The Pride of the Lalune

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*Eva POV*

Since I was sixteen years old, I have always wondered what waking up to my mate would be like. Sure I've woken up to Michel and even spent the night with a fin konyen demake, one night stand, but nothing in my wildest dreams could have prepared me for the real thing.

As the sun peeks in through the curtains, I'm able to actually take him in—really look at him. His looks are other worldly. His face is completely chiseled, yet soft and smooth. Clean shaven, aside from his perfectly groomed low-cut goatee. He's huge like the typical alpha wolf in his human form. He is completely covered in tattoos...full arm sleeves, chest and abdomen complete, neck covered. I mindlessly trace one beneath my fingers as I listen to his soft snoring and watch his chest rise and fall. I'm mounting a literal god.

I move slightly, only to realize that his semi-erect penis is still inside of me where it's been all night and each time that I try to move it grows harder.

'You might as well use it, seeing that it's already in place,' Lafwa purred, egging me on.

Taking her advice, I smirk to myself at the prospect of waking him up this way. Being careful not to wake him just yet, I turn my body to reverse cowgirl, the sudden movement making his dick even harder and causing my stomach to clench as desire starts to radiate between my legs.

Finally in position and still hearing him snore, I begin to take my time, grinding slowly on top of him enjoying the full feeling that he gives me. This man is asleep and still hitting my spot with precision. I lean forward placing my hands on his massive thighs and begin to slowly spell out 'Alpha Ethan' with my hips. Barely making it past the first 'h', I needed to bite my fist to stifle the moans trying to leave my body.

Just then, I feel two strong hands grab my waist and still me. "I thought I told you to be loud?"

How can his morning voice be so deep and sexy too?!

I freeze, looking back at him. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't want to wake you. Well I was trying to wake you. Oh Goddess! Is this ok? Am I hurting you?!" Panic started to set in so I tried to lift myself off of him. Wrong move.

No sooner did I lift up was I slammed back down on his hips. "Don't do that, but do that again." With an understanding nod, I lift up again and again, allowing him to slam me down on his hard member over and over and over again. I can't help the screams of pleasure and satisfaction that leave my mouth as I am hit so hard with an orgasm, my limbs turn to jello causing me to fall forward.

I hear him chuckle behind me as he adjusts our position to have me 'face down, ass up'. For the first time, he pulls from my body with an audibly wet pop, leaving me with a hollow feeling that I am not a fan of. Before I can protest, I feel him blow a cool breath onto my clit, causing me to shiver and clench at the sensation. I moan out loud as he repeats the action before kissing and dipping his tongue into my wet hole. As much as I would like to find out if he can make cum from blowing air on my pussy alone, the same way he snatched my soul with a rose, I need to have him inside of me again.

I throw my hips back at him and he takes the opportunity to thrust two fingers into me and I can't help but to relish in the sounds of my wet desire responding to his touch. "You. Dick. Now." He got the gist of what I meant because he instantly mounted me, not even bothering to remove his fingers that were now pressed firmly against my g-spot. Drawing his fingers in a 'come hither' motion and slowly beginning to pump inside me, I'm hit with yet another orgasm before he can even solidify his rhythm.

He slaps my ass, before helping me up and leading me to his shower. Taking note of my shaky legs, he lifts me to sit on the countertop next to the sink. He turns to grab something from his shelving, when I notice that it's my caddy with all of my toiletries. I smile as I grab my toothbrush and begin to brush while he turns on the shower, letting the hot steam billow from the open door. Grabbing his own toothbrush, he stands between my legs allowing his hard-on to graze my core.

When we are done we both step into the shower that could easily fit five people. Two rainfall shower heads point down from the ceiling as powerful jets push stronger streams from the walls, providing a comfortable massaging effect.

We take our time cleaning each other, working up smooth lathers and scrubbing one another down with soft loofahs. Turning around to face him, I hold his jumping penis in my hands, gently stroking him as I maintain eye contact. I stand on my tiptoes capturing his minty mouth in a desperate kiss. Breaking the kiss too soon for his likely, I descend to my knees as my heart threatens to pound from my chest.

