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The Pride of the Lalune

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Eva Jean Pierre is a 25 year old, unmated she-wolf that happens to be a valiant warrior and the only princess of the largest, strongest and last surviving werewolf pack in Haiti, the Lalune Pack. While there has been peace for many years, a rouge wolf powered by dark voodoo forces threatens the kingdom and the life that Eva has grown to love. This new danger forces her father to send her to their Miami pack settlement to protect their future. Will she be able to leave the only life she's ever known behind for a chance to guarantee the survival of her kingdom so that she can claim her rightful place as Queen of the Lalune? Ethan Black has just been confirmed as the new preceding Alpha of the Nwa Lalune Pack. This is one of the largest werewolf packs in Miami as well as the largest US settlement under reigning Lalune king and queen. Just as he's starting to get settled into his new role as alpha, he receives word from the kingdom that he will be charged with protecting the princess as a new danger has threatened the kingdom. Believing that his first assignment is just a glorified babysitting gig for a royal brat, he is in for a rude and sexual awakening when he meets Eva, the warrior princess that is destined to challenge his every fiber and change his entire life. Can they join forces to save the kingdom or will they fight the inevitable mate bond and ruin everything?

Fantasy / Erotica
Mari J. Lafwa
Age Rating:

Chapit En

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Eva Jean Pierre and I am not your typical werewolf. You know, the stereotypical type; lean, perfectly sculpted, long flowing hair, a teeny tiny waist, looks that could launch a thousand wars? Yeah...that’s definitely not me. As a matter of fact, I’m grateful that the Moon Goddess took her time when she created my mold. Allow me to explain.

Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m beautiful. Besides, I was always taught to carry a certain type of confidence about myself, an attitude of regalness and self-respect if you will. I also think that my size 18 jeans and thick waist are just as perfect as the size 2 model type that usually fits the description. My dark brown hair adorns my head in a thick crown of shoulder length locs that complement my even darker eyes to a T. My mocha skin is smooth, but not quite flawless and I appreciate every single scar that I wear because I’ve earned them.

You see, I am a warrior wolf. I’m a warrior wolf that also happens to be a princess. Well, I am the princess of the Lalune Pack. We are the strongest, largest and last surviving werewolf pack in Haiti. Even before the Haitian Revolution granted the country independence in 1804, my family was one of three dominating packs ruling “our” world. The other two packs were the Dlo Nwa and Soléy Leve, which translate to Dark Water and Rising Sun. While the humans had their war, we had one of our own where my family reigned supreme. The remaining wolves were given the option to pledge their allegiance to the Moonlight, Lalune, or be punished by exile.

For at least the last 50 years, we’ve pretty much lived peacefully. Our pack has grown substantially and we’ve even added Lalune settlements in Boston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Nashville and Miami. My parents, King Marcelin and Queen Delphine, even recently signed a peace treaty with the packs in neighboring Dominican Republic. Aside from the occasional rogue attack, life has been good for us.

So what’s the other thing that sets me aside from typical werewolves, you ask? Well, when weres turn 16, that marks the first time that we are able to recognize and sense our mates. From my understanding, it’s supposed to be this majestic, life altering, mind boggling experience that sweeps you off of your feet and fulfills your life, body, and desires, in every way imaginable. The thing is, I’m unmated and I’m 25. Believe me, I don’t mind not having a mate, I thoroughly enjoy my freedom and not being locked down to a lifelong partner right now. I mean, I get to hang out with my girls, sow my royal oats, and occasionally rock the world of a tourist that’s visiting our little piece of paradise.

“Tam, girl! Hurry up! That cruise ship has already docked in Labadee and I’m trying to get turnt up tonight!” I yell to my best friend as I apply the finishing touches to my makeup and and give myself another once-over in the mirror.

I have to give it to myself, I look gooood! I’m wearing the perfect little black dress that shows the right amount of cleavage, cinches at the waist, hugs my hips and cuts off right above the knee. I’ve paired it with a cute platform sandal with a chunky heel, simple yellow gold jewelry, and my favorite chocolate nude lip gloss.

After hearing what sounds like a body being thrown into the wall for the eighteenth time, my best friend Tamara finally strolls out of the guest room looking stunning as always. Tam, like myself, is 25. She’s also a member of the pack, but instead of becoming a warrior like me, she decided to follow a different path by becoming one of our lead pack lawyers.

I give her an exaggerated howl as I take in her gorgeous looks. Like always when we go out, she is head to toe dressed in all red. Lips, nails, blouse, skirt, shoes, even her wig...red.

We both begin to laugh as she starts spinning around to let me get a full view of her outfit.

Tam stops and puts her hands on her hips as she takes a look at me and says, “I would tell you how good you look, but I already heard you compliment yourself in the mind-link, so I’ll save it for another day.” I toss a throw pillow from the couch her direction, which she catches with ease.

“As good as y’all both look, we really need to get going,” Stacy, the last member of our little trio calls from the hallway. She peeks her head in the room and gives us one final look that says ‘let’s go’, before we follow her down the stairs and out of the front door.

