The Warrior's Tigress Mate

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How many fights have it been this week? Ten.
If he didn't get his little hell cat under control she was going to get expelled from school for sure.
At first it was tolerable,arguements with her teachers,parents of class members then she began destroy peoples' property. He can no longer count how may cars he had to buy back over the course of six months. He was terrified she was going to kill somebody. If not for her family she would be behind bars by now,if not for his connections the council would already be breathing down her back.
She found out where he lived,not that he was hiding,but ever since she did he had to stop bringing his women home. It seems her beast was mostly in control these days. He taught about telling her why she was behaving this way towards him but taught better concidering everything. If she was behaving this way without knowing what he was to her imagine if she was to find out.
He talked George into signing her up for competitive kick boxing,that would give her competitors to vent her anger out on. Hopefully that would help some.
He also taught about befriending her family to be around her more and to keep her from stalking him but he could feel their dis-like for him and taught better of it,she was good at it for her age but he has been a warrior for centuries and it was impossible for any one to pull that shit off.
It was early,just five minutes after seven,it would be a hole hour before students started piling in. There was at least two other teacher her and the security guard who did the grave yard shift,the man did say two students came in early.
What the hell for?
He decided he would take the time to mark yesterday's test papers,however the day had other plans and he sound found out why students would come to school this early.
He heard the sound of pleasured but muffled cries as he approached his home room class.
Loud panting and a cry of pleasure as someone reached their peak of an orgasim,how he knew that,well,he was an expert after all.
Stepping back he peaked through the half closed window and watched as one girl pleasured another. If he didn't know who the female was,if anyone else saw them they would believe that the female doing the fucking was a man except for those firm perky breasts that are impossible to hide,and that ass...he bit back a whistle. But he knew better. He watched her trow her head back in pleasure,the hem of her t-shirt in a tight grip between her teeth showing off her perfectly sculpted chocolate abdomen. Sweat beaded her forehead as she slammed her hips against her companion repetedly never letting up of breaking strokes. Her hands held onto the girl's hips firmly as she pleasured her with a...he bit back a grin as he caught sight of the pink strap on dildo she brandished proudly.
When she stopped suddenly he taught the show was over but instead she turned her companion around and with one quick movement she lifted her from the ground until her thighs were straddling her shoulders and her pussy in her face. Her hands gripped her small ass as she pleased her with her mouth.
Why he felt so proud was a puzzle to him but he couldn't help it,she looked good fucking a woman,it would definately have to stop once he marked her,he wouldn't share her,not even with a woman when she is finally his fully. Now if she was on the receiving end of that pink toy he would be loosing his shit right about now female or not.
His eyes travelled down her body to admire the toy of her choice,it was at least six to seven inches in length,definately seven,it was three inches across with small hills all over it,more pleasure he assumed. It was strapped firmy to her naked crotch which was not visible under it. From where he stood he could see that it went under her crotch which was probably why she was able to gain pleasure from her own movements,it must have something on it that is pressed against her clitoris,the taught was thrilling.
Valerie pulled the cheerleader from her face,her lips glistening with her juices,but did not release her,instead she allowed her legs to straddle her arms while holding her ass to keep her steady as she entered her once more. From that position,Lushan mused,the toy could enter her so deep as to cause sweet pains of pleasure. He had to hand it to her she really knew what she was doing. As much as he was enjoying her performance he could also see she was deep in taugh,her face had ligh but still noticable bags forming under them from obvious lack of sleep and he didn't miss the stress lines forming on her lovely face. She should be resting he frowned.
He would have to go elsewhere to work. The teachers' lounge was empty,except for George who made it a habbit to always come in early to flirt with the new English teacher.
She was a pretty little thing,a brunett with long curly hair and peach colored skin,she was friendly enough,he wouldn't be surprised if she was the bear's mate.
Lushan made his was to an empty table in the far right corner behind a book shelf,from where he sat he had a good view of anyone who came in but they would not see him unless he wanted them to.
Pulling the test papers from his brief case he began grading. Starting with his mate.
She was falling behind on her school work which was no good. He would have to have a talk with her about this.

