The Pride of the Lalune

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I took a much needed break from my pack duties after receiving the call from the kingdom letting me know that everything was fine for now. Don't get me wrong, I'm accustom to stress and rogue threats, but who knew that the kingdom was susceptible to even greater supernatural enemies?

Sitting in my private booth at my favorite pack bar, Wolfbane's, ironic, I know, I've been babysitting a ginger mule for the past hour. I've always dreamed of being an alpha and when I found out that the king was seeking out someone to run his Miami settlement and was appointing based on skills and credentials instead of birthright, oh I jumped at the opportunity. Imagine how shocked I was when I actually got the gig.

I was born to an alpha couple and was raised on honor, respect and loyalty. I was trained by the best that our pack had to offer and was prepared to take over my father's role when he was ready to give it up. For whatever reason it just never felt right to me, taking over just because I was the firstborn son. Admittedly, when my father decided to step down, I was strong enough to take over, but I wasn't ready in the maturity department.

I hadn't found my mate yet, and was really getting into my man-whore phase when I decided to turn down the position. Of course my parents were hurt and disappointed, but they knew I wasn't ready, but they also didn't have any other heirs which meant that the title would go to the firstborn of the beta couple. Luckily, that was my best friend Tristan. We had grown up together, trained together, learned the outs and ins of running, defending, and protecting a pack. He had already found his mate and was more than capable and ready to lead the Turquoise Spring Pack into its next season. I couldn't be prouder of him or my parents for giving him the chance and he's proving to be the best decision ever.

During that time a neighboring pack was constantly being attacked by rogues and hunters and they requested that we send someone to help train their wolves to be better fighters. I jumped at the opportunity and loved it so much I made a career out of it. Traveling, training, tapping ass.

Taking a large swig of my drink, I laugh to myself thinking about all of the fun I had constantly being on the road.

I traveled all over the country training wolves and even leading them into battle. I even developed a way to pinpoint the strongest warriors. During the first stages of training I always have the men and women train at separate times. That way I don't have to worry about the guys comparing their dicks and showing off in front of the girls and not taking training seriously. I have the girls train separately so that they don't have to worry about the self-consciousness that can come about when training with the opposite sex. I mean it's hard enough for them to be judged by other women, I prefer to build up their confidence so by the time they join ranks everybody is comfortable. After a month or so of training separately, I chose the top warriors from each group, have them train together and they earn their rank from there. Not gonna lie, I've trained some badass women. They bring so much heart and passion to the table, and they always fight like they have something to prove and lose. It never fails, I always have two or three women in the top five of every team I put together. The resilience and the tactical ease that they possess makes me proud to do what I've come to love. But this time is special, because I'm not only just their trainer, but their alpha as well.

I travel trained for twelve years and somewhere along the way I met Drea and she just kind of stuck. At first it was cool having someone I was able to confide in, and then she stopped listening so it was cool to just have a warm body to come home to, now it's like I don't even want her around anymore, yet the minute she offers sex I can't help but to use her to blow off some steam. I really do need to get rid of her because this pack loathes the ground she walks on...

After finally turning my phone and mindlink back on after having had them off for a few hours, I find myself bombarded with hundreds of missed calls and text messages from pack members in distress. Most of them from one of my top warriors, Marquis. I listen to his most recent voicemail and his panicking about his wife going into labor and the baby being breech with no doctors available. Before I could even finish listening, I throw some cash on the table and dash out of the bar towards the pack hospital.

"Shit. Shit. Shit!" I mumble to myself as I run towards the maternity ward that is surprisingly calm. This doesn't feel like there was an emergency at all.

I walk up to the nurse's station and greet Gladys.

"Good evening Alpha. How may I assist you?"

I rub the back of my neck and ask her to point me in the direction in which I can find Marquis and Alice's room.

"Oh, of course! They are in room 304. Little Quis is absolutely adorable!"

"The baby was delivered safely?"

"Yessir about an hour and a half ago. Go ahead and check on them."

I turned to head towards the room when I heard her mumble that he must be a very special baby to have two extremely important people visit him. I wonder what she meant by that.

Standing outside of the door, I peek in and see Marquis pacing back and forth with his little man tucked in his arm like a football while Alice is fast asleep. I knock on the door to get his attention before he motions for me to come in.

As soon as I open the door, I'm hit with the faintest, most tantalizing scent I've ever smelled. I take a moment to do a 360, knowing that the smell doesn't belong to Marquis or Alice, yet there's no one else present.

"Do you smell that?" I whisper, trying not to wake the baby.

"Smell what?"

"Never mind, it must be that new baby smell I always hear so much about," I give a deep chuckle brushing the scent out of my mind before taking a look at the baby. "Man! How does it feel to be a dad?" I reach out for the baby, never being one to shy away from kids. As a matter of fact I love them and can't wait to have a lot of my own. I stand admiring him and his chubby cheeks as his father chirps on in the background. I'm totally mesmerized and in a daze until I hear him say who actually delivered the baby.

Instantly brought back to the real world, I ask him, "Wait, who delivered the baby?"

"Man, when you didn't answer your phone, I ran over to the pack house to find you. When I got there Drea was standing in the doorway half naked, arguing with Lena and some girl I had never seen before. Talking about she's the future Luna of this pack. Your girl is crazy man! I was asking for you when the girl introduced herself as Eva and said she was a doctor who could help. We ran all the way here and she was so quick to jump in. She calmed Alice right down, and you know that's hard. Delivered him and knew exactly what she was doing. We wouldn't have even known who she was if Lena's loud ass didn't bust up in the room announcing she was the princess. Dude, the princess delivered my son!" He laughed as if he still couldn't believe it.

That shocked the hell out of me. Here I was thinking the princess was some bratty kid when she's in fact a whole ass woman that's a doctor and is apparently humble as hell. Maybe I'll make it a point to meet up with her before she moves in, even if just to say thank you for helping deliver the baby.

"Did you say she was arguing with Drea?!"

"Well, no. Drea was arguing and being Drea. Eva was kinda just standing there, fre ak pasyan, cool and patient." He shuddered talking about Drea. I really need to send her back to her pack because this pack despises her.

"Congrats again man. Little dude is cute and will be macking the she-wolves, young and old in no time." I hand him back to his father before heading out.

I'm going to kill Drea for acting up in front of the princess. And why the hell would she answer the pack house wearing lingerie. I thought I told her not to come by today...aww shit! I forgot to text her. Nonetheless, what kind of alpha would I be to allow a female that's not even a member of the pack to disrespect not only a guest, but a member of the royal family at that?! The more I walk the angrier I get. Yep, I'm definitely gonna kill her.
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