of fear he saw in her eyes,not at all what he was expecting,"so you're not human? But why hide that you are a shifter? What kind of shifter are you anyway?"
Grayer laughed,so many question,he had no interest in questions however,his cock was hard,it needed to be satisfied.
She was on her feet in seconds as though sensing his intent,she hissed warningly at him and the two predators began circling each other.
"I can see why Stone has taken a liking to you,"He said watching for a reaction.
Valerie tossed her head back and laughed,the sound as cold as her eyes,"oh,and what's your excuse."
"I wonder what would happen if the council found out about this..whatever it is that is going on between you two,"he continues,"a crime like that could have him killed."
He was bluffing,but she was young and he doubted she knew about the rules of the shifters whom governed over them.
"Fucking a shifter who is not your mate,"He laughs harshly,he bit back a grin as he watched her movements slowed,"the man just can't seem to keep it in his pants. Seems the two of you have alot in common,I can have you expelled in an instant with all the shit you've pulled."
She simply watched him,far away in taught,he was speaking but she no longer heard him. What was he up to,she wonders,whatever it was her tiger did not like it and that had them both uneasy.
"Tell me miss Kingsly,"he turns quickly and attacks but even lost in taught she manages to dodge him,she was quick,even for a tiger,straightning he turned to grin at her,she stood close to a wall,one brow arched as if she was challenging him,"what do you think the crime is for taking something that not yours?"
She did not reply,simply shrugged as though not even caring.
"Death,"He watched smuggly as her movements stilled,her eyes shot up to meet his,he gave her an innocent mocking look,"oh you didn't know,yes my dear those elders would not waste a minute to destroy a weak pafetic thing like him."
That too was a lie,whatever the man was he was far from weak,even his reptile cowered in his presence.
"He has never slept with me,"he snarls when she relaxed once more,her eyes meeting his,"he doesn't want me,is there a crime for lying against another? If not there should be,only death would do."
Grayer allows his croc to take over half way,his skin became a thick swomp green,thick scales took over his body forming a shield powerful enough to withstand a nuclare misle,long thick claws pertruded from his hands,his clothes ripping as his body became larger,taller in hight.
"Enough of the games,"He growls.
His speed increased,even on land he was a fource to be recconed with,if they were to do battle in water she would stand a chance. She dodges his attack which is very impressive,what was she really? He wondered,to be able to move so quickly with such little effort.

Valerie pondered over what could have brought this on,sure she wasn't the best student but to out right attack her on campus of all places. This was madness. How was he even a shifter? And what kind was he?
Whatever he was he was strong,it he caught hold of her she was done for,her speed was her only defence.
It was clear Mr.Grayer had something against Lushan,for what reason she was not sure.
He attacks again and she dodges,at least she taught she did,his tail,Valerie grunted as she fell to the ground,where did a tail come from?
The blow to her stomach had her collapsing to her knees gasping for breath. It felt like being run over by a car,if she knew what that felt like.
Suddenly he was untop of her,one large hand gripped both her wrists togather painfully and the other began ripping at the fabric of her dress.
Valerie's eyes grew wide in horror as realization hit her. Grayer was going to rape her. Outraged she began trashing beneath him, she hissed wildly,her fangs extending in length,her blue eyes becoming brighter,glowing,white fur began pertruding from her skin as her tiger fought for control wanting to free them from this monster's grip. The taught of being clamed by him made her sick to the point of trowing up,she gave her tiger full control over to her beast,allowing her to take over completely,her bones began breaking as her body began to shift. Suddenly there was a shape pain as claws dug into the flesh of her breast breaking the skin,she cried out in horror as pain surges through her entire body,tears flooded her eyes as her body went completely still under the monster. He had marked her.

Lushan pushed away from his desk,this was not a call he was expecting.
"Why was she..." there was piercing scream in the back ground,the anguish ripping at his heart,his lycan raged in his head forcing him to move into action.
His vision blurred as he rushed towards the door,his large hands gripped the door frame as he struggles for balance.
He takes off running in the direction of the principal's office,the phone in his hand crushed under his fingers,his body half shifted, black fur already covering his bronz skin,his clothes already being ripped apart as his body grew.
He was on the school's ground,humans were around but he did not care,the need to reclame what was his...someone has clamed his mate,the anguish he felt in his chest was clear proof. That bastard,Grayer,he would die today,he would rip him apart and devour his flesh.