Heading out to the front drive, we wave to my father and David, his beta, as they are going over the building plan for the new training facility near the border’s edge.

“You all look lovely, but I’d greatly appreciate it if one of you ladies comes back mated this evening,” I see my father playfully elbow David as they both tilt their heads towards my direction. “Enjoy yourselves and don’t forget we have training first thing in the morning, my little bird!” I suck my teeth loudly, cross my arms, and roll my eyes like I do every time he makes that comment. Tam and Stacy laugh loudly as they duck inside of the car.


Finally arriving in Labadee, we step out of the car and relish in the beautiful sight that is a brightly lit cruise ship, settled in the crystal clear ocean water, with a glorious sunset as a backdrop.

I inhale deeply, allowing my wolf’s heightened sense of smell to take in our surroundings. I take note of some of the local women cooking traditional Haitian cuisine, vendors selling souvenirs imprinted with our flag, tour guides offering adventures and watersport packages, and the loads of tourists trekking down the ramp from the ship.

“Thank goodness, this is not a family cruise because I have spotted some fine prospects already,” Stacy states while pretending to wipe away fake drool from her lip.

My eyes travel down to the beach where a group of men are standing outside of our usual hangout spot, a cute little club with a bar that caters to visitors and locals. We love this place not only for its prospects, but because the drinks are strong, and they play great dance music from both the Haitian and American charts. Plus, as an added bonus, the club is owned by one of our pack members and our warriors guard it just in case something out of the ordinary happens while the princess is visiting.

As we make our way to the door, we are quickly ushered into the VIP entrance as we take notice of some of the guys that are waiting to get in. One guy in particular instantly caught my eye, while he clearly smells human and is not my mate, he definitely fits the bill of the company I want to keep tonight.

After having a couple of drinks with my girls, I lock eyes with the man I noticed earlier. I notice a slight smirk on his face as he works his way through the crowd. I take notice of his strong build, sun-kissed skin, faded haircut, and friendly eyes. I let Tam and Stacy know that I think I’ve found my entertainment for the evening and proceed to meet him on the dance floor.

He smells of sunblock, sweat and ocean water covered by a nice masculine cologne. From what I could gather over the loud music, his name is Blake, he’s a medical resident from Chicago, and he’s here as a part of a bachelor party trip for his frat brother. I tell him that we have something in common because I just started my last year of residency. Which is true because I’m hoping to take over as pack doctor in a few years since my parents are still pretty young and I’m not looking to be queen any time soon.

We danced, drank and talked for what seemed like hours. While I was continuing to get comfortable with Blake, a loud growl was heard throughout the club which prompted me to jump to my feet, scanning the room for any possible danger. When I look down from the balcony, I mind-link Stacy and Tam to get their location.

I instantly spot Tam’s red hair as she screams giddily through the link, “You need to get down here, I think Stace just found her mate!” I jump up and down as I race to the stairs, finally spotting her yellow jumpsuit and I can see her eyes bulging, flickering to the gold irises of her wolf, from where I am.

As I reach the lower level, I stand next to Tam as we see Stacy and her mystery mate just staring at each other. I’m a little confused as to why they haven’t jumped each other yet, when I notice a petite hand hanging onto his arm. Stacy released a second low growl in his direction as the girl attempted to tug him towards the door, but his feet were planted. When she finally followed his line of sight to see that he was staring lustfully at Stacy, she scoffed, punched his arm and threw her hands in the air before walking away from him.

I twirled my finger in the air so that the DJ would restart some music to cut the tension in the room as we continued to watch Stacy’s first interaction with her mate. They connected in the center of the dance floor and began to rock back and forth as Snoh Aalegra’s I Want You Around blasted through the speakers. Tam and I ooh’ed and ahh’ed as we watched the sparks fly between the two, happy that our girl has finally found her man.

I thought about going back to Blake and dancing the night away, but seeing Stacy so happy instantly kinda put me in my feels as I began to wonder when I would find my own mate.

Stacy gushed as Tam and I got the 4-1-1 on Phillip, and found out that he too is a werewolf that just happened to be visiting the country for a business trip. Fate really is something else. He was originally supposed to go to South Korea for a different venture, but was asked to switch with an associate at the last minute.

“Thank goddess,” Stacy’s seductive tone was barely a whisper as they locked eyes once again before she broke the gaze, blushing in a way we had never seen her before.

Luckily the girl that was on his arm was just someone he had met in the club earlier tonight, so no need to fight a scorned wife or girlfriend.

Stacy decided to stay back and get to know her mate for the night which is totally understandable. Tam met a nice guy who wanted a ‘night cap’ so she left with him to blow off some steam before a big trial she has starting on Monday. I said my goodbyes to them and thanked Blake for a fun night before climbing back in the car and heading back to the pack house. I didn’t even realize it was already 2:30 A.M.

“Shit...” I sighed to myself when realization set in that I have to be up for training in three and a half hours.

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