The Warrior's Tigress Mate

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Lisa tapped an impatient foot as she waited for an explanation. The two have never exchanged words but they each had come to the same conclusion that they would not like each other. However two months ago Lisa found herself becoming curious about the hot headed ubsessed with Valerie jerk,that was the main reason she didn't like him much or his friends,everyone knew Valerie wasn't into guys but he just won't take a hint. Why he is glearing at her now was also a ponder.
"What do you want Van?"she asked impatiently,"am not going to help you to get into Val's panties,which she doesn't wear anyways so don't even try."
"Of all the girls here why you?"he demanded,"why a snotty little lesbo?"
"Well for one you called me,I didn't come here willing you know,"she huffs her face becoming red,"just tell me what you want already so I can leave."
Why her? He paced back and forth fuming,why this fire tongue,big beautiful green eyed always pouting those damn little lips of her,nut case?
The hole school knew she was nuts. Just his luck.
Lost in taught he did not see her making her way around him until their skins touched sending sparks flying. Lisa jumped back from him with a loud yelp.
"What did you do?"she shrieked loudly rubbing at her arm,she looked down at the spot as if expecting to see some sort of injury before turning to shoot daggers at him with her eyes.
Why did she have to be so infuriating? He groans.
"Come to me,"he orders trying to keep the irritation out of his own voice.
She stiffens at his tone,but after a moments hesitation went to him. Their eyes meet and for what seems like forever their eyes are swimming through a river of green and muddy brown,like soil and grass intertwined after a heavy down pour of rain. None able to look away or pull back as their bond forms against their will and they are being put togather like pieces of a puzzle needing to be hole again.
Lisa gasps when his mouth meets hers in a firey kiss of passion that ignites treathening to devour them both in its fury,his tongue fourses her lips apart with the help of his teeth that nipped and tugged sweetly on her lower lip and dives into the warm wetness of her mouth lapping at every corner ingraving her taste into his mind,his arms pull her closer still as though trying to make their bodies one,his size consumes her own and his warmth surrounds her sending heat rushing to her most sensative spot that becomes damp with need and her aching nipples becoming hard against the walls of his chest as he lift her against him.
Van groans into her sweet mouth as her hands circled his back to tangle and tug at blond hair a shade darker than her own,her nails rakes against his scalp almost painfully as she circles his waist with her slender thighs. Greedily,needing to feel the part of her that now drips wet with need for him and was soaking his jeans right through,her arousal consumimg the room and making him dizzy as all the blood from his head runs straight to his manhood that now strained against the confines of his pants and boxers begging to be set free. He pulled her skirt high until it was sitting under her small breasts,he pulled on the thin strings she considered underwear ripping them from under her. She laughs into his mouth when he stumbles into a desk in his eagerness to pull his aching member free. Mentally telling himself to calm down and go slow was an impossible task,he was out of breath and needed gravely to gather oxigen to think straight but found it impossible to pull away,he decided if he died now from suffocation at least he would have company to share in his embarrassment.
Lisa, however,being the sensable one broke the kiss,her lips swollen and trembling as she sucked air into her burning lungs. Her face was as red as a tomato and Van found himself burrying his face in her unruly hair to muffle his laughter at the sight. She was the cutest thing,he realised,even as red as a tomato with her large green eyes wide and confused her lips slightly brushed from his kisses,she was still breath taking.
"Do you want me to stop?"Van found himself asking even though he wasn't sure if he would be able to at this point,but he would try if she asked it of him.
"N-no,"she stutters her breathing heavy,"don't stop now. Unless you don't want..."
Van kissed her quiet,the fear that he saw creeping into her lovely green pebbles was not one he wanted there,he realised that apparances are not always to be believed because the girl clinging to him now was not basking in confidence but almost drowning in self doubt and he desperately wanted to be than ancor that kept her afloat,he also wanted desperately to know why someone so strong would have reasons to be insecure.
Van pushed the taughts racing through his head at bay as he focused on the task at hand,claming his mate.
Lisa cries out when she feels the tip of his shaft pressed firmly against her mound parting her inner folds as it invaded her center inch by inch filling her like no sex toy ever could,she sobs softly into his neck as her body seems to float in a world of pleasure that was terrifying. She's never felt anything this strong,this amazing and it scared her because it was a stranger whom was providing it,sure they went to the same school but she knew nothing about him,even if at this very moment she felt like she has known him for a life time,if that was even possible or it could be her desire talking.
He stayed still allowing her body to relax and become accustomed to his size,it took every ounce of selfcontrol he had,which was not alot,some he had to beg the gods and goddesses for when his body trimbled with the need to pummle in and out of her warmth that had him in a vise grip.
"Are you ok?"he asked his teeth grinding togather as he heaved to catch his breath.
Lisa nods as if to reassure him,her face burried in his collar-bone,but he could feel her body trembling against his and the weatness that dampens his collar,he stroked her back gently trying to comfort her and began making his way to the frount to sit in a empty chair used by the teachers.
"It's ok,"he stroked her gently as he sat,the sudden moment causing him to enter her warmth even more,sucking in a breath through chattering teeth he tried to calm his racing heart and focuse on her and not their joined bodies,"talk to me Lisa."
"I don't even know you,"she choked clinging onto him,"no one stays around me long Van,I don't go around fucking with boys,I don't have sex with someone I don't know,this isn't me. Why does this feel so right being with you when I know it won't last?"
