The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Ventuit

*Eva POV*

The sound of the alarms pierced my ears and I knew immediately that we were under attack. The moment that Ethan and I were having, quickly ruined by an unknown awaiting fate. Taking a deep breath to try and calm my racing heart, I pulled Ethan into one final kiss before shifting into our wolves and racing back to the front of the pack house.

We made it to the yard in time to witness some of the warriors gearing up to battle in human form while others swiftly shifted to their wolves. I mindlinked Lena to make sure that she was safely tucked away in the house in the safe room to help protect the elderly and the children who did not fight.

“Under no circumstance are you to leave that room. When it’s all said and done we will come to you.”

“Ok. Be careful. If you can send some updates just to let me know you all are safe.”

I agreed to her request before cutting off her link. I took my place standing between Ethan and Michel as we waited for the attack that caused the alarm to sound. I turned my head to the left and right allowing Lafwa to breathe in the scents of her fellow warriors and pinpoint the location of Fabienne, Romi and Romilis. No sooner had I noted their location there was a change in the atmosphere.

A billowing cloud of dust could be seen in the distance, the wind bringing with it the haunting sound of paws plowing quickly across the terrain. Lightning began to strike across the sky as a small wave of zombies came bustling through the woods lining our territory. Warriors who remained in their human forms quickly advanced toward the oncoming threat, engaging in battle as soon as they reached them. While the zombies were not physically putting up a fight, they were attempting to advance forward. As they came closer, the groaning sounds that they were making became clear. They weren’t groaning at all. They were repeating the same haunting words over and over again. “Capture the princess. The true king has come to claim his bride.”

The grating drone of their voices sent a chill down my spine, causing me to crouch down in attack stance as we waited to witness whatever else planned to come through the tree line. Ethan’s wolf began to nudge my side slightly, reassuring that he was there. Before I could even respond to the action, the mindlink opened with a warning that the wolves were coming.

No sooner had we received the message the ground began to rumble as wolf after wolf began to emerge from the trees. We knew that there was a pack of rogue wolves, but we did not think that there would be this many. There had to be at least 50-60 wolves standing at attention awaiting the instruction to charge. With 40 wolves on our side, we showed no signs of weakness because this moment is what we train for. This battle will prove our strength. Protecting our kingdom will prove our commitment. Ensuring that my father and I stay alive and defeat this threat will prove our loyalty to the Lalune.

“Look. In the midst of the dust clouds are two men. No doubt that large one is the rogue and standing next to him is my brother, Fabio.” Fabienne’s voice echoed through the link. “They will not go easy on you, so do not underestimate them. Romi and I will hold off my brother, Romilis do what you need to do!” With that the link shut as Fabienne and Romi stepped out into the open area hand in hand.

The field was now eerily silent due to the zombies being subdued. No one moved and while wolves were bearing their teeth, there was no snarling to be heard. Breaking up that silence came a terrifying laugh as a man that was obviously related to Fabienne stepped out into the field as well.

"Sé mwen, sé mwen, my sister, my sister. How long has it been?” A dark aura that was pure evil could be seen floating around him even with a naked eye. “Look at yourself, surrounded by wolves. Always trying to be the light of the world, adding your two cents into everything that I do!” The more he spoke the more his voice began to distort into an almost demonic bark.

Fabienne did not look amused or alarmed in the least. “Fabio. I can already sense that there is no way to change your mind about any of this.” She used her free hand to gesture around at all of the wolves and warriors standing at attention.

He released another bone chilling cackle. “Well you’ve assumed correctly. At first we were just going to kill the king and take his daughter to claim the throne. But imagine my surprise to find out that my bitch of a twin mistake is working against me! So now... now I’m going to kill you and drain all of the power from your decrepit body and I—my son is going to be king of all of the wolves with my at his side!”

We anxiously watched the scene unfold in front of us as Fabienne still did not falter. The strength of this woman is unreal.

“So be it fré, brother.” With those words She and Romi began to chant, conjuring up a dust cloud and thunder of their own.

Fabio released another creepy laugh as the rogue wolf, who up until this point has not moved from where he leaned against the tree, roared, “Attack!”

Almost instantly both sides began to charge. My father and Beta David we quickly surrounded, but I had no doubt that they could hold their own, and they were. Two wolves headed directly towards me and as I braced for impact Ethan and Michel took the two wolves down, quickly snapping their necks and aiming for their next targets. These wolves were fast and highly trained. We have our work cut out for us.

I opened the mindlink as I watched the bokor and the two vodouisants battle on the field, “Romilis, now is your time.”


*Augustin Tereau POV *

My anger and adrenaline are at an all time high watching this battle unfold. I’m trying to play it cool and not pace back and forth because I’m dying to sink my teeth into these royal warriors! For some dumbass reason my father thinks that I should wait until his direction so that I can be the one to take out the king and make a spectacle of claiming the princess in victory.

When I finally spotted her wolf taking down some of my best fighters, my canines were itching and begging me to shift and join in the fight. All be damned if she wasn’t one of the best tactical fighters I’ve ever seen. She’s clearly a larger wolf, but she’s quick and agile and I want so badly to sink my teeth into her neck and make her submit to my will. But we’ll have time for that soon.

I turn back towards the field and witness my father in a magical battle with his sister and another shewolf that are oozing ‘goodness’ if that makes sense. While my father’s magical blows are drenched in darkness, these two almost seem as if white lights are emitting from their bodies. I’m not gonna lie, they are giving him a run for his money.

As I begin to pace again, I hear a twig snap behind me and promptly turn, swinging with all of my might. The older man was just fast enough to move out of the way as my fist connected with tree, splitting it almost in half. I released a frustrated roar as I began to advance on the man who dare try to sneak up on me.

"Kijan ou rele pitit gason, what is your name son?” The man had the nerve to speak to me with his hands outstretched like I wasn’t the biggest threat to his being right now.

I sucked my teeth, still holding my fighting stance as I took in the man standing before me. He was clearly an older wolf, still built like he possessed the strength of a wolf in his prime, and while his face was set to neutral, I could tell he had a reason for his dumb mistake. “My name is Augustin, King of the Rogues and I am not your fucking son!”

He released a dry chuckle and shook his head, which only seemed to piss me off more. “Well Augustin, my name is Romilis Ipolit and you are my son.”

I threw my head back and laughed sarcastically at what had to be a humorless joke, but seeing as he wasn’t laughing with me, he clearly believed his bullshit. “Man I hate to break it to you, but my father is the bokor that is battling on that field right now.”

“No gason, that bokor that’s out there battling against your sister is not your father, but the piece of shit who kidnapped and killed your mother in order to raise you as his own.”

I snapped my attention back to the girl that was battling against my father and then turned my attention back to the man standing in front of me. The more I stared at him, the more I began to recognize our shared features.


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