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Death's Werewolf Nymph

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By the age of nineteen every werewolf has found their mate except Meredith. She watched her younger sister find mate in her only friend. Meredith loses all her hope for ever finding a mate. She has excepted her unfortunate faith in never finding love, with her dearest friend on death bed and her parents trying to change who she is. But she doesn't know that all her life will forever change when she meets extraordinary man in black. He noticed the beauty in her nymph and werewolf side. She is everything he didn't know he needed. If only it would be that simple... After all no one has ever seen Death in love...

Fantasy / Romance
Toria Blue
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Chapter 1 Meredith and Magdalena

I didn’t know much about life... at least that’s what they said. I knew what my purpose was. I knew I was a water nymph and that my purpose was to serve the nature and water in it.

But life... that’s something I was not so sure of. What was living? Was it just you being in this universe? Was that called living? If it was I didn’t want that. How could I live when I was always kept in a cage of obedience? I wanted the danger the adrenalin, the fear, the hurt, the pain. I wanted to experience everything yet I needed to do what was right for me.

″It’s your eighteenth birthday, and all you want to do is go to forest?″ I asked Magdalena, ″ we can do something fun, go to that mountain and explore the cave, go to elderly and talk about the horrors of humans in the city, that’s so much fun! They believe everything you tell them.″ I chuckled as I spanned around while we walked through the forest.

″It’s my birthday and I want to see those lights in the water″ she said to me. ″When you were eighteen you saw them too now I want that″ she explained. When water nymph turns eighteen in the water she can see thousand little sparks when she touches it. It is pretty, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, but the problem was that Magdalena told me that’s all she wanted to do that day.

I was only four years older than Magdalene, but she was the mature one out of us, she liked the serious stuff and I liked to joke around, she liked everything shiny and cute, and I liked everything mysterious and adventurous. She was the one who my family will later be proud of and I was just... I was just me, but often my parents didn’t like how I act, what I did, how I spoke. My mother was always making new rules for me, even if I was already adult she still acted like I was a child. She said she will only let me live by my own rules when I left that house... the problem was I didn’t know if I ever would.

We were finally nearing that grand lake where we always went to praise Mother Nature and her water gifts, I started half running to lake and looked at Magdalena. She was wearing white flowy dress and white flower crown that rested on her light brown hair that reached her mid back. I had similar hair to her, it was a little darker and little curlier, the length was the same. I was also wearing a dress, it was just not as beautiful as hers. Mine was checkered black and brown with short sleeves a high slit that went up my leg, I liked it because it made climbing up the trees lot easier. Only downside was that often my legs and arms were all scratched up from falling, but since I was a nymph in the water they tend to heal quit quick and the part that I was part werewolf it didn’t hurt at all and it faded in a day or two.

Magdalena didn’t look extremely excited about those sparks that she was about to see, she was walking as graciously as ever, she always were. And I always was the messy one in the family. ″Go ahead! The water is waiting for you″ I said to her. These lights will look extremely beautiful in the twilight, that’s why she waited till it gets dark, she stayed inside house all day just to make this very moment extra special.

I stood next to one of the trees and leaned against it hugging it with my hands as my head rested against it. I watched as Magdalena walked inside the water with her dress getting soaked in the soft water. The whole lake lit up in thousand little twinkling stars. The light from the stars illuminated her every feature. She looked gorgeous in this light, it made me think if anyone ever looked at me and thought that I was that pretty. I always knew Magdalena was prettier than me, everyone always talked about how beautiful she was, and all they said about me was how interesting I am. It would be complement if they hadn’t said it in times when I did something the pack or my family didn’t approve of. Magdalena was only deep enough so her knees were covered in water. She closed her eyes and I could tell she was speaking to Mother Nature.

I heard someone approaching from behind me. I looked back and it was Adrian. He had been my only and truest friend my whole life. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He was the one of the few people who actually understood me and to whom I could talk normally. When we were together I was always almost too excited, I was feeling at peace.

″what are you doing here? ″ I asked and walked closer to him ″you werewolf’s never learn do you? You can’t just spy on nymphs. You know it’s kind of special for nymphs to talk to Mother Nature. It’s not very nice″ I said with pouted lips.

″You are werewolf yourself″ he spat at me jokingly.

″Anyways. As much I don’t mind you. I think you should go because Magdalena won’t be so understanding″ I said to him but he didn’t seem to hear me at all. He was watching the lake.

I looked at that direction and it wasn’t the lake he was watching. Magdalena was the one he was watching and she was watching him with just as much intrigue. They were both frozen in time, I looked from one to another as I heard Adrian mumble something under his breath and started walking towards her.

