The Warrior's Tigress Mate

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"You're sure about this George,"the Lycan king listened intensely his excitement bubbling.
"Yeah am sure,"said the bear on the other side of the phone,"wouldn't tell you if I wasn't sure."
George was one of the only friends their son kept in contact with,and after many years he became a watcher for the king and qween,keeping tabs on their son who hardly had time to call or message. He kept mostly to himself and away from them.
"This is good news,"laughed the qween,"excellent news in fact."
"How so?"asked a confused George,"her family hates his guts,I see how they look at him."
"It does not matter what they think,"laughed the king waving his hand in the air as if boxing the taught away,"only what the young tigress thinks."
"She doesn't know,"said George.
"That is for the best,"sighed the qween,"Lushan is waiting on her coming birthday for her to find out on her own."
"So what should I do?"asked George.
"Keep those little bastards off my future daughter-in-law,"laughed the qween her voice full of excitement as she leaned into the embrace of her king,"just keep an eye on them. How long until her birthday?"
"Lets see,"George skipped through the files of his students until he found Valerie Kingsly's file,"three months away."
"Date,George,"growled the king impatiently.
"Hold your horses,"the bear laughed,"the sixth of November."
"Ok,"the king laughed his eyes full of happiness,"keep us posted."
"Yes king."
The line went dead. Lycan king Michal pulled his qween Grace, small frame against his own,"what should we do now?"
"We will tell Roger what we know,"said Grace.
"He doesn't like our boy my love,"Michal reminded her.
"But he loves his cub,"said the qween,"and he doesn't dislike him,not really."

"Where did you get this new information?"Roger growled as he studied the two who sat across from him.
"Don't matter if you believe us or not we simply taught you should know,"Grace gleared at him.
God damn it why a lycan,he grimaced,why their kid,and why were they so excited about all this?
"What do you expect to gain through this union?"he asked,his eyes narrowing as he steared accusingly at them.
Michal stood hovering over his fellow council member,"You have nothing we want boy,never you forget your place."
Roger stood his eyes growing black,he would not be intimidated,not by his size or his powers.
Grace stepped between the two and looked at them with her voilet eyes full of disappointment,"are you two the mates or are our children?"
"He started it,"Michal grimaced,his voice softening as looked down at his mate,"you're right,am sorry."
Roger sighed heavily flopping down back onto his chair,"yes Grace like always. Am just worried,ok. Not alot of people want your hybrid boy finding a mate,I don't want my cub in the middle of all that."
"I dear you to try and stop it,"snarled Grace,"I guarante you will loose her."
Goddess the two was annoying,he grimaced,but they were right,it was not in his powers to stop their union when it did happen,but the lycan and original vamper duo had hell when they came togather,and countless battless when they conceived the boy. If anyone was to find out who he really was his cub would be in constant danger.
"You look as if you doubt your daughter's capabilities,"Michal growled,"all that work to fulfill your mate's wishes and you bring forth a feeble child."
Roger was on his feet in seconds,"you shit. You talk what you do not know about,there is nothing weak about my heir."
"Then why so afraid,"the man taunted. The bastard always knew how to push his buttons. But he was right.
Why was he afraid?
She was the only thing remaning of his late mate Sophia who died giving birth to their daughter,he promised her he would keep her safe,yet he knew she would be disappointed if she knew he was standing in the way of what the godesses put togather,or was even thinking about it.

There is was again,that unbearable itch inside of her lower abdomen that was begging to be scratched,demanding it.
Valerie tossed the covers from her body as scrambled out of bed getting tangled in the sheets as she did so and falling flat on her ass in her hast.
She ran to the windows trying to pull them open but found them bolted. Why would her parents lock her in,did they know?
Out raged she tugged at the iron bars ripping them from their hinges,she was out the window and racing through the night.

