The Warrior's Tigress Mate

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This generation of shifters do not understand how lucky they are. To find their mates at such young ages is very rare,to find so many mates at once in the same place,a human school at that. Unheard of,it was like hitting the jack pot. More young shifters no doubt will be encouraged to come to this town for schooling and try their lucks,it was almost as if the goddesses were picking the mates on spot,Lushan mused as his History class was crowded with mates literally joined at the hips,their marks covered in some form of way.
How many has it been this week? Twenty in total,it was down right amazing,however the teachers were beginning to gossip. They can't understand why students who never even spoke to each other were suddenly inseparable,George has joked that it was only the love desease to try and lighten the air but many were still not buying it.
Like he guessed the English teacher was George's mate and now,after dating,like grown fokes know is best when claming a human mate, and now hids his mark under colourful scarves that it was obvious she hated.
It was because they rushed the process so quickly that had all the suspicions bubbling over and fights escalating as shifters leave old boyfriends and girlfriends in the blink of an eye for their mates.
George the clever bastard,he had to give the bear his credit,has figured out the real reason he was really here. The man didn't know but Lushan already knew he was a spy for his parents,he was still his friend however because he was a good one and because he really didn't like talking about his business with his folks and didn't mind someone they trusted,he did too,do so for him. He was his secret messenger who just didn't know that he was.
If all this wasn't bad enough his mate was not acting like her usual self. She was giddy,alot,she spent alot more time now with her once girlfriends Rachel and Lisa who are now mated to alpha Van and his friend and beta Jimmy, and not in a sexual way. Valerie was also not having sex in every nook of the school which was her usual thing, also she was no longer stalking him and he didn't like it,so what was she doing with her free time?
He had no idea and not knowing did not sit well with him,it wasn't like he could start following her around someone would get suspicious because with Rachel and Lisa came their tails Van and Jimmy and their henchmen Keneth and Jordan and their mates Amy and the soft spoken Sarah the odd one out,with Valerie and her girls around everyone knew not to mess with Sarah anymore,and with Jordan around her like a hawk people avoided the girl like the plague except for her new friends ofcourse.
Lushan watched the girls from the top of his cup of coffee,they spoke too low even for his hearing,he did not miss the glears shot Valerie's way for hogging the mates to her self from the five wolves,he also knew for a fact that they were constantly on edge because of Valerie's sexuality and the relationship she had in the past with their mates,except for Jordan who just didn't want her getting any funny ideas. It was clear they too didn't know what was going on.
Why that gave him some comfort he was ashamed to say,well not really,now that he taught about it. It simply ment some kid didn't have one up on him.

"Ok so shopping later,"Lisa said excitedly,"a new wardrobe and everything."
"Hay lets not go over board ok,"Valerie wispers,"that means no heels,no flip flops and definately no damn skirts or those thongs I used to enjoy taking off you so much."
"I can't believe you all really used to do it,"Sarah giggles her gray eyes dancing with excitement as she leaned in to wisper and share secrets with her new friends,"I just taught you gies were just super close."
"Oh you are just too cute,"Valerie teased placing a small peck on Sarah's little nose,the girl giggled uncontrollably her face becoming a dark shade of strawberry.
"I warned you no funny stuff Val," Jordan growls,Sarah pouts qutely folding her arms over her large breast.
"Behave,"she warns him gently. Jordan sighs his defeat,he went to his mate and kissed her gently before going back to sit with his fellow men who were as antsy as he was.
"God Sarah you have the softest breasts,"Valerie teased leaning into her,she grins when Jordan's head shot up so fast he groaned from the pain,Sarah on the other hand simply laughed cheekily,it was impossible not to like Valerie,she wasn't afraid of anything.
"So big and warm..."Valerie lets her words trail off resting her head on her new friend's large assets.
"Oh you flirt,"Amy laughs,slapping Valerie playfully," you're going to give Jordan a heart attack."
Sarah turned to smile lovingly at her mate who's eyes were now a bright yellow as he shot daggers at a grinning Valerie with his eyes. They softened when they met her own,their beautiful smoky gray returning. He came to her quickly and captured her lips with his own in a hot fierce kiss. The class cheered loudly making her face grow red with embarrasment.
"That's enough,"Mr.Storms strong voice boomed through the class room silencing everyone. He wasn't even looking at them,yet the large man saw everything. How does he do that? She wondered.
Jordan grinned proudly before returning to his seat.
Sarah bit back a giggle,it was only a week ago that she stood alone now she had great friends and a boyfriend,better yet a mate. How exciting and he never allowed anyone to bully her,her aunt loved him even with his wild streak and sport bike the lovely woman welcomed it all with a warm smile and didn't question the speed in which their relationship was moving.
"Ok so no dresses or skirts,"Rachel's voice pulled her from her haze,Sara turned eagerly to listen to their conversation,"you have to get a dress for your birthday,you need to seal the deal with a hot tight dress. I can't wait to know who the lucky fucker is."
"Shh,"Lisa gleared pressing her finger to Rachel's lips and stiffening a giggle at the face her friend made,"we are supposed to be wispering."
Valerie groaned loudly tossing the long tails of her cornrows over her shoulders as her head fell back.
"Help me out Sarah,"she pleaded pulling her into her lap so quickly Sarah let out a yelp. Jordan was on his feet in seconds.
"Valerie I warned you,"he snarled. Valerie laughed and sat her back down in her chair,"Sarah,behave."
"I didn't do anything,"she sqweaked her voice small like that of a mouse.
Jordan leaned in close to nip teasingly at her ear lobe before wispering,"you can do better than that baby,you're never this timid when we make love."
Valerie watched the two,her heart full of joy,she was so happy for them all. It turned out the pricks wern't so bad when they were not being perverted,now she got to make them all uncomfortable and misarebble all day long. It was a dream come true since her friends enjoyed wriling up the wolves too.
"Ok lover boy find your seat,"Valerie shooed him away with a wave of her hand,"you'll get her later. For now they are all mine."
Jordan snorted but did not push it,his mate was happy and smiling always and he loved it.