Grayer smiled wickedly as he took in her naked body beneath his,she was fucking glorious,he aued pushing her thighs further apart,his mark looked good,the five claw marks resembled a water lilly,he leans down and sucks one lovely brown nipple into his mouth,he began shifted back into human form,his cock hard and ready to clame her completely.
He would have to leave this place,the country completely,claming what was not yours was signing your own death warrant but fuck the council and their rules,what has following their rules ever gotten him any way. He slides a finger into her entrance,a loud moan leaving his lips as he began moving his finger in and out of her virgin pussy,he sucks one breast into his mouth,his hand slamming against her pussy roughly,his tumb caressing her fat clit at the same time. She was a stubborn one,her body fought against his as he fourced her to become aroused,his teeth nipped and tugged at her nipple and his tumb applied pressure to her clit.
Grayer stilled,what was that? That kind of power,where was it coming from?
His body trimbled in fear,his reptile cowers away in his head but he forces himself to focus on the task at hand,he positioned his cock at her entrance...
"No,"she hissed startling him,she was supposed to be out cold for at least a few hours,the damn tiger was stubborn as hell,"fuc-king,piece...of..."
He presses against her entrance and grinned wickedly at the horrifying look in her eyes,the look of dread as she realized she could not win,she belonged to...
The door flew pass him,he did not even hear it. Grayer grunted loudly as large claws dug into his neck and slams him backwards into the hard ground,the floor shattered beneath him as he and his attacker crashed through the roof and into the abondoned parking lot.
He struggles to see but his attacker was too quick,his movements like a blur.
He shifted quickly but it was futile,large fists smashed through his armour, ripping away at the thick skin that protected him. Grayer cried out as long fangs pierced into his neck and ripped away at the flesh.
Everything was happening too quickly,he could not fight back,how do you fight against something you could not see,how do you defend yourself?
Claws dug into his arm and rips the strong bone from its socket,Grayer hollars,his anguished screams echoing throughout the empty parking lot. Again he was slammed into the ground,large claws ripping into his stomach and chest,bone crushing teeth tore at his flesh,he could not fight,he was not strong enough. How was it that a man that has survived so many wars,was taken down so effortlessly by an unknown creature,and just as he had chosen a mate,what was the odds of that happening?
He lay half dead,he could hear teeth ripping away at his flesh but he no longer felt anything,his bones were as strong as diamonds yet they broke so easily under this monster's teeth. It was eating him,tears ran down Grayer's cheeks as the life slowly let his body.

George ran into the ruined office,It's been centuries since he has felt power like this one and he knew it ment nothing good. The students were evacuated from the building along with the teachers and facility staffs,all were accounted for except miss Valerie Kingsly,go figure,her friends were in a panic and treathening to go find her themselves if someone didn't.
He really was not expecting to find her in the building but he really did not want Lushan on his case again. He went to the one place where he knew she was at most of the time. The principal's office.
"Kingsly you in here?" He calls out from a safe distance,the office looked as though the rest of it was about to collaps at any minute,"Kingsly!"
"I-I here,"a weak voice calls back.
"Are you stuck kid?" He asked franticly moving closer,"can you move?"
"No,"she choked. He's never heard the girl sound so broken,it was terrifying.
"Ok stay where you are,am coming to get yah,"he said. As carefully as his large body could manage the coach climed over broken walls and desk,he climed over a destroyed door and into the door way,the floor shook under his feet. In a corner of the room a few feet away lay a unmoving Kingsly,her dress ripped in two at the front revealing her naked body,her bra was tworn from the middle leaving her breasts bear,her panties were gone and her legs parted wide in a uncomfortable manner. Shrugging off his large coach jacket he moved over to where miss Kingsly lay and knelt down next to her. That was when he saw it. The mark above her left breasts that has began to grow purple.
"Fucking christ kid,"the large man cursed lifting her from the floor and into his arms as he stood,he covered her naked body with the jacket and began making his way from the room,"who did this to you?"
The ground suddenly gave way beneath them,George held the girl close using his body as a shield as they began falling to who knows where; during mid fall a large winged creature broke through the darkness and caught the two. He could not see his face but he did not need to see to know who has saved them. It carried them into the secretary's office where it lay them at the exit.
"Take care of her George,"said the creature,"I will be back."
"But where are you going?"he asked his friend not dearing to look at him.
"Am sure you will know soon enough,"with that he was gone.
George stood quiclky and hurried from the building,he stayed hidden from prying eyes as he called the girl's family to come and get her after explaining what had happened. As he waited for them to arrive at the side entrance which was the most secure spot on the compound he called his king and qween and explained what has happened.
"Such a crime is punishable by death,"the king had roared,"who did this?"
They were even more out raged when they found out who the victim was.
"I will have their hole generation killed,"the qween had hissed,"find out who did this George,their kind should not be allowed to keep breathing."
Lucky for the son of a bitch he didn't know who he was nor did he recognise the scent that was on miss Kingsly's body.
The mark was also starting to disappare which ment Lushan has fixed the problem which also ment the S.O.B was somewhere dead.
"Rule this out as faulty construction work,"the council had said,"we will fix everything else."
And that was that,the crime was covered from the human world like it always did.
Mr.Kingsly showed up with his three son and his mate,they asked no question but he suspected they already knew what happened,how? He did not ask. They collected their daughter and left.
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