The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Diznèf

*Drea POV*

You're goddamn right I challenged this bitch to the death! Who the fuck does she think she is coming in disrupting everything I've worked so hard for?! For Goddess sake, Ethan and I barely had a disagreement 2 days ago. And here they are, just met each other and I can already smell sex in the air and their newly combined scents.

I'm not going to lie, my feelings are hurt because I sacrificed so much to follow him across the country in hopes that he would one day choose me, like I've always chosen him. I gave up and uprooted my whole life without him having to ask, begged my family to let me go with the promise that I would try my hardest to either make him fall in love with me, or convince him that I would be a worthy chosen mate.

We had both been mateless for so long, I didn't think we were ever meant to find our true mates. Ten years, comfortably long years. I'm not stupid, I noticed that over time our conversations slowed down and we began to have meaningless sex just to stave off our aggressive wolf urges. But deep down I knew we would be able to get through it or at least tolerate each other enough to make it work. I'd have my Luna title, be adored and respected by our pack and all others, and then maybe drop him a pup or two. It would have been close to perfect.

Maybe I was a little beside myself and irrational when I rejected my mate, but come on... the man was a common, low ranking wimp! Fucking Calvin Percible Gordon! Ugh. It hurt like hell to reject him, even when he tried to offer me everything he possibly could. I can still remember the love he had for me in his eyes after only meeting me once. But a simple, happy, mundane life is never something I wanted. I could have never survived as Drea Gordon. I had to turn up my bitchiness for a week just to hide the pain I was in.

I had been attached to Ethan for so long, I just knew my hard work and 'doting girlfriend' act would finally pay off and give me the title I so desperately desired. I should have anticipated his mate coming along one day, but I just knew he would choose me. Now here the fuck I am trying to teach this foolish pack the art of respecting those that demand it by putting an iron foot down, and he goes and claims the princess they worship.

What hurts the most is that he's always denied me the chance to mark him. I've literally begged him to mark me for years and he always declined. How dare he have the nerve to open the door happily and flaunting that monstrosity on his neck!

I almost let my anger get the best of me until I realized what was actually at play here. Ethan always wanted a high rank and felt slighted when his father named his best friend as alpha instead of him. He always goes on and on about how Tristan deserved it more than him, but I'll never believe that to be true. That title was his by birthright. He craves power and position, same as me.

He thought that he could slip this plan by without me knowing? Too bad for him, I've figured it out already. He convinced the princess that she was his mate, because honestly the Moon Goddess would never put her with my Ethan. Once they marked each other, she became Luna of this pack, in turn making him a prince. I must admit the plan is pretty genius.

He loves me so much that he's going through all of this to elevate my title even higher?! Plus, if she's the only heir and say something were to happen to her, the prince is now the rightful heir. Meaning that when the king and queen die, Ethan will become king, making me his queen!

So as I unravel his genius master plan, I've decided that I don't want to play the long game. I want to eliminate this bitch now.

"I, Drea St. Luc, challenge you, Princess, for the title of Luna of the Nwa Lalune the death."

I hear Ethan objecting, but I know what I'm doing. I've watched enough of his training sessions to know how to handle myself. Plus, this girl is overweight so I'm sure tiring her out quickly will be an easy feat.

As soon as I issue my challenge, a few of his warriors burst in with Tony talking about I done fucked up. Not at all. As a matter of fact, they've got me fucked up if they think I'm just going to standby and not kill this bitch to become queen.

"Checkmate!" I cackle, knowing that there is no way this girl will ever defeat me in a fight. I might not be the best trained, hell I might not be trained at all, but there is no way the princess is going to defeat me.

I glance over to Ethan who is completely pale in the face. Wow he's playing this role well.

"Drea, I'm not going to fight you, especially to the death so you might as well renege on that challenge." I have her right where I want her, shaking in her boots.

Straightening my back I respond, "I will do no such thing! Once the challenge has been called out, there is no going back, little girl. Or are you that out of touch with the rules of the pack?"

She looks at me in disbelief before raising an eyebrow. "I'm very well versed in the rules of a challenge. That is why I as the princess, am giving you an opportunity to take it back because if you want a fight to the death, it should be your death that you expect."

The useless men standing around the room say nothing, but look back and forth between the two of us, shaking their heads. Even they know I'll be able to drop her like a bad habit.

"Drea, take her up on her offer. She is not the one that you want to mess with." Ethan looks at me with sincerity in his eyes. His acting skills have improved.

"No my love, I've worked too hard and been by your side too long to let this girl come in and take what's rightfully mine. I'm gonna kill this bitch. Today."

I look back at Eva's expressionless face. She gazes from Ethan, to the warriors and back to me. I flash her an unwavering smile before she shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders.

"Challenge accepted."

Tony chimes in once again, "Damn Drea, you done fucked up now."

Why does he keep saying that?
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