The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Ventnéf

*Augustin Tereau POV*

"WHAT?!" was the only word that I could get out when this stranger just told me that he was actually my father and that the man who raised me killed my mother.

"Listen to me, gason."

"Man, stop calling me son! I don't know who you are, but now is not the time for some bullshit story! Do you not know that I can kill you?! You'd be just another body on my way to fulfill a prophecy!" The anger coursing through my body was enough to make me shake.

He held his hands out again and cooly leaned against another tree. For some reason him not finding me a threat was really pissing me off, but at the same time I couldn't bring myself to end him.

"Ok, I'll stop calling you that, but let me tell you a story about your prophecy and then you do what you want with the information." He gave me a look to ask permission to proceed and I gave a tense nod.

"Like I said, my name is Romilis, and out there fighting next to Fabienne is my daughter, your older sister, Romi. I was mated to your mother, Roseline. She was a member of the Soléy Leve pack, but once we came together she joined the Lalune with me."

"Well old man, I can tell you now that your story is bullshit because my mother was turned away and left behind by her pack."

"Is that what he told you? Because I'm guessing you never got a chance to meet your mama, right?"

I just stared at him, because he was right. Everything I knew about my mother was told to me by my dad. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture to hand to me.

I snatched the wallet size photo from his hand and I was literally staring at a picture that could have been me. It was clearly a younger version of this man before me and a beautiful woman that looked just like the girl out on the field. And man was she stunning! I couldn't help but feel an instant pull to her. While I can see that I have this man's build, on the rare occasion that I do smile it looks just like the one gracing the face of this beautiful woman.

At a complete loss of words, I hand the photo back to him and wait for him to continue his story.

He smiled down at the photo before sliding it back into his pocket. "I didn't even know she was pregnant when she disappeared." He grimaced as he rubbed his forehead.

"How do I know you're telling the truth? The prophecy says that the bokor needed to mate with a shewolf for any of this to work."

"Well young man, I'm sure you know that once a shewolf is mated, she can only bear pups from her mate." He went on to tell me how she went missing and then after months of searching for her, her body turned up out of the blue.

At this point I knew he had to be telling the truth because the more he spoke, the more I was able to see myself in him. And the more pissed off I became at the man who claimed to be my father and fed me bullshit stories my whole life about the mother that I never knew.

"The prophecy that Fabienne told us was that the bokor needed a wolf in order to become the most powerful being the world has ever seen." I snapped my head back to him as he provided me with this new information.

"That's not the prophecy. The prophecy states that I am to claim the princess to inherit the throne, bring war to all of the wolf nations and become the all powerful king of wolves with my father at my right hand side."

Treading lightly, she paused before he spoke. "Augustin, he lied to you. He needs a strong and powerful wolf to get him the power that he needs to be able to take over the world for himself."

I stood there quietly for just a moment, thinking back over all of the times this prophecy has been drilled into my skull. The years and years of training to be the best rogue wolf alive with the notion that one day I would kill the king and take his place. I never wondered why I didn't have a mother. I never wondered why I felt no fatherly connection with the bokor. I just took his word for truth. I started to remember every single time Fabio slipped up and said the power would be his. How could I be so fucking naïve?!

I allowed the waves of anger and frustration that I was feeling to wash over me. Finding out that I could have grown up in what seems like a loving family made me feel as if my skull was on fire. Realizing that I'm not even a fucking rogue, but was born of two wolves from the Lalune pack was causing the fur of my wolf to break free. I welcomed the searing pain of a half shift to take over all of my senses as I released a deathly roar that shook the trees and caused the fighting to momentarily cease.

"FABIO!!!!!!!" The growl that was released from my throat embodied the animal part of my soul as I began the trek out on the field to face the bastard that has been lying to me my entire life.

As if he could sense that the tides were changing against him, Fabio began to chant and Romilis was lifted up from the ground. His body was yanked towards Fabio where he was left suspended in the air over the battlefield. Romilis began to writhe and grab at his neck and I knew exactly what Fabio was doing because he had done it to me time and time again.

"Let him go!" I barked my order to Fabio who's evil demeanor and stance were beginning to unnerve me.

"Of course, my king." With a bone chilling chortle, Fabio threw his head back as he flicked his wrist, loudly snapping the neck of the man that I had just learned was truly my father.

I ran full speed to catch the body as Fabio released it from the unseen forces keeping it dangling in the air. As I held him in my arms, the deafening scream of my sister broke through the silence as we both began to mourn the man in my arms. The father that she had loved her entire life, and the father that I would never truly be allowed to know.

"You son of a bitch!" At this point I was fighting a full shift with the intent of ending the life of this bokor who had completely ruined mine. "You are not my father?!"

"Of course not you imbecile!" He threw his hands up as if it should have been obvious to me all along.

"You murdered my mother and raised me on some fabrication of a prophecy! For what?! So you could gain some power?!" My voice cracked as the world that I've always known began to shatter around me.

Insulting me, he started to clap his hands slowly as if I should have figured out his motives all along. "Good job, Sonny Boy! You're on the right track, but let me straighten some things out for you about the real prophecy. The true prophecy says that a Lalune wolf, dead daddy dearest here, and a Soléy Leve wolf, your dead whore of a mother, would come together and mate to create a child that would grow up to be a great warrior and defeat the bokor." He smugly took a moment to gesture towards himself before carrying on. "But should the bokor use the warrior as a weapon of his own, he can defeat all of his enemies. And upon the wolf's thirtieth birthday, the bokor will sacrifice him, feeding the earth with the blood of his heart, and he would inherit a godlike power that no bokor has ever possessed before." He released a deep breath as if he had wanted to say that for so long.

"Do you know how long I've had to deal with your disgusting wolf stench? How many times I've wanted to say fuck this prophecy and just kill you to be done with it all? But you see, I am a very determined man. Why stop at just the prospect of have godlike power? Hmm, I want more. That's why I wanted you to garner the power of being king of the wolves so I could take that too. You couldn't even do that correctly! So honestly, what use are you?!"

I growled at him as I let my wolf take complete control, shifting and ready to attack.

"Aht. Aht. Aht." He held up his hand showing no fear of me at all. "Jessica, deary, bring forth our little friend, hmm?"

I turned to watch Jessica trudging forward, roughly dragging a petite woman who was unsuccessfully trying to put up a fight.

"Shift back, son. I have something for you." The snake like grin on his face caused just enough alarm for me to follow his instructions.

The closer Jessica and this woman came, the stronger the scent of sweet jasmine and lemon became, slowly clouding all of my senses. My body and my wolf instantly began to react to her and when our gazes connected I knew that this woman was my mate.

Fabio began to laugh aggressively as if he held my kryptonite in his hands. Not able to react, a commotion grabbed our attention as the princess and two male wolves forcefully shifted back into their human forms.

The princess ran forward, only to be snatched back by one of the males.

Fighting against his strong grasp, she could do nothing but yell.

"Lena, nooooo!"
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