The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Dizwit

*Ethan POV*

To say that last night and this morning were amazing would be the understatement of the century. Yes, the sex was life altering and mind blowing, but to know that this woman has accepted me as her mate and vice versa has me floating on air. High off of her love and still drunk in the afterglow of marking one another, all I want to do today is eat, sleep, get to know and make love to my woman. I want to enjoy our little bubble before we have to tackle the reality that is the real world. One thing is certain, I will do whatever it takes to protect my mate from the evils that threaten her.

The shower was amazing and now our scents have intermingled. How this woman managed to find her scent in a bottle, I will never know. The scrub that she used in the shower only intensified her scent more, making me want to swim in her essence for as long as I can. After a few minutes of comfortable silence and just staring at one another, I remember that we have a full meal waiting for us downstairs. Just as I was about to grab the phone and request that the staff reheat and deliver the food, we hear a knock at the door.

Reluctantly, I leave my mate's side to see who could possibly be disturbing us. Feigning an annoyed face, I rip open the door expecting Tony or one of the warriors, but instead my nostrils are singed by an overwhelming scent of lavender and vanilla, instantly causing my shoulders to tense.

Before I'm even able to turn her away, she starts to speak, attempting to push her way into my quarters.

"Eth, I'm so sorry about the other night. I know I can get a little crazy, especially when I talk about how I want you to make me your Luna and well, let's just be honest, you'll eventually come to your senses." She's speaking so smuggly, it's almost comical. Flitting her fingers in front on my face, she continues, not noticing my deadpan expression. "But anyway, I just wanted to come by, smooth this little foolishness over and apolo— WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON YOUR NECK?!"

The look of shock on her face was priceless, even though I had no intention of her being the first person to know that I mated. I stepped away as she tried to grab my face to get a better look.

"Which one of these whores marked you, huh? I knew you were sleeping around on me! Now you've let some pack hoochie mark what's mine! I know damn well you didn't mark her back, so get rid of it!" she shrieks, as if she had some claim over me. She's acting like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I glare at her, preparing to put her in her place. "First of all Drea, watch your mouth. Secondly, for the thousandth time, I did not, do not, and will never belong to you. And again, you were never going to be my Luna! Now let me lay this out for you. The mark that you can't take your eyes off of," I point to it for dramatic effect in an attempt to get it through her thick skull. "This mark is from my mate, received at my request and you better believe that she is rocking mine as well!"

Turning bright red, I could see the rage fuming from her skin. "I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!! I've been by your side for years, supporting you and waiting for you to give me the title that is rightfully mine! I rejected my own mate to become your Luna!"

Completely shocked and caught off guard, I stared at her before speaking. "Drea, when did you find your mate and what in the hell caused you to reject him?!"

"I met him five years ago while you were training his pack. Baby, you were destined to become an alpha and he was just a-a-a common wolf. Useless waste of a man wasn't even a high ranking wolf or a warrior. Do I look like I'd be mated to the pack accountant?" She sucked her teeth and scoffed in disbelief. "Let me answer that for you, HELL FUCK NO I DO NOT! I gave him up to follow you, to become your chosen mate and to become your Luna! Why would you take that away from me?!" Frozen in place from her revelation, my reflexes failed me when I was caught off guard by her hand connecting with my face. The resounding smack was followed by a low growl reminding me and alerting Drea for the first time, that we were not alone.


*Eva POV*

I have never been one for too much drama, but it seems as if whenever Drea is around that pesky bitch drama is never too far off. I remained sitting on the bed listening to her half-ass attempt at an apology. If you can even call it that. I already know and can sense through our bond that I have nothing to worry about when she sees and starts freaking out about my mark on his neck. I have absolutely no desire to interject into the conversation and instead decide to just half listen, while shooting a few texts to Lena and my girls to let them know what happened.

I opened up WhatsApp and created a chat with Tam, Stacy and Lena. Snapping cute selfies to show off my new mark and afterglow in this amazing natural lighting, I send it off and wait patiently for responses.

Lena: Wait...what the hell did I miss? Omfg! Mom was dropping hella subliminal messages last night that I just wasn't understanding. But omg! Whoooo???

Tam: Biiiiiitttttcccchhhhhh!!! Are you marked?! You hung up too quick last night. I'm so happy, yay!

