The Pride of the Lalune

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*The Narrator*

Lena stood in the safe room inside of the pack house as she began to pace back and forth at the sound of the relentless battle outside. Needing to keep herself busy, she made sure to walk around and let everyone know that everything was going to be fine. As much as she was trying to help them remain calm, she was also trying to reassure her own rapid beating heart.

As bad as she wanted to reach out through the mindlink for an update, she opted against it because she didn't want to be a hindrance or throw anyone off of their battle game.

"Ugh! Maybe I should have done a few training sessions with the pack and then I could at least go out and check, but still be able to fight if need be," she thought to herself as she took note of how many times lightning seemed to crash overhead.

After what seemed like hours of loud fighting, everything became eerily quiet. So quiet in fact, that she was afraid to reach out to the mindlink for fear that someone was hurt.

Knowing that patience has never been her strong suit, she decided to give it to the count of ten and if nothing happened she was going to sneak out and investigate on her own.

"One. Two. Thhhrrrreeeeee... Ten. Fuck it! It's way too quiet."

She made her way over to the other women that were left in charge and told them she would be right back. Giving them a nervous glance, she had to risk it to make sure her friends and family were alright.

Quietly slipping out of the back door, she crouched behind a row of bushes and began to survey the area.

"Ok, there's Eva, Alpha Ethan.. Michel, Uncle Marcelin, Uncle Beta Dave...Fabienne, Romi, and Rom—oh my GODDESS!!!" After spotting everyone she soon realized why they were frozen in place and staring upward. The bokor had Romilis dangling above ground, grabbing at his neck.

'Why isn't anyone doing anything?!' She screamed internally, frantically searching for someone to intervene.

"Let him go!" She snapped her head back to the field as she witnessed a mountain of a man challenging the bokor.

'This has to be Romilis' rogue son. They are almost identical.'

Tuning out the conversation between the two, she continued to admire their physical similarities until a loud crack followed by Romi's deafening scream brought her back to reality. Realizing that the cracking sound was that of Romilis' neck, she released a loud gasp and quickly covered her mouth hoping that no one had heard or noticed her presence.

Unfortunately, she had been heard and was roughly grabbed by a threatening shewolf that seemed to want to end her right then and there. No longer able to tune in to the argument occurring on the field, she switched into fight mode, trying to conjure up any moves or techniques that could get her away from this rabid wolf and back into the seclusion of the safe room.

"Jessica, deary, bring forth our little friend, hmm?" She heard the bokor say as the shewolf, who she now realized is Jessica began to yank her forward.

"You will not take me without a fight!" Lena began to push, kick and swing as hard as she could but to no avail.

Being forced into the middle of the field, she witnessed the rogue and her friends shift back into their human forms.

"Lena noooo!" She couldn't help but hold her head in defeat and embarrassment, knowing that she disobeyed Eva's direct orders by putting herself in this situation and now she was probably going to die for it.

Praying to the Moon Goddess for some sort of miracle, her nose began to tingle with the strong scent of crisp ocean water. Even though they weren't too far from the ocean, she knew that the chances of getting a pure whiff like that were slim and to be completely honest she'd never been so enticed by the smell before. She closed her eyes and lifted her nose to follow the direction from which the scent came. She opened her eyes, locking them with the pained gaze of the rogue wolf who looked almost defeated crouching before the bokor.


An evil laugh caused them to break away from their intense gaze.

"Well, well, well, son. It seems as if your Moon Goddess was gracious enough to give a worthless piece of shit like you a mate after all." The bokor giddily glanced between Augustin and Lena as he waited for the realization to hit them both.

Recognizing the scent of jasmine and lemon to be that of his mate, Augustin sat down on the ground, completely in awe as he carefully watched the woman called Lena, that is his mate. How screwed up is the universe that he find out that he is not who he thought he was, he had a family that could have loved him, and the Moon Goddess saw him worthy enough to bless him with a mate?

He woke up this morning knowing that his life was going to change. Be that as it may, he thought he was going to kill the king and conquer the kingdom, but never did he think it would turn out this way. The bokor had stripped him of everything. Killed his mother. Took away his identity. Murdered the man that was actually his father right before his eyes. And he's threatening what could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to him. Of course he doesn't know this woman, but she was made especially for him and if ever there was a time to stop being a ruthless asshole and turn from his wicked ways, that time was now.

He locked eyes with his terrified mate and gave her a small smile, hoping to give her some sort of reprieve from her fears. When she returned a blushing smile he felt as if his heart would burst.

