The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Vennde

*Eva POV*

The sun shines brightly through the open curtains, creating a majestic glow around the room announcing a new day and a new beginning. Feeling the weight of Ethan's arm over my waist and the rhythmic rumble of his snoring makes me wish that we can lay here forever. But between his alpha duties and getting the ball rolling back home, a girl can only dream, right?

The pillow talk session that we had last night was awesome and gave us some really good insight on each other in our most vulnerable states. I already know that moments like this will always be my favorites. Just the two of us, sharing, laughing and loving in a judgment free zone.

I slip from underneath his arm and out of the bed, tiptoeing to the bathroom to take a shower, alone. Showers with him are becoming my new favorite pastime, but we have to be productive today. The first thing I need to do is get in contact with Fabienne and let her know that I've met, and mated, the alpha and now I'm ready for her next set of instructions.

Feeling exhilarated and squeaky clean, I step out of the shower and into the closet to find something to wear for the day. I settle on a simple aqua colored tank top and a ripped pair of jeggings to accommodate the warm Miami weather.

"Good morning." A shiver runs down my spine at the gruff sexiness of his morning voice and the tight embrace of his arms around my waist.

"Mhmm, good morning." I lean back into his warmth. "I'm about to go downstairs and grab some breakfast, do you have any special requests?" He shrugged as if to say he didn't know. "Ok, well I'm going to make spageti ak aransó, Haitian spaghetti with smoked herring. By the time you shower and get dressed, it should be ready.” I turn, reaching up on my tiptoes to plant a kiss on his cheek before leaving the room on a mission to find the kitchen.

I take my time and explore the lower level for a bit. This house is emasculate! The living area is dressed with comfortable couches and chairs and pictures of the pack members line the walls. There’s a portrait of my parents standing in front of the kingdom on the stone mantle. And despite it’s regalness, it doesn’t take away from the homely feeling of the room. In fact, all of the smiling faces seem to complement one another.

I checked out the theater which could easily fit 30 in it’s leather reclining chairs. The screen itself took up a full wall and in the back of the room there was a concession stand, complete with a full bar. Maybe when we get another free chance, we can enjoy a nice movie night.

I finally find my way to the kitchen and it is love at first sight as I try to pick my jaw up off the floor. This marble palace is a room that I can live in. White cabinets, a glorious extended range and the custom built-in, walk-in refrigerator paled in comparison to the completely marble island in the center of the room. Suede high back chairs lined one side of the island and behind them were more of the same chairs surrounding a large dining room table that I’m sure has held many eventful meals. As I walked around checking the cabinets and pantry for what I needed, I was pleased to find not only contemporary cookware and spices, but traditional Haitian ones as well.

I grabbed the ingredients needed to make my épis, Haitian seasoning base, and the pilon to mash the ingredients down. I turned on my playlist and began to sway my hips as I allowed the tantalizing smells to take over my senses. I’m dancing and whipping around the kitchen, so caught up in my music and just the overall joy of cooking that I didn’t even realize that a small crowd of pack warriors had gathered in the doorway. Tossing spaghetti noodles into the boiling water, I almost jumped out of my skin when Tony bumped into my shoulder. “Oh Goddess! You scared the crap out of me!”

“I’m sorry,” he chuckled. “We were trying to train when the breeze kept wafting the smells of authentic food into the training area. We thought a granmè or tantine, grandma or auntie, had snuck into the house. Picture how surprised we were to find our Luna cheffing it up and getting her groove on in the kitchen.” He twirled his wrists as if he were stirring a pot, earning laughs from the warriors filing into the kitchen.

Bonjou everyone, good morning.” They all waved and spoke back. “How about I make enough for everybody. Cool?”

“Cool!” The sounds of their voices booming together sparked joy in me as I thought about the fact that no matter what, this group will forever be a part of my family now.

Smiling to myself, I connect the music to the Bluetooth sound system and continued to cook, increasing the serving size, while we all danced and laughed and I got to know more of them by name. All of a sudden the room fell quiet, with just the just the vocals of Lucky Daye blasting in the background.

