The Pride of the Lalune

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“Eva Marie Jean Pierre!” I could hear my mother yelling for me from the main corridor of our three-story pack house. “The warrior team cannot commence training until all warriors are in line. That means you young lady!”

After throwing my pillow and untangling my legs from the ridiculous amount of covers, I rolled over to look at my alarm clock that read 6:41 A.M. “Greeeeaaaaatttt...I’m late, again,” I mumbled under my breath as I jumped out of my bed and into my purple sweatsuit and cross trainers. I ran into the bathroom, quickly brushed my teeth, and used my wolf speed to run down the stairs, past my mother, leaving a kiss on her cheek and fell in line with the rest of the warriors.

“Nice of you to join us, Princess. Late night at the beach?” I rolled my eyes as Michel, the son of my father’s beta gave a sly smirk.

“Dick..” I hissed to him through the mind-link.

“You know, if you miss it and want it again, I’m always available for you, Princess,” he winked in my direction before turning his attention back to my father.

I shook my head in disgust, turning my focus back to training.

“Please excuse my tardiness, King, it will not happen again.”

“It should not be me that you apologize to, but the warriors that stand at your side. One day, you will be their commander and I would hate for your tardiness to the be cause of a lost battle,” my father spoke to me in his Alpha tone, and I dropped my head in embarrassment, but he was right. One day I will command these warriors and I will continue on my family’s legacy and make my father proud.

We broke apart into our daily objectives; obstacle course, weapons training, endurance, speed. If you can imagine circuit training on bath salts then you can imagine my father’s training regimen and it is BRUTAL. After five grueling hours of training, it was almost time to call it quits when Michel wanted to challenge me in hand-to-hand combat for the top ranking spot in today’s training.

“Hey Princess, how about we have a friendly one-on-one for today’s top spot?” he pranced and bounced around me while egging on the rest of the team to agree with his shenanigans.

Don’t let the thick thighs fool you. I’m a fighting force to be reckoned with. I’m quick and agile. I’m also calculating and strong. But what makes me the best is that I’m patient and observant. I study my opponent and manipulate their weaknesses to my advantage.

“How about no, asshole,” a grimace evident on my face.

I looked to my father for some assistance. With a coy smile he stated, “It’s been such a long and tiring day, and I would usually consider dismissing the challenge, but because you were late, Eva, and Michel was on time, I’ll allow it.”

Even though I was tired, I actually welcomed the challenge. Michel is an amazing fighter and keeps me on my toes, so I always enjoy the opportunity to hone my skills against him. “Tsssk,” I sucked my teeth, faking my annoyance with an exaggerated groan.

While Michel drives me insane in every possible way, I can admit that he is one of the best warriors in our pack. Second only to me. My gaze lingered on him for a moment longer than necessary, taking in his gloriously muscular build; arms, chest, legs, abs and jawline chiseled by the Goddess herself. Add to that his sexy caramel complexion, honey brown orbs for eyes, perfect white teeth and a booming voice that could bring you to your knees, the man was a walking god. This asshole is the epitome of the perfect male specimen.

We spent so much time together growing up that we believed that we were destined to be mated to one another. We did everything together, shared our first kiss and first time with each other. Hell, our parents are best friends and we were even born on the same day, just to find out that we weren’t meant to be. Granted that didn’t stop us from continuing to have bomb ass sex to blow off steam every once in a while.

Stepping into the circle of warriors, we both crouched down into fighting stance. My father gave the signal and we immediately locked up. Arms tangled together, I imagined we looked like two horn locked rams competing for dominance.

Breaking loose of our locked predicament, we both stepped back, smiling at our matched strength. Shaking the muscles loose in my arms and wrist, I watched as Michel leaped forward with his open palm swinging full force. I leaned back in just enough time for the tips of his fingers to brush against my locs. For a moment I felt like Neo from The Matrix.

“Almost got y-!” I could hear the smugness rolling off of his tongue. Before he could finish his statement, I squatted to the ground grabbing his ankle and pulling with enough force to knock him on his butt, then slammed my palm into his chest, knocking the wind out of him. Jumping back to my feet, I extended my hand, with my brightest smile, to help him up. He looked from my hand to my face with uncertainty, but grabbed my hand anyway. Showing good sportsmanship, I try to help him up, but instead he keeps a tight grip on my hand and flips me over him, my body hitting the dirt with a hard thud. Wrong move. Now we’re playing hard ball. Still holding his hand, I jump up to my feet, yanking him up to his. When he tried to remove his hand from mine, I planted my feet and flipped him in a hip toss with ease.

Pinning his arm behind him, I placed my knee in his lower back knowing that I had him right where I wanted him. “Say it Jerk!” I yelled at him as everyone around us looked on with amazement in their eyes. “Submit to me so we can call it a day.”

I quickly applied extra pressure to his hand when I felt that tingly pull of the mind-link. “I find it amazing how you want me to submit to you on the field, when you submit to me so easily in the bedroom,” I faltered slightly as his honey-laced words caused my core to clench momentarily.

No one else noticed, but it was just the opening that he needed to reverse the move, flipping us over with my arms pinned behind my back and his knee landing gently on my now throbbing nub. I whimpered a quiet moan and it seemed like an eternity passed with us staring at one another. Him sensing that my arousal would soon scent the air if we stayed in this position too long, loosened his grip, giving me the opportunity to yank him into an armlock, before he graciously tapped in submission.

A nod of acknowledgment from my father was all of the approval I needed. Of course the other warriors were applauding and cheering, but I had a feeling that it was more because they were glad that training was finally over for the day.

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