Valerie walked into the large shopping mall with her friends and their mates close behind. The cool air from the air conditioning surrounded them like a cool well needed hug.
The building was full of teens from different schools just hanging out. This wasn't her normal hang out spot but she needed a wardrobe change,one that will have every jaw dropping like her friends insisted. The girls had been shocked when they saw her out of her heavy clothing which was her everyday wear. They seem to be surprised at how well built she was,it was almost insulting since they were fucking for a long time and they didn't seem to realise anything pass her strap on.
"Sexy panties first,"Sarah wispered,"boys love sexy panties."
"Check you out,"Valerie puts her arms around Sarah's shoulder pulling her close,she wispered,"so tell me baby,what other little secrets do you want to share?"
Sarah's eyes grew large as she turned to her friends excitedly,"you should pierce your belly button,you has the prettiest belly Valerie."
"Oh my god Sarah you're right,"Amy literally shouted,"your stomach is so ripped."
"I heard that,"Jimmy said as he came up behind Amy to pull her hard against him,"A am ripped too."
"Yes you are baby,"Amy patted his abs,"but Valerie is a girl so its way different."
"Right,"beamed Lisa,"we've been fucking for forever and I've never seen you naked."
"Too late now baby,"Valerie teased.
"What the hell is this?"Van groans loudly,"destroy your man ego day?"
"Never baby,"Lisa pouted fluttering her long lashes sweetly,"show him Val,they won't understand if you don't."
"You must be nuts,"Valerie snorted walking away from the gang of nut jobs,"girls ditch the boys and lets go."
The four girls hurried to keep up with her long strides while shouting good byes over their shoulders to their mates who just stood there looking lost and lonely.
They took the escalator to the top floor of the large mall that housed the clothing department.
"Are you sure I can find pants to fit my hight?"Valerie asked looking around nervously. Women's clothing store,one of her biggest fears.
"Ofcourse baby,"Rachel pulled her into the very first one she sees,"this is one of my favourite spots to by underwears,you're going to love it."
"What kind of underwear are we talking about?" Valerie asked suspiciously.
"underwears to knock that lucky son of a bitch socks off,"grinned Lisa,"ones that will hug your sexy ass."
The girls laughed when Valerie scoled at them.
"Nothing too out ragous,"she instructed as her friends ran to racks excitedly pulling down bras and matching panties being displayed on hangers.
Valerie stood nervously watching them,all the time wondering if she made a mistake tell the four about her secret boy crush?
She trusted them sure,but their taste was so different from her own,and they were just too excited about her becoming "one of them" like Sarah had said.
She walked around the store tensely looking at everything,wondering if she was making the best choice in changing her apparance,it wouldn't be a drastic change,just trading her joggers for jeans that clung to her body but were comfortable and easy to do whatever she wanted to in them. She was also trading her boy shirts for female tops and her sports bras and boxers for panties and push up bras. It wasn't that she didn't like her assets she did,but so did everybody else so she chose to hide them under sports bras. She loved her joggers and everything else she chose to wear probably because she grew up with three older brothers,or it could be because she loved girls and forgot that she wasn't a real boy along her journey,whatever the reason she wasn't ready to start wearing dresses of any of that crazyness,just pants and girl tops for now,then whatever Lushan taught was attractive when she marked him.

