The Pride of the Lalune

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*Ethan POV*

So I didn't actually kill Drea, but I damn sure gave her a few pieces of my mind. How dare she forget her role in all of this? Yes, we have sex on occasion, but this pack is my career. I swore my life to protecting not only its people, but the integrity and values that the pack holds. How do I look as their alpha allowing a woman that's not even my mate to come in and disrespect everything that they stand for? Not only has she disrespected their traditions and values on multiple occasions, but she disrespected their princess. Our princess. She became mine the minute I accepted the position of alpha and no one will be disrespecting her on my watch.

Once I made it to the pack house, I was instantly hit with Drea's scent that led directly to my bedroom. I opened the door and there she was seductively sprawled across my bed, still wearing the lingerie Marquis described. She tried to reach out and touch me, but I shut her down with a stern face, ready to tear her a new one.

"What's wrong Eth? I came back to finish what we started and you're looking at me like you don't even want me here." The look on her face was partial pouting with a hint of hurt feelings.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I sat on the furthest edge of the bed away from her so not to give her any mixed signals. "Drea, this is not working."


I put my hand up to silence her. "No buts, Drea. For some stupid reason I've allowed you to come around my pack thinking that you would have some sense or common decency to be respectful knowing that I was chosen to be alpha of this pack, not because of birthright, but because I earned it. You have to know how unprecedented that is! I'm a complete outsider but they put enough faith in me that I would lead and protect them with every fiber of my being. I allowed you to come around because you've been in my corner for years. I let a lot of things slide with you, but now you've gone too far!"

Now seething and pacing the floor in front of the bed, I glance in the mirror to see her glaring murderous daggers at my back. "I should have put you in your place a while ago when you tried to shit on my confirmation ceremony, but I let it slide. I let it slide when you let your mouth get the best of you with my pack members. But now you've gone too far by speaking down and disrespecting the princess. THE FUCKING PRINCESS, DREA! That's pretty much my boss's daughter. And you did it in front of her cousin and another pack member. Do you know how that makes me look? Hmmm?!" I'm yelling so loudly that the room itself is shaking from my wrath.

"Well, I didn't lie when I told her I wasn't a part of this pack so she served no importance to me," she replied smugly.

Trying to contain my wolf as my head snapped back in her direction, I growled, "You said what?! Do you know how stupid you sound? How can you say that and in the same breath you're screaming about how you're the future Luna of this pack? And let me make this crystal clear to you. You will NEVER be their Luna and you sure as hell won't be mine! You are not my mate, Drea. You need to get that through your head. Hell I've been mateless for years and I wonder if my mate even exists half the time, but I can only hope when I do find her, she respects me, my job and my people more than you ever have."

Before she can open her mouth to say anything else, I toss her her discarded robe and gesture for her to leave. I hope I laid everything out for her to easily grasp, but she's a smart girl so it shouldn't be too hard. I glance at the clock and realize that it's too late to make a house call to the princess to apologize for Drea's behavior and then thank her for delivering the baby. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower knowing that I'll have a lot of ass kissing and damage control to do tomorrow. How do you apologize to a princess? Do I grovel and beg for forgiveness? Nah. Maybe I'll go over and ask her out to lunch and give her a tour of the pack. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

I wonder if she likes flowers?


*Eva POV*

I woke up to the sound of loud rustling in the hallway, leaning over and grabbing my phone from the nightstand I see that it's 4:45am. Still tired from the eventful night before, I roll out of bed to find out what the noise was. I open the door and bump into a disheveled JJ struggling to get his sweatpants over his tennis shoes.

"Good morning cuz. My bad, did I wake you?" He whisper-yelled, the stench of morning breath knocking me a few steps back.

Scrunching up my nose with a finger blocking my nostrils, I give him a pointed look of disgust. "Dude, I know you are not half-dressed and headed for the door with your mouth smelling like that!"

"Aw shut up. I'm gonna brush my teeth, I'm just trying not to be late for training. Alpha plays no games when it comes to tardiness." I roll my eyes knowing good and damn well he has no plans of brushing his teeth or washing the crust out of his eyes.

" Give me a second to get dressed. I'm coming with you."

He laughed loudly, forgetting that the rest of the house was still sleeping. "I already told you. Chicks train later in the day."

"Oh I heard what you said. But I prefer to workout earlier. And since you claim that the workouts are so strenuous, I'd like to see for myself. You forget that I'm true to this warrior life, but I guess I'll have to make a believer out of you." I turn on my heels to throw on my workout gear and shoes, rush to the bathroom to freshen up, send Lena a text to let her know where I am, and rush out the door to catch up with JJ.

We make our way to pack house where the backyard has been transformed into an outdoor training facility. They have machines and equipment set up for circuit training, a sparing ring, and a walking track that trails off into the lush woods. There are about thirty-five wolves currently stretching that come to a screeching halt when they notice me standing next to JJ.

"Princess! Princess!" I turn towards the person calling out to me to see that it is Marquis.

"Good morning. How are Alice and the baby? And just call me Eva. No need for the formalities." I give him a soft smile as he pulls me into a warm embrace.

"Right, Eva." He returned the smile before looking around at all of the eyes now staring at us. "What are you doing here?"