"She's gone,"Shouted Shane as he entered into the room,"damn it Valerie what is going on with you?"
"Follow her,"ordered Mr.Kingsly,"don't let her know you're tracking her."
"What should we do when we find her?"asked Derick.
"Nothing,"said their father,"I need to know who this boy is. Follow,and don't get caught."
The three brothers jumped through the destroyed window and raced silently through the darkness. They remained in human form using the trees and buildings as transport.
She was almost a blur in the night,disapparing and apparing further and further ahead of them.
The night wind pushed her scent at them and they thanked the goddesses for the help.
Valerie stopped,they watched as she sniffed at the air looking around quickly. The brothers tensed hiding away behind trees. When they emmerged she was running ahead of them again,this time with more speed. They shifted to keep up with her pace but it was too late. She was already gone,her scent lost in the wind that was once their ally.

Lushan heard the soft tap at his door. He looked over at the clock,just after one. Trowing his legs over the edge of the large bed he pulled on some jeans lying on the floor by his bed and made his way down the stairs to his frount door.
He would be lying if he said he was surprised to find his young mate standing there.
"Ms.Kingsly,"he began. Her head shot upwards and a nasty snarl left her trembling lips,"Valerie."
She sighs leaning into him. Cupping her face in his large hands he turned her face upwards to look at him. Her pupils were dialated and seem to be shaking.
He pulled her inside closing the door behind them.
She had on dark blue shorts that sat ontop of her knees and a sleveless t-shirt that looked almost as old as he was.
He kept the lights off as he lead her to the large couch.
"Sit,"he orders taking a seat across from her. Lushan sits studying her hunched over with her elbows resting on her strong thighs. She was muscled, not in the way that a man was,her body was hard and curvy,strong. Her features were beautiful,although she dressed and in some way behaved like a man,she was all woman,and growing more beautiful with each passing day.
"Do you like me?" Her question startled him.
"You are a great girl,"he answered carefully before she rased a finger silencing him.
She turn to meet his gaze,her blue eyes intence.
"Do you like me,like a boy would like a girl?"she waits for him to reply her breathing becoming rugged.
"Valerie,you are still very young..."he began only to be cut off again.
"What if I wasn't so very young?"she asked,"in another month I will be seventeen,the age in which a shifter can identify their mate. Will I still be too young then?"
"Valerie,"he sighs leaning back against the arm of his recling chair. Her eyes romed over his naked chest,even in the darkness he could see the intencity of her gaze, he didn't know why he felt the need to toy with her like this,"like you said you would be able to know your mate."
"If you are not him then I will clame you,"her eyes became hard with determined.
Lushan bit back a chuckle,he knew she wasn't joking,"is that so."
"I can,"she says her voice full of confidence,"I will."
Lushan laughed then pushing himself to his feet and letting his beast take a peak at her like it was dying to,only its eyes. He heard her loud intake of breath before she stood meeting his gaze her own beast showing its dominance. Her gaze does not faulter as a growl left her lips.
The thrill of a fight made his pulse dance,he knew she would put up one hell of a fight if he pushed. But he would not let her sence his true power,just as he knew she hid her own.
"Next month,"she stated firmly,"if you are not my mate I will fight you and mark you as my own."
She shoves her hands into her shorts pockets as she turned and ran into the night.
You should have told her,his hybrid half lycan half vampire Thor insisted.
No,Lushan laughs,let her figure it out on her own.
She is strong,I want to see her beast,said Thor eagerly.
Soon you will,Lushan told him as he watched their mate disappare into the woods,she will be magnificent,I can feel it.
She is not afraid,you should have let me out,I would make her submit to our power,Thor growled,she is ours,she should know respect.
I like her fire,Lushan laughed,she will learn her place,but not under us like you want but by our side as our equal.
Thor snarled,it wasn't like him to want to rule by fear,they were warriors,the strongest yet they never wanted to be alpha,yet here the hybrid was wanting his mate to have manners. Lushan laughed softly as he closed the door and made his way back to bed.
One thing was for certain,class was going to be exciting come morning.