After what felt like forever Amy,Rachel,Lisa and Sarah finally agreed on what would look more sexy on her. Silk and lace panties and straps and strapless push up bras,dark colors like she insisted.
"Go try them on,"Lisa said just a little too eagerly,"i'll be the judge."
"Sorry baby,"Valerie mused,"but it has to be most self controlled one."
"Me,"Sasha laughs excitedly bouncing back and forth making Valerie question her choice.
"Why can't we all watch?"Rachel asked frustratedly crossing her arms over her breasts as she eyed Sarah suspiciously.
"We can't all fit,"Sasha replied following Valerie into the changing room.
"Am going next with the panties,"she announced as the door closed.

Valerie pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it at a blushing Sarah before pulling off the tight fitting sport bra and placing it over the door securely.
"Wow they are so big,"Sarah breathed.
"Not as big as yours baby,"Valerie points out taking the strapless bra Sarah handed to her.
"I know but still,"sighs Sarah,"they are super perky. Sure you haven't gone under the knife?"
Valerie waited for her to explain but Sarah only grinned cheekily.
"Ask her already,"Amy shouted from out side the door.
Valerie looked over her shoulder at Sarah as she began hooking up the bra,"ask me what?"
"Well..."Sarah toyed with her curls nervously.
"It's ok baby ask away,"Valerie urged.
She could hear the girls outside hurrying to the door no doubt to eavesdrop.
"So me and the others were wondering,"Sarah began stepping from one foot to the next trying to gather her nerves,"so we all you don't do boys and stuff,and you are always the one doing the doing..."
Valerie waited paitiently pulling the straps of the bra up over her arms and grimacing at how uncomfortable the thin straps were,they would definately eat away at her skin if worn for too long.
"For christs sake Sarah,"Lisa grimaced outside the door,"Val baby please tell us kindly,have you ever been fucked before?"
"I've fucked you haven't I?"Valerie points out. Lisa laughs no doubt remembering old naughty stuff.
"Yes Val baby but that's not what I mean,"she giggled,"have you ever put something up your JJ?"
"Other than a tampon,"Rachel said hastly.
Valerie laughed,"is that what all the fuss is about?"
Sarah nodded.
Valerie sighed pushing the door open to show the girls the bra,"I don't wear tampons I use pads or take the pills when I have a match coming up. I tried once to stick something up there,you know to see what the fuss was about," the girls nodded quickly,their eyes unblinking as they listened,"bad bad mistake,I freaked out and ended up calling my bros,scarred them for life."
"Did it get up there though?"Amy pressed biting back laughter.
"Like just the tip,"Valerie grimaced at the memory,"I just stuck it up there,blead like I took a bullet. Never doing that shit again."
Lisa burst out laughing once the information was registered,"you won't have a choice if you are looking to be with a guy."
"And why didn't you lube the thing up?"Amy gleared,"how old were you anyway?"
"Fourteen,"Valerie shrugged allowing Lisa to turn her around to see the sides of the bra and back,"I wasn't thinking."
"What did you use?"Sarah wispered,"wasn't something big?"
"No baby,nothing big I wasn't that stupid,"she laughed planting a soft peck on her friend's forehead,"it has crossed my mind about the sex part of a relationship."
"So what will you do?"Rachel asked worriedly,"not all boys are expert at popping cherries."
"Jordan was,"Sarah stated firmly,"he was gentle and cearing...and then crazy and passionate. It was awesome."
"Lets end this topic,"Valerie decleared,"and this guy has alot of experience from what I have seen and I haven't heard any complaints."
"I wish we knew who he was,"Said Amy,"then we wouldn't need to worry about some looser scaring you for life."
"You will know who when the time comes,don't rush it,"she told them.

The rest of the evening was spent going from one store to the next buying and trying on clothes and girly sandals and boots,they got hand bags and clutches and little cute bag packs that they insisted were the in thing.
By the time they were finished Valerie was exhausted physically.
They met up with the guys at a fast food restaurant in the mall and had lunch. Valerie was too far in taught hear what they were talking about. She now had something else to worry about,what if Lushan didn't enjoy sex with her? What if she didn't know how to do it right or messed up in some way?
What if he couldn't fit? There was just too many what ifs and it unsettled her.
Maybe she should ask him,she hasn't spoken to him one on one in a week too busy with studying and practice and girly time with her friends,not like he seem to mind she grimaced.
"Stop worrying,"Rachel's voice pulled her from her worry,she leaned in to wisper,"the time hasn't come yet. If we knew who were dealing with..."
Valerie jumped to her feet quickly,she had made up her mind,they trusted her with their secrets she would trust them with this and kill them if betrayed her.
"Bathroom now,"she ordered storming off.
She heard their footsteps as she hurried behind her. Once in the bathroom Valerie closed the door and leaned back against it. Four pear of eager eyes steared at her.
"You can't tell anyone,not your mates not anyone is that clear?" The girls nodded quickly making crosses across their hearts sealing the promise like four year olds. Valerie took a deep breath to calm her racing heart.
"Lushan Storm."
Valerie watched her friends jaws drop in disbelief their eyes large with shock.
"Wooh,"Sarah gulped.

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