The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Ven

*Eva POV*

Of all of the things that could have happened on this trip, killing my mate's ex-lover was not one that I planned for. It's hard enough to digest the fact that I found my mate, but for this crazy psycho to challenge me for the position of Luna—which we haven't even had a chance to discuss—is absurd, especially thinking that this would somehow lead to her moving up the royal ranks.

I tried to give her an out, just pack up her losses and go. Once a challenge is issued, according to pack laws it can't be taken back. The only way for that to occur would be interference from the royal family. It's almost unheard of, such much so, the few challenges that do happen never reach us because we tend to not get involved. But because this challenge directly involves me, I wanted to give Drea the chance to leave with her life. It's hard enough that she rejected her own mate, but then to find out that the one she plotted to have as her own found his—I mean I don't like the girl at all, but that sucks.

Anyway, she requested that the challenge take place today. Unfortunately, challenges are pack matters and require the presence of all available pack members, so for the last half hour, the quiet pack house has begun to buzz as more and more members arrive. Again, Ethan and I hardly had a chance to talk, let alone figure out how we would present me as his mate. As a matter of fact half of the pack doesn't even know that I'm here. Ugh. So everyone will meet their princess, who is newly mated to their alpha, and now battling the "jilted" ex for a title I don't even think I want!

I hear a light rapping on the door followed by Lena announcing her presence. I yell for her to enter, not wanting to get up from my very comfortable position on the floor. I sit up as she walks into the room, taking her place next to me and giving me a tight side hug.

We sit in comfortable silence for a few seconds before she bursts with laughter. "I can't believe she challenged you!" She managed to get out before tears started rolling down her face.

"It's not funny Lena. I wasn't expecting any of this to happen, especially with so many other things going on."

"True. But you have to admit, from the moment you met Drea St. Luc you've wanted to kick her ass. She's a total bitch and she's challenging you for what though?! Kill her and be done with it. She’s getting what she deserves." She tilts her head to the side, complete seriousness washes over her face. "One less problem to have to deal with in the future."

I have to admit, she is right. Drea does not seem like one to let things go and let them stay gone.

Now that I have Lena with me, I check the time and see that I have about thirty minutes left before the challenge so I grab my phone to FaceTime my girls and Michel to give them an update.

Michel answers first.

"Princess..." he says in a singsong-y voice, lifting an eyebrow.

I lift a nervous brow as well, not sure how he will respond to me being mated. "Michel...?"

He cracks a smile. "Let's see it! Let me see the mark that has officially taken my princess and best friend off of the market."

I feel my body flush with warmth and joy to know that I still have my friend and he genuinely seems happy for me. As I'm showing off the partially healed mark on my neck, Stacy and Tam join the chat.

"Well show off then!" Tam chimes followed by Stacy displaying her fresh mark as well.

A few minutes of conversation passes before Lena takes my phone. "Y'all the real reason she called is because Alpha Ethan's crazy ass ex thought it would be a good idea to challenge Eva for the Luna title."

With a look of shock, Stacy was the first to respond. "What the hell?! Why didn't you start with that?"

"Oh it gets better! She wants to challenge her to the death. Talking about, Ethan is scheming so that he'll become prince and after Eva is dead, she'll be princess."

"Ala de koze papa, that's crazy!" Tam's face matched Stacy's.

"And she challenged her for today. Literally in ten minutes with the whole pack watching!"

Finally after sitting quietly for a few minutes, Michel spoke. "Wait, so I assume that a lot of the pack still doesn't know you're there or the fact that you're mated to the alpha because it just happened last night. And now the first time you're going to be meeting the pack is when you kill his ex? Are you sure you want to do this E?" Concern laced his voice, not for fear of me losing, but for what damage my wolf can do to this girl who is in way too far over her head.

"It's cool. None of us have ever liked her. Plus Eva tried to get her to take it back but she wouldn't. Now she's gonna die." Lena shrugged out before I could answer.

Clearing my throat and taking my phone back, I smile to my friends preparing to give my goodbyes.

"Wait, wait!" Michel yelled tapping the screen. "Lena, make sure you video it, I want to study E's techniques later."

Lena laughed, "You just want to watch her kick her ass, but I'll do it for you." She ended the call with a wink.

Just then Ethan enters the room to inform me that it is time. Embracing me in a warm hug, he kisses my temple, sending electrical impulses throughout my body. "Everything is going to be fine."

He leads me down the stairs to the backyard that has been turned into a fight pit. A steel caged enclosure flanked with bleachers filled with pack members on three sides and a stage with a podium on the fourth.

