The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Venteyen

*Ethan POV*

Pack law states that when it comes to challenges the presiding alpha must remain unbiased, showing no favoritism to either side. Fuck that! Whoever came up with that bullshit law clearly did not have their mate involved. For the most part, I retained my composure, only barking out 'no mercy' after Eva was struck across the face for her generosity. Even in a moment where death was inevitable she somehow managed to show compassion.

I knew Eva wanted no parts of this challenge and she was so quick to offer reprieve, but that crazed look in Drea's eyes wouldn't let her back down, and she had no other choice. She didn't have to say anything, but I also knew that this was not how she wanted to be presented to the pack as my mate for the first time. I can sense her vulnerability and I have this overwhelming need to protect her. I can't wait for this to be over so that I can drag her back upstairs and cocoon her in all of this love I have growing inside of me.

I watched the challenge completely mesmerized. Tony was not lying when he said she was tactically superior. From the beginning I had no doubt that she would come out on top, I just was not prepared to witness her carefully calculated moves. Movements showing both agility and fluidity, reminded me of a classically trained dancer showing off the craft that they worked a lifetime to master, to a crowd that wasn't even worthy to bear witness. I am completely awestruck, and in this moment she is the most beautiful and ethereal being I have ever laid my eyes on.

As beautiful as she may be, there is this unsettling layer of viciousness lying beneath her surface, just waiting to be agitated and released. It was evident when she completely put the ball in Drea's court giving her the chance to lead, only to take back control and annihilate her ruthlessly in the end. I can honestly say I've never been more proud and turned on in my life.

Putting myself on autopilot, I made my way through the crowd of congratulatory pack members, guided by her intoxicatingly delicious scent. I find her, absolutely stunning, covered in blood from head to toe, waiting patiently to be released from the cage. Lifting the latch, I find myself stepping into the cage with her, towering over her before placing my head in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent now laced with the high notes of pure adrenaline.

I don't know what came over me in that moment. Losing all regard for whoever was still present, I licked my mark on her neck causing her to moan in excitement. Now, having lost all control, I grip her neck roughly, sinking my canines into the partially healed mark, reopening it causing a flood of emotions and electricity to flow through us. Crying out in pure ecstasy, her legs buckled as she scented the space with her sweet arousal. Releasing a reluctant groan of my own, I sweep her up into my arms and begin the trek back up to my quarters. Any member that wished to speak with us will just have to wait until after I spend some real quality time with my Luna.


*Eva POV*

All of the thoughts I wanted to convey about the impending rogue situation completely left my mind the moment I felt Ethan's canines enter my mark. The rush of emotions the remarking sent through my body gave me an idea of what he truly thinks of me. So much pride, adoration and love flowing through me like a glorious waterfall. I melted in his arms and wanted to stay there forever. He swooped me away so quickly we didn't have a chance to mingle with any pack members. Not that I wanted to right now anyway.

We made it back to his quarters and he began to peel away my bloodied clothes at the door, tossing them aside, kissing me deeply, pushing me towards the bathroom door. As he turned on the shower flashbacks of our earlier session started to swirl in my mind. I can't believe that was just this morning. Stepping into the steady stream of water, I watched as the blood cascaded down my body, washing away in a steady flow down the drain.

He gently applied shampoo to my locs and shower gel to my body, slowly inspecting me from head to toe. I relax into his touch, enjoying the gentle caresses as he washes me clean. Whispering sweet nothings in my ear, he lifted my leg to his waist allowing me to feel his hardening erection. I eagerly grind myself forward to create some type of friction between us, needing to tame this growing ache betwixt my legs.

"Tell me what you want Eva."

"I want you, Alpha."


"Sex with you so amazing..." I sing to him as I nestle myself closer in his chest.

His chest vibrates with the rumble of his laughter, "And she sings too?! Doctor, warrior, princess, singer, sex magician... What can't you do, Little Woman?"

"Ha ha ha," I respond mockingly. I pause for a moment thinking to myself. "Tell me about you."

"Really? A little backwards don't ya think?"

"Oh hush, you know it's the 'wolf way'." I find myself laughing again because when it comes to mating, we usually have sex first, ask questions later.

He nodded in agreement. "Well I'll start with the basics. My full name is Ethan Winston Black. I'm an only child, like you. My parents were the alpha couple in my old pack and I was supposed to transition to the same role, but I wasn't ready, and honestly didn't feel like I deserved it."

"What? If you were already going to be an alpha, why risk coming here?"

"I wasn't worthy. I was dicking around on purpose. Constantly making an ass of myself and getting away with it because everyone just knew I was to be the next alpha. So it shocked the hell out of everyone when I turned it down," he shrugged slightly. "Thankfully my dad trusted my gut enough and chose my best friend Tristan and his mate, Kalista, to take over. Hopefully you get to meet them soon. They're amazing and Kalista just recently had their first pup." He grabbed his phone and pulled up a picture showing me the cutest coffee toned baby with tightly coiled red hair.