‘Even if it's the last thing I do, I have to save my mate.'

Witnessing the small exchange between the two, Jessica, who was previously quite proud of her conquest immediately became infuriated. How dare he so quickly forget all about her because he accidentally found his mate?! Watching them share a smile kindled an angry fire deep in her soul as she thought of every moment she had spent with Augustin, all of the promises—all the pain she had endured because of him. Maybe they didn't love each other, but she'd be damned if all of her suffering was to be for naught.

No, she was never going to give him up! She roughly put her hand in Lena's hair, yanking her head back, causing a pained yelp to escape her lips. Taking a moment to relish in Lena's pain, Jessica was completely taken aback when she heard Augustin release a deafening guttural growl.


If the other wolves on the field hadn't caught on to what was happening by now, Augustin's declaration made sure to clarify and seal the deal.

Using his unnatural brute force he lunged towards Jessica with all of his might, forgetting any relationship they had ever had. He was going to destroy her.

Jessica had never felt so betrayed, hurt, or enraged in her life! Seeing nothing but red, she gave her wolf and her emotions total control. Not waiting for Augustin to reach her, she plunged her hand deep into Lena's chest, grabbing her heart.

Tears began to stream down Lena's face, but she didn't make a sound. In an instant, her world seemed to move in slow motion. She could hear Eva's faint cry, the pained howl of her uncle's wolf and the heavy footsteps of the rogue come to a complete stop.

"Jessica, please. I'm begging you, don't hurt my mate." Augustin dropped to his knees pleading for compassion from the woman that he'd never shown an ounce to.

Jessica scoffed at his behavior, unable to believe that this is the same feral beast that she has grown to respect for his sheer power, rage and ruthlessness.

"How weak are you to be on your knees begging for the life of this bitch?! What about me? Huh? Am I not worthy of the looks that you're giving her? You have never once looked at me that way and I have been by your side for years!" Her shoulders shuddered in disgust. "I can't believe this! You love her, don't you? How dare you?!"

Augustin could not take his eyes away from Lena's still form. He fought all of his instincts to reach out and wipe away her tears, knowing that if he did Jessica would not hesitate to rip her heart out. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if something happened to her. No he doesn't know her, but he knows that he already loves her. He loves her enough to sacrifice himself instead.

"Bokor! Whatever you want, I will do it. Just please, let her go." He stood to his feet and turned to look into the face of evil incarnate.

"If you cross me, I will have Jessica kill her before you can even think to stop her." The bokor gave him a pointed look and Augustin bowed his head in submission. "Very well. Let her go."

Jessica removed her hand, dropping Lena's body with a loud thud. Stomping and pointing her finger, Jessica started to argue her reasoning with the bokor.

Feeling her strength regain, Lena sat up on the field, searching until her eyes found her mate. She thanked him with a ghost of a smile.

"Run," he mouthed to her and she took off running towards the pack house, not bothering to turn around.

Noticing her mistake, Jessica turned to give chase, but the low hum of Augustin chanting stopped her dead in her tracks. The louder his voice became the tighter her chest grew. Her body slowly began to turn towards Augustin as she felt a tight grip on her lungs and heart.

Gasping for one last breath that just wouldn't come, she gestured for the bokor to help her. Ignoring her silent pleas, he stood in horrified awe that this rogue wolf that he clearly underestimated was actually performing one of his spells. How is he doing this?

Avenging the pain that she caused his mate, Augustin crushed Jessica's heart and tossed her lifeless body at the feet of the bokor. He may never have his mate, but he will do right by her.

"Ah, well it seems as if you're going to be a formidable challenger after all." Looking around at all of the wolves staring blankly at him, an idea crossed the mind of the bokor. "Well it's only fair if I make the pot a little sweeter."

With a crooked smile he commenced an incantation that caused all of the rogue wolves to stand at attention. Eyes glazed over to crimson red and snarling mouths dripping thick yellow foam, the wolves that were once loyal to Augustin now stood to the sides of Fabio.

Letting loose one more of his terrifying cackles, he clasped his hands together. "Now I have a very deadly wolf army of my own."

Witnessing the transference in enemy power, Eva, the king and their warriors shifted back into their wolves, ready for the fight of their lives. Romi, although noticeably distraught, reigned in her grief to find the necessary strength to reclaim her stance next to Fabienne with Augustin now by their sides.

"Let's finish this!"
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