The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Venntwa

*Augustin Tereau POV*

It's only been a couple of days since our failed attack, but it feels as if it's been months. I'm angry all of the time, I've completely destroyed my office, and my wolves are so afraid of my volatile reactions they stay clear of my presence. Yet despite all of this, my father, the great and powerful bokor, has the audacity to act as if everything is chipper and normal. Downing my fourth full glass of whiskey, I crush the glass in my hand as I stare at the complacent look on his face as he stares back at me from his desk.

"Augustin, how will you be a grand and mighty ruler if you allow yourself to crack under a little smidgen of pressure?" I growl and bear my teeth at him as I pick the now embedded glass from my palm. He sucks his teeth which only serves to piss me off more. "I already told you gason, son. You are thirty now so at any chance we get the prophecy will come to pass and in no time I-you, will hold so much power you will never be able to see its bounds."

I forgo a glass this time and drink straight from the decanter, smiling as the smooth liquid burns slowly to my empty belly. "Tell me this. How have I made it thirty years and never knew that you had a sister?" He just sits there staring at me as if I didn't say anything, pressing all of my buttons and infuriating me even more. "Repon mwen lepé, answer me old man!" I slam my fist down on the desk, watching a new crack splinter across the wood.

"Yes, I have a sister. A twin sister named Fabienne." I can't believe he has the gall to look like my question inconvenienced him.


"And, she is my opposite. I'm Fabio. She is Fabienne. I worship the dark and she the light. I'm bad, she's good. Blah. Blah. Blah." A flash of hatred passes across his hardened features. "I did not count on her being involved with King Marcelin, but I should have known. Manze te toujou ap améde boudam, she's always been a pain in my ass. Ever since the womb! I wish I could have absorbed her when I had the chance, but killing her now will suffice."

At this point I can't say that I'm even shocked by the way he says certain things, but even I can admit that plotting his twin sister's death is maniacal. "So basically what you’re saying is that her powers counter yours?” He narrowed his eyes and nodded as of I were the dumbest man on Earth. “Well if you’re so fucking powerful, how is it that she was able to sense you and ruin our entire plan? Huh?! You’re supposed to be at my right hand when I fulfill the prophecy, but you’re too weak to notice the presence of your sister’s magic?!” I stalk towards him as I feel my anger start to boil over. “Maybe she holds the power and you are just a weak steaming pile of sh—“

As I stood over him seething, sweat rolling off of my body as if I were in a sauna, he began to chant. All other noise around me was drowned out by the loud, erratic beating of my heart as I watched his hand open and slowly close into a fist. The action causing my eyes to buck as I felt my heart and lungs begin to constrict. Dropping to my knees and clutching my chest, I could not make sense of what was happening as I was losing oxygen too quickly.

He rose from his seat and crouched beside me. “Do you see how my fist is still slightly open gason? Eh? If I open it, you can breathe.” He opened his hand to demonstrate just how in control he was, allowing me just a moment to gasp in much needed air. “But, if I close my fist...” Again my airways began to close as I clutched the bottom of his tunic, begging for reprieve. “If I close my fist completely, I can pulverize your very minuscule existence into dust. You best remember who is actually in charge here.” With that he released me and sauntered out of the room.

What the hell does he mean by who is actually in charge? It’s me! I’m in charge! He fails to remember that the prophecy says it’s me and even though it states that he will be by my side he still needs me to attain that status.

I release a frustrated growl as I pick myself up off of the floor, reaching for my decanter once more. Standing with my back towards the door, I hear the soft clicking of heels and the creaking of the door being closed, as the spicy sweet scent of nutmeg and cinnamon sugar tickle my nose and I know Jessica is standing behind me. My skin prickles as she drags her hands up and down my back before reaching around and dragging her nails across my chest.

I spin around in her arms, granting her the opportunity to unbutton my shirt and tug on my belt as she hungrily tries to release my manhood from its confines. No words are spoken as I sit back in the chair as her tongue begins its slow descent on my now throbbing member. Wanting a quick release, I grab her head, holding it in place as I thrust my hips upwards, groaning loudly as I feel myself hit the back of her throat. Not giving her the chance to breathe, I repeat the motion again and again, before pulling out completely as she struggles to gain air. In a split second, I continue my harsh thrusts, knowing that her throat will be sore, but I don’t care. She knew the odds and took her chances of coming in here.

Pushing her head down to the hilt, I stand up to give myself better leverage for deeper strokes. Anger coursed through my body like hot lead as I felt my thick cum shoot into the depths of her throat.

Taking more swigs of whisky, I grab her from the floor by her arm and lay her over the desk shoving my revived erection into her sopping wet canal without warning, causing her screams to rattle the shelves along the walls. As immediate as the pain hit her, her cries of agony turned to cries of absolute bliss as her body began to convulse as wave after wave of pure ecstasy crashed through her.

“Count your orgasms.” I yanked her hair and arched her back as I whispered in her ear.

Her eyes widened with both excitement and fear. Excitement knowing that she will be sated, pleasured and pleased in only the way that I can do it. The fear—well because the last time I took my frustrations out on her she needed to see the pack doctor and couldn’t walk for days. Yet she keeps coming back for more.

“One,” she moaned as the first orgasm rocked her core. The more I drank the angrier I became. “Two.” Thinking about your father during sex should be an instant turn off, but he is fueling this pleasurable assault and Jessica should probably thank him. “Three. Foouuuurrrr!” Feeling her legs give out under me, I lift her up to a sitting position on the corner of the desk, hand roughly around her throat and enter her again. This position gives better access to her sweet spot and by the huge gulp she takes, she knows what is in store for her.

Drenched in sweat and bulging veins straining all over my body, I finally meet my end. After taking her in both holes for what seemed like hours, she finally passed out around orgasm number fifteen.

‘She’s a strong, good girl, but not mate.’ Leave it to my wolf to try and kill my buzz. I don’t respond, just internally roll my eyes.

I get redressed as my father comes back into the room. He looks from me to Jessica’s limp body and then to my now totally destroyed office furniture before a crooked smile cracks his hardened exterior.

“Now that you’ve blown off some steam, take your little play thing to the pack doctor and get back here expeditiously. I have a plan.”

I could see the evil brewing in his eyes as I lifted Jessica over my shoulder, smiling to myself as I heard her lightly snoring. “And what is this plan lepé?”

He strums his fingers together before plopping down onto the couch. “At first, I just wanted to kill my sister, but now I believe that I can call on the spirits to help me absorb her powers and then I will kill her. Our powers together would make me the most unstoppable bokor in the world.” I waited for thunder to roll, lightning to crack and him to do the evil villain ‘muah ha ha’ laugh, but it didn’t come. “In the event that my sister is dead, the princess won’t be able to help herself and she’ll run right back into our trap. She’ll be yours, the kingdom and eventually the entire wolf and human world will be mi-ours!”

I turned on my heels to headed in the direction of the pack doctor before looking over my shoulder at him. “You better be right this time.” And with that I walked out of my office.
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