"Where did you go last night?" Mr.Kingsly addressed his daughter as she sat down for breakfast.
Valerie shrugged as she began to fill her plate with pancakes,eggs and bacons,the smell tantelzing her sences.
"The question should be when did I become a prisoner in my own home,"she grumbles.
"Manners Valerie,"warns Shane eying her with a glear,"father asked you a question."
"Sounds more like intoragation to me,"she continues to grumble pouring herself some orange juice.
"Valerie we are only concerned,"said Derick calmly sipping on his cup of black coffee,his eyes boring holes into the side of her face.
"What for?"she eyes him stuffing pancakes into her mouth until she resembled a blow fish. Sammy the youngest of the three brothers laughs.
"Your behaviour is more out of control these days,"he laughs,"you never keep secrets from us. Even the ones we wish you did."
Valerie snickered knowingly,"I don't want to talk about this one."
"Why not?"her father was almost shouting his voice becoming almost high pitched with frustration.
"Just because,"Valerie drank down her glass of orange juice quickly and finished her meal in record time,"you'll know soon enough anyway."
"What is that supposed to mean?"Shane growled as he stood sizing her up.
"Not now Shane,"she warns her voice becoming hard,she pokes a finger at his chest,"you cannot fight me brother. Plus am late for school."
Grabbing her bag pack she spins around him shouting goodbye as she rases out the frount door.
Behind the weel of her car Valerie went over what took place last night. She wished she had taken a more suttle approach but the taught of being rejected was too painful so she chose to do it the old fashioned way,a challenge,and she wasn't planning to loose.
He was strong that much was certain,how strong she wasn't certain nor did she know what kind of shifter he was. She would know soon enough though.
Pulling into the school parking lot she spys Van and his friends leaning against his large SUV.
He turned as he heard her pull up.
She watched as he turned his nose upwards sniffing at the air. Today was his birthday she remembered,he was still hoping she would be his mate. The fool,she taught dryly,she already knew who she was,and she would definately keep the prick on his toes.
He started towards her his strides full of purpose. Valerie climbed out of her silver sports car and met him half way sizing him up.
"I've been thinking,"he said eying her up and down,"I could challenge you to a fight."
"Van I am not attracted to you,at all,"she said calmly,"you cannot fight me,not even with help. I can smell your desperation Van,if You try to mark me I will kill you."
The wolf growled,"the godesses don't give mates of the same sexes,you will be alone forever."
"Doubt that,"Valerie laughed,"you will find your mate Van,the day is very young."
"It's you I want,"he breathes in her scent,"your birthday is coming up,then we will know."
"You would know Van,"she points out,"even a blind man can tell there is no chance in hell. Now,get out of my way,it's too early for a brawl."
She stepped around him making her way towards the large building. The air was tense as she walked pass his friends,they smelled the air also.
How many shifters had birthdays today? She wondered.She really wasn't in the mood for all this,not today.

Lushan watched the scene from the window of his classroom. He watched the young alpha as his eyes followed Valerie,the kid was as hard headed as his father and that wasn't in a good way,he would snap his damn neck if he tried what he had in his mind. He didn't miss the stears from the other three,young beta,gamma and delta in training. Wolves in power will do almost anything to rise above the ranks. He hoped they wouldn't try anything stupid,it would not end well for them.

