The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Trèz

*Ethan POV*

Tony sauntered in the room limping and looking as if he got jumped by every wolf in training this morning. Easing down onto the couch, he tenderly lifted his legs to the ottoman before releasing the shaky breath he had been holding.

Stifling a laugh, I gathered myself enough to ask, " What the hell happened to you?! I let you take over training one time, and you end up looking like you've been to war and lost!" Giving me a glare instead of a response, he just shook his head and laid it back on the headrest.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Completely intrigued as to why my beta, my second in command, looks like he had his ass totally obliterated, I bite. "Go for it."

Peeking from his hooded eyes, he sits all the way up, planting his feet firmly on the ground, elbows resting on his knees, he sucks his teeth. "Pa ri, don't laugh, alright?" I nod and he released a groan before leaning back and mumbling under his breath so low that even with my wolf hearing I couldn't make it out.

"What did you say?"

"Bro, I said, THE. PRINCESS. KICKED. MY. ASS!" Before I could even respond, he threw up his hand to stop me. "She came to training with JJ. I guess he had already told her about the split gender sessions—of course I didn't tell them that it was a temporary split to find out the strongest." He palmed the back of his neck while stretching it out. "So anyway, I had her run circuits, laps, and JJ volunteered to spar with her. She took his cocky ass down easily. His emotions were getting the best of him so I pulled him out and put in Brutus." He whispered that last part, knowing that that guy was huge and intimidating for a man, let alone a woman. I'm can't even be mad though because you never know what your opponent is gonna look like in real life. "Can you believe she took him down too?! He got a good punch in her stomach, but you could see the wheels spinning in her head. She tapped him out with a guillotine! So then I figured, next to you, who's a better opponent than me?"

He paused in thought for a moment, as if reliving the ass hoping that she'd given him. "Man, whatever you guessed about her, put it out of your mind now. She's not some soft powder puff, stuck up, title throwing brat. She's fucking legit man. I thought she was talking shit when she said she was the top warrior in the kingdom. Nah man. She whooped my ass in human and wolf form. She's special. All the guys seem to like her. She's also cute, down to earth and thick. Oooowwwweee is she thick! Plus, she has that authentic kreyol accent, but she's soft spoken..."

Now dumbfounded, I stop him before he can continue his rant. "Honestly, I changed my outlook on her when I found out that she was the doctor that delivered Marquis's son. But on top of being a pack doctor, she's a kickass warrior too? That's crazy." Who is this girl? "I had planned on stopping by her aunt and uncle's house to ask her to lunch as a thank you for helping out, what do you think?"

He paused for a moment, "Only if I'm invited too."

I inhaled deeply, gearing up for a sarcastic response when I got a whiff of a scent that tickled my senses in a way that seemed both familiar and unfamiliar at once. "Tony, was the princess the only person you fought today?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Because you smell scrumptious!" The words left my mouth before I could rephrase them.

"First of all, pause. Secondly, I know! I don't think I'm gonna shower today just to keep her scent on me longer." He grossly sniffed his sweat soaked t-shirt.

I can't help but to turn my nose up at him. "No, you still stink, but her scent makes you tolerable. So go ahead, get up, shower and then wipe your Soul Glo sweat stain off of my leather sofa. I'm going to ask her out to lunch and give her a pack tour, but I need to swing by the florist first and get her a welcome bouquet. Hold down the fort." Before he can rebuttal, I grab my keys and head out of the office on my mission for flowers.


I walk into the flower shop with the intention of finding a nice simple bouquet that says 'Welcome to our pack, hope you enjoy your stay', but nothing that the florist showed me was catching my eye. I'd usually pick something generic, but I feel guilty for judging her and know I want to choose something nicer. Even though I've been getting some good second hand descriptions, I still don't know anything about her. For goddess's sake I don't even know what she looks like.

Sensing my growing frustration, the florist steps forward when he notices the hard time that I'm having. The shop owners, Gerald and Lucy are pack members and they supply flowers for every occasion, including all of our important pack functions and major events. After letting him know that I was looking for flowers for the princess, he suggested that I choose something purple since it's the color of royalty.

Moving throughout the shop, I turned down hydrangeas, bell flowers, lavender, and wisteria because while beautiful, they all seemed to miss the mark. The entire time I was going crazy trying to pick a flower with Gerald, Lucy had been in the back of the shop using her woman's intuition putting together an arrangement that completely blew me away at the mere sight of it.

A dozen roses seems like the obvious, yet very cliché, choice when getting flowers for someone, but there's something about this dozen of long stem purple roses that just seems right. I can already tell that these flowers are just as unique as the princess. As nerves oddly start to creep in, I can't help but hope that she likes them.
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