The Warrior's Tigress Mate

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"Ms,Kingsly please remain after class I need to talk to you,"Valerie's head shot up from the desk where she was taking a little cat nap. She looked at Mr.Storm who was busy writing on the black board.
"I bet it's yesterday's tests,"Lisa wispered with a giggle,"I bet you flonked it bad baby."
"Yeah me too,"Valerie groaned. Her heart was racing. The taught of being all alone with him...
Take him Valerie,her tiger insisted,take him and let all this hunger go away.
No,Valerie hissed at her,am not going to rape him. We would go to jail.
He won't talk,the cat insisted,do it.please.
No,I don't screw boys,she hissed.
He is not a boy,he is a man,her tiger purred.
No,Valerie hissed,now shut up.
Her tiger went quiet bit not before letting out a loud bello that had Valerie groaning from the pain.
Damn cat,she hissed.
Class seem to take longer than usual to end. When the bell finally rang Lisa gave her a quick peck before hurrying off to the next class.
Mr.Storm closed the door as the last student exited before turning those glorious black eyes on her.
She did not,however,like the disappointing look on his beautiful face. Sitting up straight she waited for him to speak.
"Valerie,"he began. The sound of her name rolling off of lips had her feeling light headed and giddy,she felt like giggling but killed the taught stabbing it dead.
"You're falling behind in all of your classes,"he continued with a frown,"if this continues I will have no choice but to switch classes. You grades were amazing until I became your home room teacher."
"What! No...I mean its not your fault,"she said nervously,he couldn't switch home rooms,he just couldn't,"it's really not your fault. Honest."
"Really?" He studied her intensely, a lovely thick brown brow arching,he crossed his hands over his broad chest,her eyes followed ever movement shamelessly,"tell me then,who's fault is it,Valerie."
Her heart raced,he called her name again,her mouth felt so dry.
Wiping her hands on her joggers nervously,she found her voice,or what was left of it,"it's mine,I have been distracted that's all but it's a simple fix I just need some sleep."
"Why are you not sleeping?"he asked gently,"are you having problems at home?"
She shook her head quickly,"it's not home,my family is the best. I'll get back on track. Promise."
He sighed heavily before he spoke,"ok Ms.Kingsly."
A growl ripped through her troath,why wasn't he calling her by her given name anymore? Maybe if she asked...
"Aam,sir,"she choked,he nodded for her to continue,"would it be possible for you to call me Valerie,or Val?"
"Ask me again when your grades become top notch again,"he said,"when that happens I will gladly call you by any name of your choice. Deal?"
Valerie nodded so quickly she got wip-lash but she didn't care. He sat down behind his desk,when his head rose again he smiled and she just about died. Her heart swelled like a balloon. She never saw him smile,ever. Now she knew why. It was definately a secret weapon,definately.
"Ok Ms.Kingsly,you may go,"he said turning back to his work,"get to your next class."
Snatching up her bag she left the room. She felt as if she was walking on air. She felt so light she had to continue telling herself that cats don't float,only balloons do,and vampires.
English class has officially become one of her worse class,the english teacher miss Ann was keeping it no secret that she was screwing Mr.Storm,as if she was his personal woman or something,not like he wasn't boning every other female teacher here.
The woman's dresses were so short now every horny guy was trying to take a peak up under there,not like they had to try hard,it was all hanging out.
To make it worse she smelled of his expensive Ambre Nuit cologne.
"Bitch,"she hissed under her breath. Taking deep breaths she focused on the task at hand,she had to emprove her grades,she couldn't risk him leaving even if it was just to another class,she wouldn't see him except for history class. Not possible,she still needed to find out why he drove her crazy,literally.
English class wasn't half bad except for the pop quiz, english was an easy subject for her,if not for her lack of focus and new found hobby her grades would still be excellent.
Gym class was next,at least she would be able to let off some steam.
Making her way to the girl's locker room she proceeded to change into her gym clothes. Looking into the body length mirror she grimaced. She hated it. It was too short,too tight,too revealing and the guys never let her live it down. The eyes they trow her way was sickening and they only sparred with her to get a chance to grope at her which always led to her beating them senceless and then getting into major trouble for it.
"Looking good baby,"Rachel teased from the open door. Rachel was a cheerleader,like Lisa and Amy,and she had a major crush on her even though she has a boyfriend,although the girls' are on the same cheering squad they did not get along,which ment alot of cat fights,so now none of them are allowed around her at the same time.
Valerie grinned as she eyed her up and down,Rachel was slim and curvy with red straight hair and green eyes,her complexion was as light as peach and she had freckles on her small nose and cheeks. Dressed now in her tight blue shorts and white t-shirt with the school's label on it she modeled over to Valerie.
"Roy is not going to like this,"Valerie told her as she pulled her small frame against her own and pressed her roughly up against the lockers. Rachel laughed pressing her lips against Valerie's needily.
"Roy fucks who he wants when he wants,"she gasped when Valerie's hand cupped her already wet center,"he can't tell me what to do or who."
Valerie captured her lips in a deep passionate kiss while her hand already worked her waist band wanting to feel her flesh.
"I don't have my strap,"she moaned against her mouth.
"We have fifteen minutes,get it and come fuck my brains out,"Rachel giggled.
Valerie laughs,as much as she enjoyed her girls she knew that if Mr.Storm was still here when she became eighteen she would definately mark him as her own. She froze at her own taugh which had Rachel groaning out in frustration. She couldn't mark him,he would hate her for sure and she would never be able to live with herself. But she could if he wanted her to. Then again why would he waste his time on her when he had women lining up to warm his bed.
"Baby?"Rachel pouted,she cupped Valerie's face in her hands pulling her down until she Could look into her eyes,Rachel frowned,"Val what's wrong?"
The deference between Rachel an lisa and the other girls she messed around with was that those two were also Valerie's friends.
Valerie sat pulling her onto her lap.
"You can't tell anyone,not even Lisa,"she growled,the two girls were close and have been friends like forever.
Rachel laughed at her uneasyness but nodded,"I think I like someone, alot."
"Oh is it me?"Rachel teased before becoming serious,"so who is the lucky girl?"
Valerie groaned,"it isn't a a girl."
Rachel's eyes grew large her jaw dropping,"you like a...a boy?"
Valerie nodded stiffly. Rachel laughed hugging her close,"but what's so wrong with that?"
"He makes me crazy Rachel,and not in a good way,"she said softly,"am not myself anymore."
"So that's why you've been so cranky since of late?" Valerie nodded,"so who is it?"
"That I can't say,"she sighs. For some reason she just knew she shouldn't tell anyone,not yet.
"Does he know?"Rachel asked. Valerie shook her head,"so what do you plan to do?"
"Focus on improving my grades,"she sighed heavily"I've been slipping. My parents would skin me if they found out,so am going to emprove them,exams are coming up fast and I plan on killing every subject."
"Why kill,you could just pass them,"Rachel laughs.
Valerie kissed her quiet,tugging her shorts down her slender legs along with her panties, she used her fingers to pleasure Rachel's warm middle. Their tongues tangled togather in a warm bed of saliva. Pushing her legs further apart she increased the pace of her fingers until her hand was covered in Rachel's juices.
It didn't take long before Rachel was trembling on the verge of release under Valerie's expert fingers.
The door to the locker room opened and girls started piling in. There startled gasps and giggles filled the room as they watched the scene.
Rachel screamed out with her release her hands coming up to sqweeze at her small breasts as she rode the waves of her pleasure. Pleased with her handy work Valerie slapped Rachel's tender crotch making her cry out.
Valerie looked up into the faces of just too many eager girls.
"Another time,"she told them as she stood placing Rachel on her feet and steadying her as she wobbled,"We have class. Rain check."
The girls laughed as they surrounded her each wanting to lock arms with her as they made their way to the gymnasium.

