The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Onz

*Augustin Tereau - Prophesied Rogue King - POV*

Mother chose a life of exile rather than turncoat and submit to that treacherous pack after the war. How all of her family and friends could so easily choose them over our own history and values was beyond what she would ever be able to comprehend. Generations of Solèy Leve wolves had roamed this part of Haiti, and they gave it up for what? To kiss the asses of a regime that would rather absorb us and force us to be one integrated pack instead of giving us the same opportunities and liberties of the Dominican packs by offering peace treaties?

Enkwayab, unbelievable.

Years and years of living on her own, trying to maintain a low profile by never running into the Lalune or Dominican packs took a toll on her mentally. She was on the brink of all out insanity, being all alone, having no one to turn to and having never had the opportunity to meet her mate.

One day while she was out on a hunt in her wolf form, she came across a man sitting alone at the base of a tree. Taken aback by the fact that he was not startled or even afraid of her presence when they crossed paths, she quickly realized that the scent that she had been tracking was not that of prey, but of this man. Her mate.

Sitting down in front of him still in her wolf form, she sniffed the air again and tilted her head in confusion as she realized that he was not a werewolf, yet he was not completely human either. Though his scent was all consuming, she could smell power and strength radiating off of him. No, not just power and strength. A beautifully, captivating darkness. Dark magic. Vodou! He smiled and nodded when he finally noticed the look of realization wash over her face. Her mate is a bokor.

"Ah, bèl ti lou, beautiful little wolf, you have finally found me." He chuckled when her wolf tackled him to the ground and began licking his face. "I have been searching all over for you, mon amour, my love. Shift, so that I make see with my eyes the beauty that was created only for me."

That is the story that has been told to me time and time again of how my mother became a rogue wolf and how she met my father, the vodou priest. Of course that is only the beginning of their story. It obviously doesn't end there because their bond had a much greater purpose, me.

When my father was a young man he began to have recurring dreams that his firstborn son would be a very powerful being that would not only be a great bokor like him, but would also be a strong wolf like his mother, exemplifying all of the traits and qualities that wolves possess. Imagine his surprise to find out that it would be possible for him to mate a shewolf who would bear his only heir.

After the failed attempt to take the kingdom, we made it back to our makeshift community in the unclaimed woods near the border of the Dominican Republic. Walking into warehouse that housed my office, adjoined conference room, and my father's secondary space to practice and conjure, my council and father filed into the large space one by one. Bypassing the couches and lounge chairs, they went directly to the half circle conference table to await whatever wrath I would rain down about our failure.

"YOU WERE WRONG!!!" I roared, not able to contain the fury that was exploding within me. "You said today would be the day. We created the zombie army that we needed, conjured the storm and I was prepared to take my place as king, but all for naught!" I slammed my fist against the bookshelf holding my father's potions and powders causing them to rattle and shift.

Not even fazed by my yelling, my father takes a seat at the table with my council of rogue wolves. "Pitit gason, son, today would have only worked if the princess had have been there. Why do you fret when you know exactly what the prophecy says?"

Again with this prophecy! Since I was a young boy he has been drilling into my head that I was to be a powerful leader and would restore what was taken from my people, my mother's people. The same people that turned her away, left her alone and behind to put their faith and trust in a pack that only wanted to conquer them.

I released a frustrated growl, "Of course I know the prophecy!" He tilted his head waiting for me to repeat it to him as always. "When the heir of the fated shewolf and vodou bokor reaches his thirtieth birthday, he will draw forth the powers of his ancestors to raise up a great army of zombie soldiers and summon a great storm to rain down upon the Lalune kingdom. On that day with the power of vodou and the strength of his trusted rogue wolves, he will find the heir of the kingdom, the princess, take, claim, and mate her as his own and become ruler of this pack, destined to bring war all over the world, claiming packs as far east and far west as the lands can go, becoming the all powerful king of wolves, with his father at his right hand side."

"Egzakteman, exactly. In order for this to work the princess needed to be there. While we were strong in number, the loyalty of that pack is like nothing you have ever seen before. They would die to protect their king and queen. The princess is the best warrior that they have and she would have definitely been leading alongside her father." I calmed down enough to take in what he said, but our plan was flawless. "I know what you're thinking, how could we fail? When we crossed over into their territory, I could feel the presence of a vodouisant working against us."

"We warned them that we were coming so it wasn't a surprise."

"Yes, but we did not count on them having vodou on their side as well. Someone was able to see everything that we know and make sure that the princess was long gone before we got there." His expression faltered for a moment, but he immediately regained his stoic countenance. "Don't worry, we can still see this prophecy to fruition. You've reached your thirtieth year, so now it can occur at any time, even if we have to be patience...or do something to draw the princess out of hiding..."

I did not realize how hard I was gripping the back of my office chair until the pressure of my grasp caused the wood to burst and splinter across the room. Regaining my composure, I sat down on the remains of the chair. "And how do you suppose we do that when they have a seer on their side?"

"There is only one person that possesses the power to anticipate my moves, put up a valiant fight and see what I am able to see. If we are able to get to her and remove her from the equation, we can get our plan back in motion and the princess and kingdom will finally be yours."

"And who is this seer?" Annoyed that I even had to ask, but I did knowing that my father is always one for the dramatics. I wasn't prepared for the evil glint that glowed in his eyes.

"My sister, Fabienne."
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