His body stiffened at her words,he was a damn fool for not taking things slow,he could have taken her out,won her over,instead,like his fool for friends,he took her into a empty classroom to carry out an act that was to be special and treasured by them both,he knew his mother would be ashamed of him if she was to find out.
There was only one way to fix this,there was no going back now,it had to be done.
"Lisa,as bad as you think I am I don't go around fucking everything that catches my eye,"he began,"I was acting up when I came here sure but I was rased better and my mom would skin me if she knew I was doing something that is supposed to bind two souls togather for a lift time in a stuffy class room."
Her soft giggle,although small is fuel for him to carry on.
"My name is Van Luin,as you already know,I just turned seventeen,today with my fool for friends a.k.a my side kicks and partners in crime,we're jerks but we're good jerks,"Lisa snorts and the sound has Van grinning like a fool as he continues,"my folks are somewhat rich,am not bragging,but I want you to know everything."
Lisa pulled away from him to look into his eyes her cheeks wet and the tip of her cute little nose as red as a clown's,she sniffle's,her eyes full of confusion.
"Why?"she asked,"why do I have to?"
"Because Lisa,"he laughed,his eyes full of warmth and so many emotions it blew her mind,"you are stuck with me,do you understand,from this day on you are mine and I am yours,we'll be joined at the hips like siamese twins forever."
Lisa laughs,as crazy as he sounded she liked it,his was as nuts as she was just not as damaged.
" What if you find someone better?"she choked,the taught alone broke her heart,"what happen to me then?"
"Baby there will never be anyone better than you,"he kissed her then hoping,like his mother always said,that she could feel all the love already blooming in his heart for her,all the promises of a life without lonelyness or want,all of the emotions' that were over flooding him he put into that one kiss shaking Lisa to the very core as they engulfed her in a world of warmth and love like she has never know free from the negativity of her family and the insecurities that she was forced to face all alone. She clung to him fearing that all this was a dream and he would be gone once she opened her eyes. But when she opened her eyes he was still there,his heart beating as if it was one with her own was real and the heat and security his body promised was so real. He was real,when she looked into his eyes she believed every promise that his kiss held,he wasn't going anywhere.
"Let me clame you,"his voice sounded like a plea,deep and troathy and full of emotions.
Unable to find words she simply nodded. She didn't understand much of what was going on but she didn't care,she would know soon enough anyways and she was certain she would love every crazyness of learning new things so long as she got to be with him she was ok,she was great.
Van tilted her head to one side kissing and sucking on the soft flesh of her neck down to her collarbone,he teased a special spot with his tongue that made her wimper and wet with desire,he sucked and nipped at it making her tighten around his member painfully sweet.
"Stop teasing me,"she pants,grinding her dripping cunt up and down his member,"move those hips of yours. Please."
"I will baby,"he laughs softly,"but I need to do something first and it's going to hurt. Alot."
"I can take a pounding,"she teased continuing her assault on his length milking loud moans from Van's purched lips.
"I bet you can,"he weezed,"but am not talking about a pounding. I need to bite you."
"What kind of bite?"she groans impatiently sucking on the hard flesh of his neck,"a bite bite of a dracula bite?"
"More like a wolf,"he growls startling her.
"Ok,do it,"she grimaces after awhile,"I can take that shit."
"You really are something special Lisa,"he said gently. He really was a lucky piece of shit. They were right,the moon goddess doesn't make mistakes when it came to assigning mates.
He never understood what his mother ment when she was preaching to him and his younger siblings,he always taught,because of his father's foolish reasoning,that every alpha needed a mate just as strong physically as he was if not more. His mother,however always did say strenght came in many different forms,and sizes. Now that he taught about it Valerie would have been too dominant for him to tame,they would end up butting heads and with her temper probably kill him dead in his sleep. Goddess help the pour bastard who got stuck with her,he would be a fool to not reject her on spot. Then remembering his mother's words her took it back quickly. The goddess does not make mistakes.
Returning to the task at hand he focused on his mate and what needed to be done.
Holding her head firmly against his shoulder,her head tilted to one side he extended his canines and bit into her neck piercing the skin like a overly large needle until he was gum deep. Lisa trashed franticly against him sobbing into his collar that was muffling her cries as Van completed the ceremony that would join them togather for life.
He licked the wound closed as he admired her neck which now brandished his mark. He would have to get her to keep it covered up as he already advised his friends to do. The humans will become suspicious if girls all of a sudden began brandishing similar marking,they were already fresked out by all 'love being shown between strangers,they could or would never understand. It could bring curious hunters there way and that was a chance no shifter was willing to take.
Van felt his mate become limp as weariness over came her. Now all he had to do was clame her tight little cunt and have her wearing his scent.
He looked around the classroom. What he wouldn't give for a large warm bed right about now. He turned back to the desk deciding that it was the next best thing compared to the alternativas,hopefully they didn't break it. Laying Lisa down against the cool surface he pulled her gently to the edge and hoisted her legs up until they were nestled on his shoulders.
Lisa grinned up at him her eyes fluttering open and closed.
God he looked so hot she sighs dreamily.
"You're beautiful you know that?"he said gently making Lisa face grow red with a deep blush,Van grinned down at her,"you look so good from this angle too."
"Am glad you like,"she purrs lazily.
"Next time it will be on a large bed,I promise,"he strokes her cheek gently with his nuckle as he began moving in and out of her dripping cunt drowning in her moans and soft gasps of pleasure.

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