I have never given a blowjob in my life as I've been waiting to gift it to my mate. Though I have no experience, it didn't stop me from doing as much research as I could on how to make it as enjoyable as possible. The moment I dropped to my knees any nerves I had left my body and were replaced with the overwhelming desire to kiss it and thank it for providing me with so much pleasure. So that's exactly what I did. I slowly kissed him from base to tip making sure to flick my tongue over the head, thoroughly liking the taste of his precum.

Obviously enjoying what I'm doing, he leans back against the cold tiles so I take the chance to slowly take him into my mouth and watch his eyes roll to the back of his head. Picking up speed and opening my jaw, I place my hands on the back of his thighs to force more of him into my throat as my lips reach his hilt and I hum my excitement as he groans his approval at the sensation. Taking a handful of my hair he takes control of my movements and quickens the pace causing me to gag and spit to dribble down my chin.

"Yeeesssss! Just like that!" He growls out in pleasure as he continues to fuck my now flustered face. He stilled in my mouth as I felt his warm essence coat my throat before I proudly swallowed the reward of my first successful blowjob.

Bringing me back to my feet, he kisses me again before catching me off guard and lifting me up in the air. My hands are around his neck as he places his arms under my thighs before slamming into me causing me to scream out in ecstasy. Staring into his eyes, I can't help but notice the excitement and adoration he allows me to see as he pounds into me. Turning us so that my back is now against the tiles, I hiss at the sudden change in temperature. Lying my head in the crook of his neck, I slowly lick soft circles on his flesh as I relish in the painful pleasure he's giving my body.

"Oh Goddess Eva! I'm going to cum again." Hearing his exclamation excites me as I start to match his movements and bounce to meet his thrusts. "Mark me! Please, mark me." Completely caught off guard, I stare into his eyes and know that he is serious and ready. Without any hesitation, I tilt his head to the side and sink my canines into his neck causing him to roar and slide down to the built-in seat of the shower. Now straddling his lap, I remove my teeth and lick the area clean, admiring my mark and this beautiful man that is now forever mine.

Bouncing on his lap and nearing my own release I know that he is it for me and I want to remember this moment forever. I kiss my mark on his neck and whisper, "Mark me, Ethan. I'm ready." As if my words gave him a new found energy, he quickened his pace, placing one hand around my throat, pulling me forward, and the other drawing circles on my clit while sloppily kissing me.

"Are you sure? I don't want you to feel like you have to..."

Reaching my climax I yell, "I'm sure. Iiiiii'mmmm suuuurrrreeeeee!"

Before I could finish, his canines were planted in my neck causing wave after wave of primal pleasure to cascade through my body. Finding his own release as well, he slumped forward, breaths ragged, but content. Thumbing his mark on my neck, I watched a slew of emotions cross his face.

"I love you, Little Woman. It might seem crazy soon to say it, but it's true and I can't wait to spend the rest of forever learning to love you deeper."

Awestruck, but not at all surprised, I place my lips over his and murmur, "I love you too, Big Man." We haven't even known each other 24 hours but I know the Moon Goddess didn't get this one wrong.

After we've both thrown on robes and made our way back to the bedroom, we realize we have a full meal waiting from last night to eat. Before he's able to call down to the kitchen to ask a staff member to heat it up, there is a knock on the door.

He goes to answer it and I see his back go rigid. I can't see the person but I can hear a shrill voice.

"Eth, I'm so sorry about the other night. I know I can get a little crazy, especially when I talk about how I want you to make me your Luna and well, let's just be honest, you'll eventually come to your senses." She's speaking so smuggly, it's almost comical. Flitting her fingers in front on my face, she continues, not noticing my deadpan expression. "But anyway, I just wanted to come by, smooth this little foolishness over and apolo— WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON YOUR NECK?!"

Just what I need to ruin my morning after...Drea.
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