"I caught JJ leaving to come train and figured I would tag along. And before you say anything, I know it's the all male training time, but I prefer to train in the morning." I replied with a shrug.

He threw his hands up in a defensive pose, "Hey, I'm not here to stop you." He chuckled and turned towards the man that had just approached the training podium.

All chatter instantly stopped as the man surveyed the field in front of him, eyes stopping on me with a raised brow. He motioned for me to come forward, heads of wolves turning in my direction as JJ and Marquis escorted me to the forefront. I wonder if this man is the alpha. Based on what Lena described I had a completely different image in my mind. While this man is tall and clearly attractive there's something missing. "Good morning, Beta. This is my cousin, Eva." JJ spoke up from behind me. The man instantly kneeled down before welcoming me to the training session.

'Ok, so he's the beta, that explains why the macho alpha aura is missing.'

"I do apologize Princess. I wish we would have known that you would be observing our training session this morning. Alpha Ethan won't be with us today so I'll be running the session. You can take a seat right over there and if you need anything, just give me a wave." He spoke loud enough so that the other wolves could hear and there was no longer any doubt as to who I was.

"Well thank you for having me Tony, but I did not come to simply observe. I've come to train with you. I've been informed that women train separately, but I'd greatly appreciate a crash course with your top warriors here. And by all means, don't hold back." I respond with a wink.

Slightly confused he looked at JJ and Marquis to figure out if I was serious and they both responded with a shrug. "Ok. So if you haven't noticed, our unmated wolves have quickly picked up on your scent and we can't have you being a distraction, now can we? So like all new wolves that come to train, you'll have to run the gauntlet. You start with three rounds of circuits, followed by five laps on the track and you'll finish it up with a sparring match. Once you're done with that, then the real training will begin."

I simply nod my head observing the fact that none of these idiots believe that I can handle this minuscule task.

'Seeing is believing.' Lafwa yawned as she flexed inside of me, ready to take on the challenge at hand.

After I completed the circuits and run faster than he expected, he requested a volunteer to spar with me and JJ eagerly jumped into the ring.

"I promise to go easy on you, cuz." He bounced around, getting a laugh from the guys that had crowded around the ring.

I got into my stance before responding, "I won't make that same promise to you."

Given the signal we both advance to the center of the ring and JJ cockily comes towards me with his arms outstretched as if he was going to trap me in a hug. I roll my eyes, grabbing his arm and flipping him in a hip toss.

He jumped up quickly. "You got lucky!"

Five more minutes of this and he was beginning to get flustered. Bored of flipping him, I decided to practice my jabs and hooks, landing most of them, pissing him off with a right hook to the jaw that knocked him on his ass.

Tony gave JJ a look to get out of the ring and motioned for a slightly bigger wolf to join me. Towering over me, he cracked his knuckles in an attempt to scare me, but to no avail. He released a fury of punches, knocking the wind out of me when he caught me in the stomach. Catching my breath, I assume the position knowing that being a big guy, his stamina wouldn't be as great so I needed to tire him out. Needless to say after another five minutes, I had him so tired he tapped from a guillotine choke hold.

Finally, in an attempt to break me, Tony threw off his shirt and joined me in the ring. "You're quite impressive, Princess. A formidable warrior indeed." He circled me and I immediately knew that this was the challenge I had been waiting for. Fighting a beta would be like fighting Michel again and I can't wait to give him a run for his money.

"Well thank you, Beta. In the kingdom everybody gets trained together and we have a ranking system where I continuously rank number one. Now while that may seem like a slight brag, and it is, that means I not only train with the best, but I'm trained by the best. And what makes me particularly dangerous you might ask?" Pause for effect. "No one expects a girl that looks like me to be able to bring a man to his knees without having to use sexual means."

The space completely quiet and the air thick with tension, we began to spar as if we were in battle. Punch for punch and kick for kick, I was able to see how great a warrior this beta truly is. Three rounds of matching blow for blow, both sporting cuts and bruises, Tony pauses to say, "We've seen and can acknowledge that your human form is strong beyond measure, but what can your wolf do?" The smirk of his wolf now plastered on his face.

I giggle as I give myself completely over to Lafwa, who eagerly shreds my clothes during the shift. Landing gracefully on her paws, she stands taller than the Beta in his wolf form, but clearly not one to be intimidated by size, he sits back into position and releases a low growl. I return the favor and our wolves connect in a battle now going further than our simple sparring match. It seemed like we faught for hours before his wolf laid down and presented his belly in submission. I nudged him with my snout before he shifted back into his human form.

The warriors now stuck in complete and utter silence, just stared between Tony and I before he kneeled again in human form, setting off a round of applause from the remaining wolves. Handing me a t-shirt and shorts, JJ and Marquis shielded me as I shifted back and got dressed.

"Eva that was amazing!" Marquis shook my shoulders excitedly.

"Yeah, maybe you need to run the training sessions." JJ joked, earning himself a slap on the back of the head from Tony.

Clearly tired, he dismissed the wolves from the rest of the day's training and limped back towards the pack house. This gave me the opportunity to meet the other warriors. After showing a few of them some moves they requested to see, my phone pinged with a message from Lena wanting to head downtown for lunch.

With the time now being 10:15am, I have enough time to take a shower and enjoy my day knowing that I kicked some ass and made JJ eat his words.
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