Usually nymphs wouldn’t want to be disturbed in these kind of situations but I was sure that Magdalena was the one also who didn’t want to continue her ritual.

It was only when I saw that Magdalena herself started walking towards her when I understood what was happening. It was Magdalena’s eighteen birthday. Most of werewolf’s found their mates on their eighteen birthday. If not then they have found their mates by nineteen.

They were mates... I couldn’t stay there any longer. I needed to walk away.

It’s quit funny to think that we were such good friends our whole life and now it will all be ripped away. I might be careless and dumb at most times, but I did understand that nothing between us will ever be the same.

And I was so dumb thinking that maybe... maybe if he didn’t find his mate we could stay together. Just the thought of it now made me sick. How could I think like that about my sister’s mate? I am fool for even thinking that someone could be as miserable as me.

I was twenty two soon turning twenty three. Adrian was the same age as me. It’s really not likely to get mate when you are after twenty. They say if you don’t find mate after twenty it will most likely never happen. The only thing that feared me was that I would actually be that unfortunate.

My whole life I have been taught that mate is the one person meant just for you, he was meant to love you, protect you. He was the only one who could make you feel the love. He was like a best friend to you but more. One person in the world who knew you. He made you better by inspiring. And you knew that mate will always be with you no matter how stupid or crazy you are. He was meant to be with you when no one else was.

It was sad to think that I might never have that. I have attended countless mating ceremonies where unmated wolfs go to find their other half. Not once I found anyone who made me feel like he is the one to be my other half. Not once I felt the spark everyone is talking about, the pull of the mate.

Maybe... just maybe if I was more like my sister I would be worthy of a mate. If I was just as gracious and pretty as she was.

It was already too late to be staying out late, the guards were starting to look suspiciously. They knew about our nymph needs and I, Magdalena and our mother Melisa were the only ones who were allowed to walk out at late hours. Even our father Bernard was not allowed to go out with us.

I walked inside our small two stories house and Mom was sitting next to dad, under his arm in the living room with only light there from the fireplace. When she noticed me she walked up to me. ″Back already? ″ She asked and started picking something out of my hair ″why is your hair dirty? Were you sleeping on the ground? ″ she asked but I didn’t answer, it was from the tree that I was leaning against.

She looked around her ″where is Magdalena? ″ she asked.

I looked down on my feet and then back at her ″she found her mate.″ Is said to her and she put her hands on her heart and looked at Dad ″Bernard did you hear this?″ she asked but he was already at his feet.

He was smiling like crazy, his eyes were glowing ″wonderful news! Who is it? ″ he asked looking at me.

Right now it seemed like I was the only one who wasn’t happy. I was happy about Magdalena and Adrian. I just felt the guilt that I couldn’t give this joy to my parents. I looked down ″I think it’s better if she tells herself. I don’t think she will be out for long″ I said in quiet voice. ″I’ll go to bed now. I’m tired’ ’I said and gave them one last glance. They understood me. I knew they did. They also didn’t know how to comfort me. How

could they? What could they say? That mates after all were not that important? They couldn’t say that when all my life they have said that it’s the most wonderful thing in the world.

I didn’t wait long enough before I heard Magdalena return, I walked out of my room and remained at the top of the staircase and sat down on the floor next to railings where they wouldn’t be able to see me.

″Oh he is so wonderful! He is kind, smart and funny″ she said in full excitement ″it’s Adrian, Jonathan’s son″ she spoke of him like he was the sun to her. She was truly happy now.

″he’s a good kid, I am happy for you darling″ dad said and kissed her forehead. Magdalena didn’t talk much about mates before. She saw how much it broke me when I couldn’t find my mate and she didn’t want to get her hopes up. She thought that maybe she would be same as me, that maybe we both were unfortunate werewolf’s without mates. She was wrong. She will be happy with her mate while I will remain alone, or maybe I will marry some werewolf who has already lost his mate. I have lost my hope for ever finding mate...

″did Meredith return? ″ She asked quietly.

″yes, ″ mother said looking down ″ she looked sad, I know she is happy for you, but I don’t know what to say to her. I am so scared that she might never find mate″ she said half crying.

I felt tears in my eyes rise, I knew she was talking the truth, but why am I so unfortunate? I too wanted wonderful mate. I wanted to make my parents proud. I couldn’t stand to stay and listen so I went back to my room where the darkness swept me off my feet and I could spent the night in warm hands of the only thing that was real. Darkness...

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