The Warrior's Tigress Mate

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Story of Valerie a white tigress and the last of her kind and Lushan a Lycan warrior with the strength like none other. The Lycan stopped searching for a mate centuries ago and is quite content with just having sex with any female of his choice. But when he find is mate not only can't he clame her,yet,he has to hold back his cravings for sex because it brings out the worse in his young mate. Not only does he have to cover up her out burst he has to put up with her countless female sex toys she keeps hanging around. In twelve months she would understand why she is so obsessed with him

Fantasy / Romance
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When he came to visit his friend,a bear shifter and a kick boxing coach,at Lakes Field High School he had no plans of staying for more that a few hours. He also didn't think he would find his mate here of all places.
Lushan sat watching the young feline,she was definately a tiger shifter,but her scent was different,her eyes were different,she was more fierce,stronger,yet holding back.
He watched her sissor kick a male shifter to the ground and began raining blows down on him,her fists were like lightning and all the young shifter could do was hold his arms up against his body like shields to protect himself. Even then Lushan could sence she was holding back.
His friend George,the name of the bear coach pulled her into a bear hug,he almost laughed, as she kicked and screamed hissing and snarling wildly.
The school was filled with humans as well as shifters,if she continued like this she even their young brains will start becoming suspicious of her animal like sounds.
"Valerie calm the hell down girl,"George growled softly,with his wolf's hearing Lushan could hear the one sided conversation,"breathe girl and relax."
As hard as the bear tried the teen seem to have no end to her anger which had Lushan wondering if this was a normal occurance.
He stood and moved towards the two,the young bear winced as he pushed to his feet cursing and swearing under his breath.
"Let me have her George,"Lushan growls. His deep voice rumbling in his chest.
Valerie stilled at the sound of that voice,why it relaxed her so much she did not know but she welcomed it.
It held so much strength and authority that it had butterflies dancing in her abdomen which was crazy.
She turned to look at the stranger as he came to a hault before her. Valerie's eyes grew wide in wonder as her tiger purred in her chest. Her knees felt weak and she gave a small thank that Mr. George still had a hold on her.
"Look at that,"the bear laughed his voice full of surprise,"she calmed down instantly. Thanks man."
Valerie stepped on the bear's foot hard with the heel of her shoes and ran her elbow in his ribs,the man grunted loudly releasing her to grab at his aching ribs.
That's what he gets for suggesting that a man could calm her. Even if he did,no one needed to know that. She turned back to the stranger who had his muscled arms crossed acrossed his broad chest a disappointing look on his face. Her heart ached in her chest and she looked away from him in shame. This was crazy way should she feel like this because of a stranger?
She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off when one of her girlfriends,Lisa,crushed her lips against hers in greeting.
Her eyes shot to the stranger who watched her with a perfectly arched eye brow.
"What wrong baby?"Lisa pouted cutely circling her arms around Valerie's waist.
Before she could answer the stranger turned and walked away with George deep in conversation. Her heart hammered loudly as she felt the need to go after him. Her tiger wined loudly in her head.
"Come one baby,"Lisa moans loudly grinding her body needily against her own,"lets go play."
She held back a growl as she looked down at her pretty face covered in makecup and her blond waves caught in a messy ponytail. Suddenly feeling very tired she pushed her away gently.
"Later,"she said as she walked a
towards the exit of the gym,"am not in the mood right now."
"You're always in the Valerie,"Lisa argued as she ran to keep up with her long strides,"talk to me what's up?"
"Am just not in the mood,"she said simply.
Lisa stomped a heeled foot in frustration as she watched Valerie storm off.