"Get your fucking hands off me,"Valerie growled. She ran her fist into her opponent's chest and used her feet pulled up against her chest to kick him off of her. He landed on his back but was quickly on his feet.
"You and me could be great togather,"he mouthed. Van, wolf shifter and a major dick,next in line to be alpha once his father stepped down,he spoke softly,only those with shifter hearing could hear and his friends snickered,"you're no man,come try your luck with me. I could rock your world."
"Fucking piece of shit,"she hissed. He's only been there what three months and already the piece of shit was on her case,"you're no man. You're not worthy."
He laughed as he came at her,his movements quick but no match for her,she bent forward her long leg coming up from behind and over her body,the bottom of her foot connected with his face forcefully sending him toppling back. She would humiliate him,she swore as she attacked again bouncing from side to side landing blow after powerful blow to his ribs before trowing him backwards with a powerful uppercut.
He landed in a heep grunting and weezing loudly. But that wasn't good enough,she wasn't satisfied. She climbed over his body,his eyes grew wide and she knew it was because her eyes has changed in colour. She knelt over him and leaned in close until her hot breath was scorching his face.
"You should be scared,"she hissed,"be very afraid because your title will never protect you from me."
She rased her fist bringing it down wanting to bash in his face but it never landed,in seconds she was pulled from untop of him and engulfed in warmth and her new favourite cologne. She relaxed immediately and the warmth was gone just too soon making her feel almost cold.
"You need to learn how to control your temper Ms.Kingsly,"his strong voice soothed,"you'll hurt someone one of these days."
"He deserved it,"she gritted not meeting his gaze,"he touched me inapproprately. He always does,he's the real problem."

Lushan turned and left the gym. He wasn't going to hide the fact that he was pissed but couldn't let her see. George was supposed to be there,if she was telling the truth and this wasn't the first time he had groped her then he was sure his friend saw but chose not to stop it and that,that was not asseptable.
He found his friend in the locker room making out with the new teacher from earlier.
"Get out,"he growled,the woman pulled away from George and hurried from the room. Lushan slammed the door shut behind her.
"What the hell man..."the large bear grunted in pain as Lushan's kick to the gut went him flying,he hit the walls of the showers hard almost shattering it to pieces.
"Fuck man,"he groans coughing furiously as he pushed himself into a sitting position.
"Did you know that the boy Van has been sexually assaulting Ms.Kingsly during your practices?"he forced himself to remain calm as his eyes pinned his,soon to be former,friend to the ground.
"Ofcourse not,"the man grunted pushing himself to his feet stiffly,"what happened to ask first punch later? The kid might be a pain but she's ok when she's not punching me like a damn bag,I wouldn't let that happen in my gym."
"So where has your head been then George?"he crossed his arms across his chest as he waited for an answer.
"I've been hanging out with Kensy if you must know,"he groaned,"how about you ask next time,any harder and I would be in deep shit."
"How about you pay attention to what's going on in your class,"he shot back,"don't let this happen again."
"Yeah yeah,"the bear grunted.
George watched his friend leave. He rubbed at his chest as he looked back at the shower wall now crumbling. He understood the young alpha,alot of alpha shifters were becoming tense as their seventeenth birthdays were fast approaching,he also knew that alot of them were hoping to be mated to the tigress but that was no excuse for their behaviour. The girl was powerful and fierce,any shifter,alpha or not would be beyond proud to have her as a mate. If she assepted them,it wasn't like she was hiding the fact that she wasn't attracted to men.
He was sure the godesses would mate her to a powerful shifter,one who could tame her,someone like....
George's brown eyes grew wide as realization hits him.
"Oh boy,"he gulped.

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