Grabbing my hand he leads me across the stage and begins to address the pack.

"Good evening Nwa Lalune. I know you may be wondering what is happening and you all are probably thinking it's strange that the challenge today is for the title of Luna when our pack does not have a Luna. Well, I wish that I were able to announce this under much different circumstances." Interlacing his fingers with mine, he gives me a loving glance before pulling down the collar of his shirt to show his mark that solidifies our mate bond. "I, Ethan Black, Alpha of the Nwa Lalune pack, have found my true mate in Princess Eva of the royal Lalune pack!"

The whispered murmurs soon turned to full on cheers and howls as the pack accepted the news that I am his mate. The happiness pouring in our direction gave a mere glimpse of how respected and loved he is as their alpha—which says a lot with him not being appointed by birthright. I couldn't help but smile with adoration at the way he puffed out his chest with so much pride.

"I wish this were to be a completely joyous occasion, but it is not so. My mate has been challenged for her title. Even after offering a reversal, the challenger still wishes to proceed." Releasing my fingers he motioned me towards the door of the cage. "Drea St. Luc, you are challenging Princess Eva Jean Pierre for the title of Luna of the Nwa Lalune pack. You recognize that the victor will be declared only after the opponent has taken her last breath?" We both respond with nods. "Ok then, you may enter the cage."

Hearing the sound of the doors being locked behind us caused Drea to flinch, but she quickly recovered with a hard glare in my direction. "The rules are simple, you may fight in either your human or wolf forms. There is no escape. There is no surrender. There is no mercy. When one of you has taken your last breath, the rightful Luna will be declared. Commence!"

Not wanting to be the full on aggressor, I allow Drea to pick her poison and when she does not shift, I take a hand to hand fighting stance. Noticing my form, she comes at me full force, throwing her arms around like a windmill.

Taking immediate notice, Lafwa perks up, 'She has no training whatsoever!'

'I'm noticing that.'

Dodging her wildly inaccurate blows, I quickly attack her midsection with a perfectly calculated blow to the stomach. As she fell on her butt, it was easy to see that the hit knocked the wind out of her. I should have learned my lesson from sparring with Michel, but throwing caution to the wind, I reached out my hand to help her back to her feet. Smirking at me, she drew her partially shifted paw swiping me across the face, drawing blood.

I hear gasping in the crowd as Ethan yells out, “NO! MERCY!”

That was all the motivation I needed as I allowed Lafwa to come forward without shifting. I can feel my eyes flicker to black as I stalk towards her, circling her like the prey she is. Allowing all of my feelings to come over me, she is no longer just Drea, she is now the wolf that has threatened my family. She is the bokor who dare use his dark vodou powers against us! She is the rogue who attempts to terrorize to my future, my pack, my mate, my life and she must die!

Sensing her impending doom, she shifts completely into her wolf, lunging directly at me. Catching her midair by her throat, I extend my own claws and return the favor of slashing her across the face. The force of the impact sent her body crashing into the steel cage, falling into a heap as she hit the ground.

Taking in a deep breath, I give myself completely to Lafwa, no longer wanting to prolong the inevitable. My wolf is twice the size of her common gray wolf. My paws heavy, almost melodic as they pad the ground beneath me. A warm Miami breeze flowing through my chocolate fur bringing with it the undeniable stench of her fear and blood, but also the calming scent I now know to belong to Ethan.

The once low humming buzz of the crowd has gone wholly quiet, faded to nothing as my eyes zero in on the limp body before me. I stand over her and release a low growl, signifying that her time has come. I grab her by the scruff of her neck and shake her until she yelps and falls from my grips, rolling to her back in surrender.

‘Lou san konprann, foolish wolf! Bearing her underbelly will not save her!’

‘No. No it will not.’

I inhale deeply, clamping down on her throat as she begins to thrash and writhe beneath me. I claw at her underbelly, shaking my head until I hear the loud snap of her neck, dropping her from the clutches of my jaw.

Feeling myself covered in blood, I shift back to my human form. I reach my hand inside of her shredded chest and remove her heart, tossing it across the ring at the feet of my mate. With a smile on his face, he releases a victory howl that is soon joined by all of the pack members surrounding us.

Once again allowing the noise to fade to black, I now have newfound clarity on how we will approach this rogue situation back in the kingdom. As soon as possible we need to contact Madam Fabienne for our next move.

There is no doubt about it though. This is exactly what I will show the rogue.

No mercy.

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