Valerie sighed a little more content than she fist felt when she came to school.
Sitting down she pulled the cheerleader Amy unto her lap until her thighs straddled her.
"Fuck Val,I heard you were good but that was mind blowing,"she prased her gray eyes wide with wonder,"I don't want you to get a swell head you fuck better than my boyfriend."
How many times has she heard that? Too many she bit back a smirk. She wasn't in the mood to end up in a fight with a jock however,she would get expelled for sure if she hurted one of the school's prized stars. Plus the guy was ok,his girl however wasn't.
"He's a good guy Amy,"she told her gently,chasing her jaw line with her index finger,she leaned into her touch eagerly,ready for another round if given the opportunity,"he's crazy about you."
"He's just too soft baby,"she groaned not wanting to continue the conversation,"I want rough and wild. I don't want to be treated like some piece of glass."
"Am I your definition of rough and wild?"Valerie teased.
Amy laughed before kissing her hard,"you're a god baby,you fuck better than any man."
"Thanks for the complement,"Valerie chuckled before becoming serious,"have you ever talked to him about his performance? You could simply tell him how you want to be loved."
Amy was silent for awhile before replying,"you're a female,its easy to talk to you. Not so easy when it's your man."
"You two are fire togather,"said valerie,"if you talk to the guy he could become dinomite."
Amy giggled uncontrollably,"You think so?"
Valerie nodded.
"Could you talk to him them?"she asked eagerly meeting Valerie's eyes,"could you talk to him about it?"
Valerie taught about it. The jock was a shifter,one day he will find his mate. Should she really be doing this to Amy?
Why not,she taught as she debated to herself,it's not like she's a saint herself and they could probably be happy togather for a while until she messed things up,again.
"Sure,"Valerie decided,she didn't want one more crazy on her anyway,Lisa was enough crazy for six,even if she was a close friend and fuck buddy.
"Thanks baby,"Amy stood giving her another soft kiss,"by the way baby you look like crap. Later."
Valerie bit back a growl. Next time she'ld fuck her until her eyes popped out,that would teach her to be such a smart ass.
She was right though,she did look like crap,she felt like crap too.
If her family ever found out about her new 'hobby' they would keep her trained up at home for sure. She was surprised no one started reporting all those destroyed vehicles,she should be happy if it didn't feel so off,why weren't they reporting anything?
She needed sleep,but between school and following her teacher around like a damn creep she wasn't getting much. She needed to stop this,she had to stop before her parents got wind about her new interest. Her brothers would kill him for sure if they taught he was the cause of her problems. Her tiger growled savagely in her head.
I know girl I wouldn't let anyone hurt him.
She assured her. Why they were so attracted to him was a mistery that she couldn't figure out. It had gotten so bad she found herself debating about holding him down and taking him. But that was out of the question,plus she wasn't into men,well so she taught,she was becoming a very confused girl and she didn't like it.
Her tiger wasn't helping her case,it was her idea to start following him around now they couldn't stop.
They couldn't tell what kind of shifter he was,but they did know he was one,weather he was strong or not,no clue. Valerie recalled her mother saying he was using some kind of potion to hide what he was,but why would he do that?
Her brothers hated him on spot,when she asked why they held such ill will against the man they said he made them feel uneasy and they just didn't like it,men and their matcho bull shit.
He was a beautiful man though,the biggest man she has ever met,his black eyes were hypnotic,black eyes with gray incircling them like a warm embrace,she has never seen eyes like his before. He was built like a mountain but his hands were soft and gentle,she could still remember the feel of them rapped around her middle when he had pulled her off of Jim,a base ball player that got pissed when he found out his girl prefered a plastic dick instead of his real one, they were warm and strong,so strong and muscled,he had muscles everywhere. Her tiger had purred like a domesicated house cat.
The man however was a man whore,she wasn't one to judge but he attracted women like magnet did coins and she hated it.
Tired and frustrated she rested her head ontop of the cool desk and quickly fell asleep still deep in taught.

Mr.Kingsly sat before the shifter council his heart in his troath,if he was here then it must be bad. He steeled his features as he watched the last of them walk into the room.
And him,he bowed his head in submission,his king.
"When I gave you my daughter to rase Rondal you gave me your word she would taken care of,"the man sat down with his fellow council members.
"I promise you my king she is very safe,"Mr.Kingsly said quickly,"we love her as if she was our very own."
"That much I know,"the king chuckled warmly,"but all is not well am afraid my friend."
Mr.Kinsly tensed,he took a deep breath before speaking,"I admit she has been acting up alot more than useal but we are taking care of it I assure you."
"Are you aware that your child has began to stalking our son,"a council annoinced.
Mr.Kingsly bowed to the Lycan qween before replying,"am sorry but why would she be stalking your son?" My daughter is not like that."
"Wrong again,"the tiger king laughed,his voice full of amusement,"she is correct my child has gone nuts."
"My king Valerie is a warrior,she has no need to stalk,she always just attacks,"he assured them,not like that was a good thing either.
Another council man stood,this one stood at,at least eight feet if not taller,the King of Lycans was to be feared indeed,"why would my qween lie. We all keep tabs on our children,even if our son is a master of evading us and can protect himself he is our son nonless. We recently just learned of his whereabouts."
"Excuse me but who is your son?"Mr.Kingsly asked.
The Lycan king simply laughed,"if you do not know then I cannot say. If he wanted people to know who he was then you would."
"But how would I know whom to keep her from?"the man insisted.
"I never said for you to keep her away from anyone just keep on keeping her out of trouble,"said the tiger king. That is all."
Mr.Kingsly stood,he bowed to the kings and the qween and left the room quickly.
"Now why is my baby girl so curious about your lycan boy?"the king of the tigers wondered. Although his title is of tigers the king rains over all cat shifters.
"The boy would never say but we are sure he knows why,"the lycan king laughed his eyes full of pride when,he kissed his qween lovingly,"as clever as his mother he is."
"Oh you,"the qween bit back a giggle,"just keep your cats under control Roger. They do not want to cross my boy."
The tiger king snarled warningly. They were right though,the man was trouble,to cross him would mean their deaths. He loved the Kingslys' they were amazing people and very loyal subjects.
"I'll tell them not to get into any fights,"he said finally.
"Please insure you do,"nodded the lycan king.
The other council members watched the scene but did not interject. They were all very protective when it came to their own children,even though they could not see them as much as they would like.
The meeting ended and the council members went on to complete their daily duties.
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