"Say what?"George bellowed his brown eyes watering with tears,"you're fucking rich Lushan why would you want to work in a crap place like this?"
Lushan furrowed his brows at the man leaning back in the chair of the teachers' lounge,he crossed his arms over his chest,"so this place is a dump?"
"Don't get me wrong the pay is good," George cleared his troath his eyes darting around the room to see if anyone overheard him,he leans over to Lushan as he wispered,"but the kids are major dicks man,most of them anyway and the principal is a piece of shit himself. Why would you want to work at a school anyways?"
Lushan simply shrugged before replying,"am simply bored. I need something to do."
"What business man life not fun enough for yah?"George laughs,"what about training the warrior wolves? Your alpha is going to be pissed."
"Fuck him,"Lushan growled.
George mouth fell open and his eyes bulged in shock,"I taught you two were friends."
"We are friends,"said Lushan,"does not mean he gets to tell me what to do. So are you going to help me get the job or not?"
George sighs in defeat,"ok. So there is only one position open at the moment. A home room and History teacher."
"I'll take it,"Lushan said eagerly sitting up straight in the iron chair,the thing was too danm small and was as uncomfortable as sitting on glass,he grimaced.
"Wooh man slow down,"George groaned loudly,"you have to go through an interview with the principal first."
"Who are the other candidates for the job?" Lushan asked curiously.
"Hell if I know,"George scratched at the back of his neck wincing loudly from the pain in his rib,"I think she broke a fucking rib."
He pulls up the hem of his shirt revealing his side that has began to turn a dark purple in colour,"shit."
"Is the girl always like that?"Lushan asked.
George nodded,"has a real temper that one. Which reminds me,how the hell did you calm her down like that? Normally her brothers gets called in."
"Brothers?" Lushan questioned.
"Yeah three tigers from their cent but she doesn't have their exact scent though which I always find weird,"George went on," three real tough guys,they're high up in defence force even though they are real young. Whenever she starts loosing her shit the school calls her family and those three always shows up,like clock work."
Lushan listened to every word. He didn't fear going up against tigers even though they stand taller than any werewolf,after all he was no ordinary wolf,up against three he could hold his own quite easily, not that he was planning on doing battle with them. He was only here for her and once she turns seventeen,old enough for him to mark her then he would take her and leave. Anyone had a problem with that would be dead sorry.
"Anyways if you get the job you will have her crazy ass to deal with,"George went on. Lushan stiffened a growl,"she's a nut case,goes around fucking everything in a skirt,that's why she's always getting into fights. Always has her plastic dick up someone's girl skirt."
Lushan pondered over that. Would her sexuality pose a problem? He wasn't worried over that,he saw how she looked at him,he heard her tiger's longing pur,she was his and she would soon know it.
"How old is she?"He kept his voice cool as he asked.
"Sixteen,"George sighed sadly with a disappointed shake of his head,"I can't wait for the hole lot to graduate and get the hell out of my hair."
Lushan arched a brow at the man biting back laughter,"what hair?"
Unable to hold it back he laughed,his voice filling the room,"you're going senile George old boy."
George huffed but laughed along side him,it was always good to have close friends like a Lycan,he couldn't count how many times the man saved his life over the years. He was still not buying his being 'bored' story,he would have to wait and see what his real motives for being here was.His parents would want to know,he doubled they even knew where the man was,not like he was a child who needed checking up on,the man was his senior by centures after all.He did know better than to press Lushan for information,he would just have to find out on his own,like always.

Lushan left the school driving on air,his lycan was going nuts,as the young shifters would say,in his head,after so many centuries and the goddess finally gives him a mate,and to think he almost didn't come here today. He laughed at his own good fortune. He would get the job,after a quick tumble behind the bleachers with the hot secretary he has all the information he could need on his competitors. He wasn't going to hunt them down and kill them like his beast keeps insisting,he would offer them a better paying job somewhere else,it wasn't a lie,his connections were global and he could get them any job they desired with the click of a button.
He could smell her scent,even now it made his heart race and his nostrils flare. She smelled of roses and sweet sweet ripe mangoes,those really sweet ones that made your taste buds bubble and your teeth aches from cavity,those ones the doctors warn diabetic patiences to stay far from.Yes,those sweet ones,his favourites.
He closed his eyes allowing his sences to take over,her lovely chocolate skin was flawless and seem to glow,her thick nappy hair done up in a bun that sat ontop of her head like a crown. Those lovely full strawberry kissed lips. Her eyes were the brightest blue he has ever seen and he has seen alot,large and full with their glossy shine. She was at least six foot three in hight,just perfect for a man of his size. Oh yes she was made for him.
The sounds of horns pulled him from his day dream reminding him that he was behind the weels and all over the place on the busy street.
A driver cursed profanities at him and Lushan felt the urge to reversed and run right into the piece of shit. His Lycan yipped with excitement but it wasn't going to happen,he needed to focus on his new line of work.
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