The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Twa

As everyone cleared the yard, I remained sitting in the dirt, downing my second bottle of water enjoying the kiss of the sun and the slight breeze against my flushed skin. I leaned back on my elbows allowing myself to become one with nature, if for only just for a moment. Even with my eyes closed, I could feel the presence of another, and eyes attempting to peer into my soul.

“You know, staring is rude,” I didn’t even bother to open my eyes as his musky, yet sweet scent filled my nostrils. I inhaled deeply just as the breeze forced more of him onto my senses, causing a shiver down my spine.

“Then call me the rudest man on the planet, because I’ll always stare at you baby.”

“Rudest man, or corniest?” I let out a giggle as I threw my now empty water bottle in his direction.

He sat down behind me with his back leaning against mine. “I heard Stacy found her mate last night,” he said as I felt the muscles in his back flex.

“Yeah, she did. Phillip seems like a really good guy and I think they’re going to be great for each other.” I smiled, even though it forced me to think of my own unmated situation.

As if he could feel my uneasiness, he jumped to his feet and I instantly saw his now discarded shorts and shoes fall into a pile next to me. Shielding my face from the sun, I looked up to see him now standing next to me in all of his naked glory. I drank in all of his beauty, starting from his perfectly rounded shoulders, strong chest and arms that are covered in intricate tattoos, down to his rippled abdomen. I bit my lip unintentionally as I made my way down to his semi-erect manhood that even in this state was doing that jumpy thing that I find so sexy. I’ve seen him like this so many times that it shouldn’t even affect me like this but... “Damn...” I’m not even sure if it was a gulp or a whisper, forgetting that we were still outside in plain view of anyone walking by.

He let out a deep chuckle that made his not-so-little friend bounce and placed his hands on his hips, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. “Get your head out of the gutter, Princess. I felt your ‘woe is me, where is my mate’ vibe and wanted to take you out for a run. You know, just to clear your head.”

I scrunched my nose at him, but reached out for his hand to help me up. Wiping the dust off of my butt, I slipped out of my sweatshirt, kicked off my shoes and began to remove my pants when I heard him growl behind me. Smiling, I didn’t even bother to turn around as I knew his gaze was on my thong clad ass. I shifted into my wolf, allowing her to take control as we bolted towards the woods leaving Michel behind.

Feeling the earth beneath my paws, avoiding low lying branches, and jumping those that had fallen, I felt his wolf catch up with me in no time. His wolf is just as majestic as he is. Sporting his signature honey brown eyes, his light brown wolf is gorgeous with all of his paws seeming as if they were each dipped into to different colors of brown paint. He’s adorable and I tell him every chance I get.

We finally reached our destination, a hidden fresh water lake that is on the far edge of our pack territory that no one ever visits, but us seemingly. I lowered my snout to quench my thirst, taking in the view of my very own chocolate brown wolf with a patch of white on my left ear and under my right eye.

As I allowed my wolf senses to enjoy my surroundings, I felt a hard hit to my side as I toppled into the water, yelping as I caught my footing to climb back out. Vigorously shaking the water from my fur I snarled at Michel’s wolf who seemed to be laughing in a fit of yelps and huffs. I jumped on him and we rolled around like pups forever before resting in the grass and shifting back to our human forms, holding each other tightly.

“Are you ok?” I could feel his body vibrant with the rumble of his words leaving his chest as I lay lightly in his arms.

Thinking about his question, I answered, “You know I am perfectly fine not having a mate right now. I’m not in a rush and I really like whatever the hell this is that we have.” I really do enjoy what we have, but I always wonder how my life will change when I finally meet that person. Either way, Michel will always be a part of my life. Not only is he one of my best friends, but I trust him with my life and he will most definitely be my beta when the time comes.

He huffed, “You’re lying about not wanting a mate, but I ain’t gonna lie, I love this shit too.” He gripped a handful of my luscious butt and shook it as I ran my fingers up his rib cage.

