The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Kenz

*Ethan POV*

When I say that Ms. Marie is amazing, I mean that shit! There is no way I would have been able to pull this off the way that she has. Using my alpha title and her art of persuasion, she was able to get the gazebo delivered and set up by a party crew that also set the lights. She called Gerald and Lucy for more flowers and to decorate the backyard. How she was able to get one of the most exclusive private chefs in all of Miami to be here last minute, I will never know. She even got JJ to be our waiter for the evening.

I've never been more nervous than I am right now at the prospect of finally knowing who my mate is and getting to see and meet her for the first time. Would it be amiss of me to already have a slew of feelings towards a woman I have never met? In less than 24 hours, I've gone from thinking she was a bratty child to learning that she is quite an astoundingly amazing woman, with talents and skills beyond anything that I could have ever imagined.

Nervousness overtook me as I tried to get ready for this. What does one wear queen potentially meeting their endgame, the possible love of their life? Do I wear a suit and tie? Do I go casual? Like an unsure teenage boy I took snapshots of my choices and sent them to Ms. Marie and let her decide. Again she chose well. Even Maxwell approved.

As I paced around the gazebo, Lucy shared with me the meaning behind the purple rose—enchantment and love at first sight. Is it possible that this woman has cast a spell on me simply by how others view her and her intoxicating smell alone? Will I love her at first sight? Hell, will she even like me?

My thoughts are interrupted by Brutus through the mindlink, letting me know that she has arrived. I thank him for informing me and promptly growl when he makes a comment about how fat her ass looks in the outfit she's wearing. I cough to cover up the growl, making a mental note that we need to go ahead and solidify our mate bond so that I can announce that she is off limits and mine. I'm going to tell my warriors first, because that's the second time today one of them has had something to say about her shape.

Almost immediately, I can feel myself floating on her scent as I hear the soft clicking of her heels on the pavement. My heart begins to beat out of my chest as the anticipation of this moment amplified.

'Goddess, she smells good!' Maxwell's tongue is hanging from his mouth and his tail is thumping a mile a minute.

"Yea she does buddy."

Sitting on the steps holding her flowers in hand, my soul leaves my body as I witness a literal angel walk around the corner and into my life. I have never seen a woman more beautiful in all my life. Maybe it's the mate bond speaking, but just looking at her, she's everything that I didn't know I needed and wanted.

She's absolutely perfect. Smooth brown skin, hair neatly loc'd, thick in all the right places and a face that I would move heaven and earth for. I'd even go as far as to burn down hell! I rose to my feet as I witnessed the realization hit her. A nervous smile donned my face as I stepped towards her.

She whispered, "It's you."


*Eva POV*

Perfection. That's the only world I have to describe the fine ass specimen standing before me. Any thoughts I may have had about what my mate would look like paled in comparison to this Adonis. Damn he is fine!

I've never been one to be at a loss for words, but there is a first time for everything. As I stand in front of him, as he is now towering over me, I can tell that he is admiring me just as much as I am him. He smells of teakwood and smoked tobacco, a tantalizing combination that makes me want to jump him now, forgoing any dinner plans that he made.

Oh Goddess, his smile! Literally that panty dropper smile that would make any girl weak, including me. Blushing and returning the smile, the sudden revelation hit me, he knew.

"You knew I was your mate?"

He released a booming laugh and I instantly felt my arousal soak the lace thong that I was wearing. There was no use in praying that he didn't smell it because he closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply, opening them to show me their darkened state but doesn't mention it.

"Actually, I didn't know you were my mate until I stopped by the house this afternoon. I should have known something was up earlier the way your scent has been lingering long after you've left and no one seemed to catch it but me." He gave me another smile, showing off his beautiful pearly white teeth. "My name is Ethan by the way," he held out his hand for me to shake.

Smiling back at him I replied, "Eva," before placing my hand in his. As soon as our skin touched it was as if all of the synapses in my body reacted at once causing my scalp to tingle and goosebumps to raise all over. Nothing else in that moment mattered. By the wide eyed expression on his face, I knew that he felt it too. "I'm sorry, but would it be too forward of me to kiss you? I definitely plan on having dinner with you because it smells amazing, and I can see that you worked super hard to set this all up. And I really kinda want to torture the wait's just that I have waited a long, LONG while for this mom—"

Before I could even finish my train of thought his lips had encased mine, hand lightly on the back of my neck, blessing me with the softest, most sensual kiss I've ever felt in my life. Feeling my knees weakening and a throbbing heat in my core, I leaned in to deepen the kiss when he pulled back, much to my dismay. "These are for you." He handed me the flowers he had been holding. Grabbing my hand, he guided me up the steps and to the table where JJ was waiting with a very shocked look on his face, I assume from learning that I'm mated to his alpha.

As we sat at the table, he reached over and grabbed my hands, rubbing circles over my knuckles. "I don't want you to feel like I didn't want to kiss you. I pulled away because had I have continued with that kiss, I'd have taken you right here on this table and I would like for us to get to know each other a little better. Do you agree?"

Before I could even stop myself I murmured, "Would taking me on the table really be so bad..." I glanced at him again only to find his eyes swirling with aroused darkness.

He stood, still holding on to my hand, and tugged my body taut to his. Placing his head in the crook of my neck, he took a deep breath, placing a solitary kiss on my neck to which my body responded promptly. Releasing a low groan, he nipped my neck lightly with his teeth before pulling me towards the house at full speed.

He yelled over his shoulder, "JJ, box up the food, we'll need to eat later."

I ran behind him giggling, awaiting whatever torturous pleasure my mate has planned for me. I just met this man and I want to give him everything.

Goddess help me.
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