The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Sèz

I followed him aimlessly through the back of the pack house, still laughing as he picked up speed.

"This is a really beautiful house, I'd love to see it in slow motion some time."

He turned with a smirk, "Kitchen, theatre, family room on the first floor, warrior suites on the second floor," he paused as we reached a set of stairs. "Stairs or elevator?" He asked pointing to a section of the wall that I didn't notice was indented.

I wouldn't mind taking the stairs, but I could also use the few seconds of ascension to taste his lips again. "Elevator," I respond, not recognizing the husky notes of lust dripping from my words.

The door opened and once I entered I turned, yanking him by his jacket collar until his lips were back on mine. Allowing me to take charge, I bit into his succulent bottom lip before running my tongue along the seam, demanding entrance which he so easily granted. Just as my tongue began a gentle assault on his own, he pulled away causing me to whine at the sudden loss of connection.

He looks at me with a devious glint in his eyes before saying, "Don't worry, baby. The elevator stopped." This time, instead of pulling me along, he lifted me up caveman style as he made his way down the long corridor, gently caressing my butt cheeks.

Taking in my surroundings upside down, I notice that there are only two noticeable doors on this floor. "Why only two doors?"

As we reach the door on the left side of the hallway, I hear him fumbling with his keys as he bites the side of my hip. "Alpha quarters, Beta quarters." I was barely able to make out what he said, the words being muffled against my leg.

Once inside he stood me upright on my feet, taking a step back, looking at me from head to toe. "Let your hair down."

I comply straight away, removing the bobby-pins and ponytail holder, allowing my loc'd tresses to cascade over my shoulders. Standing in his space, allowing his scent to permeate all of my senses is putting me into a state of euphoria and I want all of this man. Now.

I take it that he has the same mindset when he removes his jacket, revealing a black v-neck t-shirt that is hugging every contoured ridge of his ridiculously defined abdomen. Damn.

I must have said that out loud because he chuckled seductively before grabbing my neck and thrusting his tongue deeply in my mouth earning himself a moan of appreciation. He unzips the back of my jumpsuit, allowing it to fall down my shoulders, hanging onto my hips. "Take this off, but leave the heels on." Again, I do as I'm told, relishing in his commanding nature.

Not shy at all, I stand before him in nothing but my bra, panties and nude heels placing my hands on my hips, anticipating his next demand. I notice that he's breathing harder and his muscles are straining against the fabric of his shirt. Between my arousal and his pheromones, my head is swimming.

He bends down and grabs the rose that had fallen from my hair before touching it lightly to my lips. "Go lie on the bed." Lying down, I sit up on my elbows to take in the view of him stripping down to his underwear. Oh my Goddess, this man is going to impale me and rearrange my insides with that thing...and I'm going to let him.

I can only imagine that my eyes are the size of saucers as I can't seem to break my stare away from his ever growing bulge. "Lie back." The bed dips slightly as he climbs on and hovers over me. "You're so beautiful..." He captures my lips in an earth shaking kiss as he gently kneads my waist with his large hand. Peppering kisses from my chin to cheek to neck, he licks and sucks the place where I will bear his mark. Moaning uncontrollably, I've never been more turned on in my life. Leaving my neck and kissing his way to my collarbone, he swirls his tongue in the concave on my breasts, continuing to kiss down my stomach, placing a final kiss right below my bellybutton.

"Open your legs for me."

I'm going to stroke out and die right here.

"Is it okay if I take off your panties?"

Unable to form a coherent sentence, I nod with fervor, "Mmmhmm..."

Slowly peeling away my panties, he spoke into my thighs as he continued his tortuous assault. "If at any time you want me to stop, I will. I won't mark you until you ask me to. I want you to be comfortable and I want you to enjoy this. If you like something, say it. If you want more, say it. You want control, take it. Be vocal, be loud, the walls are soundproof."

Oh he's into consent. Fuck yes!

"Say yes."

Eyes glazed over I say it, "Yes."


*Ethan POV*

I am literally dying here. How I've managed to make it this far without diving headfirst into her heavenly smelling box I don't know. Even though she's my mate I make sure to ask for consent because she came for dinner, but is about to receive so much more.

As soon as she said yes my heart and stomach began to flutter uncontrollably as I knew that we were about to do something that would change our lives forever. Removing her soaked panties, I couldn't help but admire the glistening lips that were begging to be kissed, licked and sucked. I resisted, wanting to have her body on edge first.

Partially shifting my hand to have access to my paw, I trail my sharp claw up her chest and snip the material that is holding her voluptuous breasts in place. The feeling of her writhing and squirming beneath me is driving me over the edge!

I lean back and admire her body, now wearing nothing but her heels, and push her legs up with her feet planted, giving me direct access to her honey pot. I grab the rose and begin to trail it across her body, watching goosebumps rise and her chest heave as she aches for my touch. Taking the rose I lightly dip it between her legs, catching a string of her glowing slick on the petals, clenching my jaw as she moans out in ecstasy.

"The color purple means royalty, and that's why I initially picked these out for you." I began to circle the rose ever so slightly against her throbbing clit. "I found out later this evening that it also means enchantment..." She starts to grind her hips against the rose and I pull it away, taking the opportunity to taste her essence from the flower. I release an unexpected groan as I've never tasted something so enticing and pure in my life. "Hmmmm! I do believe you're enchanting me, Eva." She bites down on her lip as I return the flower, quickening the circles, craving for her to reach her first release of the night. And she does, holding my gaze and captivating me in her love faces. I'm hooked.

Not wanting her to come down from her high, I lay the flower aside, replacing it with my tongue eagerly lap up the juices that she'd just released. When she begins to buck wildly against my face, I know she is nearing her release again as I plunge two fingers into her quivering core without warning. Luckily she's wet enough that they just slip right in as I attack the spongy, ribbed surface of her g-spot causing her scream out as another orgasm wracks her trembling body. I sit up and smile at her, rubbing my fingers infuriatingly slow against her swollen clit.

I lean forward to kiss her and she responds by licking my face clean of the juices she's painted it with. That is the sexiest thing I've ever seen! No longer able to torment myself, I remove my rock hard dick from the constraints of my boxers, watching her eyes darken as they bounce along with my now freed member.

"Stop me if it hurts." I line myself up to her entrance, enjoying the view of her face as she watches me disappear inch by inch between her legs. I close my eyes as I sink deeper into her, feeling her walls adjust to my girth and length.

Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum! I can't cum yet, I haven't even given her one stroke yet. Naked grandma...naked grandma...

I reopen my eyes as I've now defeated the urge to paint her walls with my cum prematurely. Giving me the 'ok' with her eyes, I start to pump into her slowly, eliciting even more moans than before. Hoping it feels as good to her as it does to me, I began to give her a combination of hip circles and slow whining before pulling out and thrusting back into her roughly. Feeling her walls clench, I know that she is headed for her next orgasm. I slip my hands under her hips and roll us over, positioning her on top, without hesitation she began to swivel her hips and expertly buck them forwards and backwards, side to side, up and down and in torturous circles. She stills on top of me and her legs quake, signifying that she has hit her peak again. I bring my thumb to her clit and encourage her to buck wildly before finally finding my own release with a room shaking groan.

Guiding her now limp body down to my chest, I kiss her sweat glistened forehead, amazed by the woman the goddess created just for me. Breathing in her scent again, allowing darkness to overtake me, I know that I am definitely enchanted by her.

Is it too soon for love at first sight?
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