I sat up, swiftly throwing my leg over him, straddling his waist, as I leaned down and took his mouth as my own. It was a soft, yet very sensuous kiss that left him looking at me with pitch black aroused eyes. Bucking his hips, he flipped us over landing in the same position we were in during our hand-to-hand battle earlier. Finding myself with my hands pinned behind my back again, he lightly placed his knee on my throbbing nub and circled it with torturous gentleness. I released a guttural moan to show him just how much I was enjoying what he was doing.

His smirk acknowledged the immense pleasure that he was providing. He leaned down and began to pepper my lips, chin, and neck with sweet, soft kisses. Wanting more aggression, I bucked my hips roughly against his knee, silently begging him for more.

“Aht aht aht. Patience Princess.”

I bucked my hips again, pleading for him to ravage my body and give me the release that only he could give me.

His eyes flickered from his usual brown to those deep pools of black as he released a deep growl and started ruthlessly kissing those same places that he had gently kissed moments ago. Replacing his knee with the heel of his hand, he began to roughly attack my aching clit, sending shocks of pleasure throughout my body. Dragging his sharp canines from my collarbone to my breast, he began his biting assault on my nipples. Extending his claws on his other hand, he began to trail his fingers from my thigh up to my waist before lightly plunging them into my hip, groaning in my ear as the scratch marks healed almost instantly.

Not wanting to be tortured any longer, I uttered the words that I knew would get me exactly what I wanted. “Please baby, I submit. Make me feel good,” I whimpered to him.

He released my arms, allowing me to stretch them over my head. He grabbed my thighs and pushed my legs up and apart granting him the opportunity to see his feast in the midday sun.

“Fuck, Eva! How is it possible for you to be this beautiful and this sexy?” he posed the rhetorical question before he lowered his head and began to deliver a tongue thrashing like I had never experienced before.

“Yeeeessssssss, oh goddess, yeeeeesssss!” I screamed as my first orgasm ripped through me faster than either of us could have imagined.

Feeling the cool breath from his laugh on my slick lips caused me to arch my back as he slipped a finger into me catching me completely off guard as he began to hit my sweet spot with precision, forcing me to scream out in ecstasy as I looked down to see the slick juices leave my body and splash onto his hand and forearm. Not allowing me to come down from that high, he removed his finger and rubbed my slickness up and down his shaft before positioning his hardness at my entrance.

I was barely given the chance to inhale a deep breath of fresh air before he thrust all of his manhood into me with one fluid movement. He stayed still for a moment allowing me to adjust to his size waiting for my nod before plunging in and out of me, again and again, speeding up his pace. I lifted my hips to join his, begging him to give me more, harder and faster.

Looking into each others eyes, we knew that we were both on the cusp of reaching that physical and emotional release we both craved so much. Swiftly flipping me over onto all fours, he lightly pressed down on my back to give him better access, he mumbled incoherently as he bucked right back into to me, increasing speed and rubbing my clit vigorously. My climax hit me with such force that I collapsed, seeing stars, fireworks, asteroids, I saw it all. His dick left my body with a sloppy popping sound as I felt his warm release on my ass cheek.

He crumpled next to me taking his hand and rubbing his seed into my skin as we cuddled close allowing the comfort of each other to regulate our breathing and coddle us into a much needed slumber.

Waking up from the exhilarating nap, we headed towards the water to rinse and return to the pack house. Splashing water on one another was forcing the urge to arise for a second round. Just when I thought that there would be more, we heard it. The piercing alarm that warned us that something was wrong. Throwing a quick glance at each other, Michel and I shifted back into our wolves and made it back in record time. We swiftly found our clothes and filed in line with the others, looking towards my father for orders. A look of concern flashed across his usually stern face.

Right before my father could give out orders on where to go, one of the patrol guards ran into the clearing with a dazed and terrified look on his face. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out, just incoherent babbling.

“Spit it out!” my father reacted with authority in his voice, but concern written all over his face.

Gathering his breath, the soldier looked at my father and cried, before crumbling to the ground into a heap of a sobbing mess, “They turned my brother into a zombie.”

What the fuck?!

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