Stacy: Welcome to the club bestie! That afterglow is doing you wonders girlfriend.

Me: 😍🤪 thanks y'all! I'm so high off of sex and love right now I can't even contain myself. And Lena you know damn well it's Ethan 🙄😒

Lena: Hahaha! How you go from hating his ass to loving his ass in less than a day? 🤣😂 You were ready to kill him and now here you are boo'd up with Alpha Daddy 😉

Me: Girl shut up!

Tam: Oh shit! Who's gonna break the news to Michel?

Damn. I hadn't even thought about him or how he would react. He had to have heard me when I hung up the phone, right? I'm sure he would be happy for me though, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Just as I was about to reply to the group chat, I heard Drea getting louder, carrying on about how she rejected her mate to be with Ethan.

'Oh she's a certified psycho!' Lafwa chimed in, adding her two cents.

While this part of the conversation peaked my interest, I just laid back into the pillows and listened to her make a fool of herself. All was fine until I heard the crackling sound of her hand hitting his face. My man's face. My mate's face. Lafwa came forward with the quickness, releasing a low growl that seemed to make time stop, freezing everyone in their place. If she was unaware of my presence at first, she sure as hell knew I was here now.

The look of horror on her face as her eyes connected with mine spoke more than her words. "You have got to be fucking kidding me! This bitch is your mate! No fucking way." She whispered the last part, but we still heard it. Stepping towards me she continued her rant. "You don't even know him, especially the way I know him! Who do you think you, coming in here all high and mighty? Let me tell you something Princess Bitch, Ethan is mine and I'm not going to let him be tricked by you!"

"Listen Drea, you can yell all you want. Call me as many bitches and whores as you need to to make yourself feel better. But I swear fo' Goddess if you ever put your hand on what's mine again, I will not hesitate to beat the shit out of you." I calmly managed to get those words out despite the fact that I was internally seething. "If you want to have a civilized conversation and talk to him, fine, do that. But keep your hands to yourself before I make you."

Like the maniac she is, she fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. "Oh I get what's going on here." Ethan and I glanced at each other in complete confusion. "Ethan baby, I understand. Your plan is genius! Mate and mark the "beloved" princess, get into the king's good graces and gain even higher ranking positions for the two of us!"

Simultaneously jerking our necks in her direction we both yelled, "What?!"

"You don't have to hide the truth anymore baby. I knew you were smart, but this is the best plan yet! And isn't it so wonderful that we don't need her anymore to fulfill it?"

Rubbing his hand down his face as if trying to make sense of what the hell is happening, he moves closer to me, sharply inhaling a breath. "Drea, I don't know what delusion you have playing in your head, but none of what you just said is true and it sure as hell doesn't make sense. Eva is my mate. I am Eva's mate. We are mated together and we are going to be together. There is no we or us when it comes to you, Drea." He broke it down to her as if she were a toddler. "Now, it's time for you to return home to your pack—to your father and your family. I don't think it would be good for you or your mental health to stay here."

At this point any sane person would have taken the obvious message, because it was too straightforward to be a hint. But noooo, not Drea. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Lover. Baby. Boo," she said as she stalked towards him.

'Aw shit. This bitch is batshit crazy!'

'Shut up Lafwa!'

'Sorry, but it's true!'

"Ethan, drop the ruse! You've mated her and now that technically makes her Luna. Which also in turn makes you the prince." She wiggled her eyebrows at his very confused face. "That title is yours with or without her. And baby I don't want to wait any longer! Let me fix this so I can be the mate you've always wanted. The Luna and princess you never knew you needed."

"You're not making any sense and I'm starting to get worried. Let us call the pack doctor to come and take a look at you." He turned towards me, asking me to make the call with his eyes and I nodded in return, reaching for the phone.

"I'm making plenty of sense, damnit!" she yelled. "So much sense in fact, I'm going to claim my title as Luna and princess right now. I, Drea St. Luc—"

"Drea don't do that!"

She releases an evil cackle. "I, Drea St. Luc, challenge you, Princess, for the title of Luna of the Nwa Lalune the death."

Dumbfounded by what she just said to me, I lift an eyebrow to Ethan who has gone completely pale in the face. Before I can even question what the hell just happened, Tony, Marquis, JJ, and Brutus come shuffling through the door.

Tony broke the awkward silence.

"Damn Drea. You done fucked up now."
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