A smile crossed my face as someone cleared their throat and I could smell him before I even turned around.

“So imagine my surprise as I’m waiting patiently for some mouthwatering spageti, my first meal cooked by my beautiful mate, to be brought upstairs, only to find out that my pack has been holding my Luna hostage.” He stated to the room, stone faced, looking from one warrior to the next, eyes finally landing on me as he picked me up releasing a hearty laugh.

“Oh stop it,” I playfully hit him on his chest. “Don’t come being the big, bad alpha in my kitchen, while I’m making a meal for my pack.” I placed my hands on my hips, giving him a stern look as he sat me back on the floor. I turn back to the others giving them a smile as he pouts.

“Fine, but I eat first.”

Of course, Big Man.” I continued to cook, sending a text to Lena asking if she could bring Haitian bread on her way over.

As I added the final touches and made sure that the table was set with additional bottles of ketchup and Mayo, I could practically hear the salivary glands working in the wolves around the room. Setting Ethan’s plate down in front of him and taking the seat to his left was the only sign needed to give these wolves permission to dig in.

I feel like a proud mom as I look at the table of men and women laughing, conversing, and stuffing their faces in a moment when nothing else matters than just being together. I stand to clear mine and Ethan’s plates when he grabs my hand, pulling me to sit on his lap.

“Breakfast was amazing,” he mumbled into my hair. “I don’t think we’ve all sat down for a meal like this together in a long time. Thank you.” My heart warmed as his kissed the back of my head.

FaceTime began to ring on my phone and I picked it up. “Ah, it’s my beta, Michel.”

“Oh, go ahead and answer her, it’s no problem.”

I laugh, knowing he’s in for a surprise. “Good morning, Mich! What’s up?”

His deep voice comes through the phone, melodiously halting all conversations as heads turn in our direction. “Good morning Princess.” Ethan’s grip on my thigh tightens as I suppress the laugh that’s tickling the back of my throat at his shock. “Is this the mate?”

“Yes,” I can’t help but blush. “Ethan, this is my beta and one of my best friends, Michel. Michel, this is my mate, Alpha Ethan.” They exchanged strained pleasantries and I rolled my eyes as they both tried their hardest to push testosterone through the phone screen.

When they were finally done trying to intimidate one another, Michel took on a serious composure. “E, I was actually calling on a serious note. I have Fabienne here and she needs to tell you something.”

I sit up on Ethan’s lap as Fabienne moves into the camera space. “Bonjou Madam Fabienne. Kijan ou ye, how are you?”

Mwen byen, e ou, I’m good and you?” I turn the phone towards Ethan and her face instantly lights up like mine. “So I see you’ve met the alpha?” She laughed as we both showed her our mate marks. “That’s wonderful, my child. Now that you two have met, it is important that we begin to move faster to end the threat to the kingdom as soon as possible.” She began to look uneasy and as if a dark cloud just imposed on her aura. “Something is about to happen. I feel that the bokor is getting restless so they may try something drastic. You need to go to New Orleans and find someone. You’ll be looking for an old wolf. Long ago he used to be a member of the Lalune until his mate was taken away from him.”

“New Orleans? But isn’t there a heavy Louisiana voodoo presence there?”

“Exactly,” she responded with a nod. “His name is Romilis Ipolit. When you find him, tell him that I sent you and it is about our friend the bokor.”

“Ok, Romilis Ipolit,” I say to myself as I type his information into my phone.

“Also, it is very important that your beta be present with you when you meet him.” Again, I felt Ethan tense beneath me. I can only imagine how he’ll respond when he finds out that Michel and I had been having sex for years before we mated, but that’s a conversation I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy don’t want to have right now.

I nodded as Michel stepped back into view with a smug look on his face. “I’ll see you in a few, bestie.” He hung up the phone before I could even get another word out.

Shit. This is not going to be fun.
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