He smelled her scent as it filled the room,her steps were like what she was,as silent as a cat. He allowed her to get closer tensing his shoulders to boost her confidence and let her believe she got the drop on him,if not for her lovely rosey scent he wouldn't have known of her presence.
He bit back a chuckle as he turned to face her.
"Miss..."he began,her eyes grew dark almost as if dearing him to finish,"Valerie,good morning."
Leaning his large frame against the window frame he crossed his arms across his chest as he waited,. Her eyes travelled up and down the length of him before looking pass him to the window.
"Did you see all that?"she lifted her chin indicating the window.
"Unfortunately,I did,"he said keeping his voice calm.
"I can't even blam them,"she said meeting his gaze then,"since I plan on doing the samething."
"You're very confident that you will be able to beat me,"his said not bothering to hide his amusement.
Valerie was in that pose she always took before a fight,her legs parted but were firmly planted on the ground,her hands pushed into the tight pockets of her navy green joggers that sat low on her wide hips.
Her eyes became hard as they found and held his,"I won't loose."
"Really?"he asked deep in taught,"What if you do?"
"I won't,"she insisted.Valerie sat atop a desk before him her elbows resting on her strong thighs,"don't underestimate me."
"I guess we will see,"he said simply,"can you tell me what brought all this on?"
"Oh its been bruing,"she grinned,"it's only gotten worse so I made up my mind to do something about it."
"And marking an old man is your solution?"playing this role was frustrating but stopping was not an option,one more month to go.
"Yup,"Valerie replys with a firm nod.
"Wouldn't you prefer a beautiful woman?"he taunts.
"Sure but you're just as beautiful so..."she shrugges.
Lushan laughs making her grin even more,obvioisly very proud of herself,"you're comparing an adult man to a woman."
"No,"she said quickly sitting up straight,"not at all,I know the difference between a woman and a man,as you well know."
Lushan grinned wickedly,"please do tell,what is the difference between a man and a woman?"
A smug look appared on her lovely face,"women are softer and beautifully curvy,smoothe,sweet to the taste..."
Lushan hid a smile as he watched her eyes become dreamy.
"And men?"he pressed.
"Harder,I guess,more muscled,"she looked him up and down,"beautiful with black and silver eyes and stand a whooping eight feet two fregin inches tall!"
He couldn't help it,he laughed,its been too long since he had a good laugh,his head also grew two inches bigger,it's not everyday that you are described as what a man is because men his size,except for his father,did not exist.
She was a charmer that was for certain. But it was time to get serious.
"So tell me Valerie,"he said softly,"you want a man..."
"Correction,"she cuts him off,"I want you."
Yup his head was going to explode if she kept this up.
"Ok,you want me,"he continues,"I don't want a man Valerie,I need a woman."
She stiffens at his words but forces herself to relax,she knew this was coming but it still hurts,"you're a man. So,so just make me one."
He sighs heavily his eyes meeting hers,"it doesn't work like that. If you do beat me..."
"When,"she corrected.
"If or when,"he stated,"you have to change,not significantly because you are already perfect but I want feminine. You have a month,start practicing. Now get off the desk and find your seat."
Valerie did as she was told,in only minutes students were piling into the class room.

Van stood stiffly,he turned his nose to the air and inhaled deeply. Rasberries,sweet ripe rasberries,but where was it coming from?
He followed the scent like a man posessed until he found what he sought.
"Why her?"he grimaced.
Lisa looked up as though sencing his presence. She saw him standing in the door way.
"Val your creepy stocker is back,"she wispers. Valerie followed her gaze. She began to growl until she realised he wasn't looking at her but at Lisa.
"Not me this time angel,"she chuckles. She knew that look,she knew it would be coming her friend's way,she has seen it three times today to know what it ment also,"seems he likes you."
"No he doesn't,"Lisa crosses her arms over her chest and pouted,"he's nothing more than a bully. It's you I want baby."
"I've seen you checking him out,"laughs Valerie.
"I don't do men as you well know,"Lisa huffed thrusting her chin upwards in defiance.
"Not men,it's only one,so it's man,"Valerie teased,"get up and go to him."
Lisa's mouth fell open her green eyes becoming wide,"what? No."
"Somethings you cannot fight,"said Valerie,"this is one of those things. Now go. This kind of pull you do not fight. Understand?"
Lisa nodded,Valerie was suddenly very serious,but her voice remained gentle,"you'll know what I mean once you go to him,trust me."
As if on cue Van calls out to her,she meets his piercing gaze and was lost in the deep muddy brown of them,"come here please."
Valerie nudged her with an elbow urging her on. Holding up her hand she got the teacher's attention.
"Bathroom break,"she announced. The older man nodded and continued with the marking of test papers while Lisa got up and made her way towards the door.
Impatiently Van grabbed ahold of her hand pulling her along behind him. Sweet tingles danced up and down her arm. It felt good,warm and electrifying.
Van pulled her into the first empty class room he found and kicked the door shut behind them.

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