"How did your parents feel with you giving up your birthright to become alpha?"

"I always imagined that they'd be pissed, but surprisingly enough, my dad was proud of me for putting the pack before my own needs and he still reminds me every chance he gets. But anyway, after I left I started training packs all over the country and that eventually led me here. And I must have made a pretty impressive name for myself if your father picked me to be alpha to his first settlement." He inhaled deeply as a smile crept across his face. "Now back to the boring stuff. My favorite color used be black, but now," he slowly trails his fingers up my arm, gently caressing my chin. "Now, it's a sultry, silky, smooth mocha." He smiled as he kissed the top of my head, making me blush and giggle giddily. "So Ms. Eva, do you have any questions, anything you want to know?"

Taking a moment to think if there are any questions, I jolt up to a sitting position when I remember all of the issues I've had with him since arriving. "As a matter of fact, I do!" He gives me a quizzical look before beckoning for me to carry on. "First of all, I came to the pack house my first night here to give you a piece of my mind. Lena told me about you "allowing" me to stay with them for a few days before moving me here." I give him a side eye.

"Well that's not a question..."

"No it's not. But I just wanted you to know that at that point in time I thought you were a dick."

He released a hearty chuckle. "Noted."

With a satisfied nod I continued. "Secondly, listening to JJ and seeing it firsthand, you make the women train at a separate and later time? What kind of sexist, egotistical shit is that? Clearly, using myself as an example, women are more than capable of kicking your male warriors asses!"

"Is that so?" He sat against the headboard with a smug look on his face. "Is that what JJ told you? JJ who would drop his pants in battle if a shewolf fanned her tail in his direction, JJ?" He crossed his arms over his chest as he began to laugh. "If you haven't noticed, a lot of the wolves training to become warriors are unmated, and unmated wolf hormones can be catastrophic to a training program. I let the guys think they are high-ranking for a moment, but in reality I'm scoping out the best of the best from both groups to build a superior fighting team. When first starting out, I can't make that happen if they're distracted."

"Hmm." I sit back, holding my head down, attempting to swallow the crow that I am now eating because his tactics are actually pretty genius.

"So aside from being a sexist, egotistical dick, did you have any other thoughts about me before we met?" I looked back up to see him stifling a laugh with a crooked smirk on his face.

“Nope.” He looks satisfied with having put me in an uncomfortable position. “But tell me something, Alpha. What preconceived notions did you have about little ol’ me?”

As if I caught him off guard, his smile instantly dropped and his cheeks turned a bright red color that I didn’t even think was possible for his complexion.

“Let’s skip this question, huh?”

“Oh this must be good! Sorry, Love. There is no skipping.” I laugh out loud now really interested in what he thought of me.

He huffed as he clasped his hands together. “Well I thought...” All I heard was ‘well I thought’ and the rest of the sentence was some jumbled, incoherent mess that even my wolf hearing couldn’t decipher.

“Uh uh. Try again sir. You know I couldn’t understand that. Tell me.”

Looking me in my eyes he says, “Well, no one had any information about the mysterious princess and I didn’t want to be weird and ask your family. So I assumed that you were some spoiled, pretentious, pink tutu wearing, bratty child that I was assigned to babysit by the king when I already had enough on my plate.”

Feigning my best shocked face, I placed my hand over my chest. I couldn’t even contain my laughter as I replied, “You thought I wore pink tutus?!”

Seeing that I wasn’t affected, he joined in with my guffawing. “Obviously I was wrong.”


“Yes really. And I am so glad I was. Do you know how hard it was to be a mateless wolf for sixteen years? It’s kind of lonely to feel like there’s a piece of yourself missing and nothing you do will fill that void.” I didn’t miss the look of sadness that crossed his face s as he seemed to reminisce his past experiences. “I mean, sex before you was cool, but this damn mate bond takes my soul to a different dimension the moment I’m inside of you and I never want to be without that feeling again.” I bob my head in agreement, knowing the exact feeling he is referring to. “Plus, you turned out to be so much more than I could have ever imagined. You’re beautiful, sexy as hell, smart, friendly, energetic. You leave a good impression on anyone you come across and everyone seems to love you at first sight. Honestly you’re amazing and I’ve had to pinch myself a few times to make sure that I’m not dreaming. You walked into my life when I had all but given up on looking for you. And I’ll be thanking the Goddess for the rest of my life for that.”

I can’t help the warm blush that I feel come over me as a single tear rolls down my cheek.

He pulls me closer and kisses the tear away. Snuggling into my neck he whispers, “I love you.”

In that moment I know without a shadow of doubt, I love him too.
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