The Pride of the Lalune

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*Ethan POV*

Today is the day. It's been ten years since Eva and I said 'I do' and life has been amazing ever since. I couldn’t even wait to plan a wedding, so we married that night in her courtyard and it was more than we could have ever asked for. My parents were pissed for a while, but once they got a chance to meet my baby, they were just as enchanted as I was from the very beginning.

Any doubts and fears I might have had about fulfilling my role as alpha were completely washed away when my Luna stood by my side. My girl is truly something else. No sooner than thirty minutes after her Luna ceremony, she was changing into scrubs and running off to the pack hospital to deliver yet another baby. I was honestly beginning to think pack members were just having babies with the hopes of them being delivered by their Luna/princess/future queen/savior.

For three years we got to enjoy each other and nurture our ever-building relationship. We had absolutely no threats to our pack after word spread about what went down in the kingdom, but Luna Warrior Princess made sure that pack members were still trained and ready for anything. And she truly whipped those warriors into tip top shape.

Then we got the surprise of a lifetime when we found out we were expecting our first and second pups. Ethan-Junior and Fabianna Rose took us all by storm, and filled in a hole we never knew was empty. They both take after their mother; even-tempered, with leadership, authority and warriorship evident in their futures. They're so unproblematic and chill I'd sometimes wish that they would cause a little bit of trouble.

Oh how I wish I could take that back! Cue up little Miss Adora Marie. 'Baby Satan' as I prefer to call her, just turned three and is my mini me. I was over the moon when she was born and looked exactly like me, but the Moon Goddess is playing some kind of cruel joke by cursing her with my attitude. Don't let her sweet face fool you. She will lure you in and shred you to pieces before you can even comprehend what happened. Not only that, she's sneaky and likes to be the center of attention.

Today for example. We held the Alpha and Luna ceremony for Augustin and Lena to take over the pack while we head back to Haiti. Well Baby Satan thought that she should be on stage with 'Auggy and Lea' and after explaining why she couldn't be for the thousandth time, she finally seemed to understand. Ha! Guess who stripped off their dress and pull-up to go streaking through the ceremony? Adora. I'm quite positive she's going to have a very interesting story of her own one day.

But all and all, our life has been nothing short of amazing and we're ready to start this next chapter.


"Babe, we have a few more bags left in the trunk and then we'll be ready to take off," Eva calls out to me as she makes her way to the steps to board the jet with the kids in tow.

It's not a long flight from Miami to Haiti, but EJ and Fabianna have their books and tablets ready to go and I'm hoping Adora is ready for a nap.

After the last bag is tucked away, I take my seat and Eva gets comfortable in my lap. She cuddles in close while I inhale her newly changed pregnancy scent and rub her still flat stomach. We decided to not have anymore kids, but were over the moon to find out we had one more on the way.

"I think Lena and Augustin are going to be amazing for the pack," she whispered into my neck. I nod in agreement, thinking back over all of the adversity they've had to overcome in the past ten years.

Apparently, even when the truth comes out that you were kidnapped before birth, raised to despise the kingdom, and despite completely changing your viewpoint and pledging your allegiance, some people will still hate you. But one thing is for sure, Augustin has worked hard to gain the pack's respect. Especially when he agreed to become a pack ambassador and take on the role of temporary alpha when the alpha of the Boston settlement disappeared without a trace. But that's a redemption tale for another time.

Lena on the other hand, accepted her mate as soon as we did and fell madly in love. And one thing for certain, even though she wasn't properly trained at the time, Lena is going to fight for those she loves. Eva has had to reset many broken noses because pack members said something foul about Augustin in Lena’s presence. That girl lives by ‘swing now, ask questions later’.

Then there's Romi and Michel. They decided to settle in New Orleans and keep her dad's shop running. She became a vodouisant advisor to the New Orleans pack and they were extremely excited when Michel agreed to train their fighters. Some truly trippy, magical stuff was happening over there for a while, but with a little help from the other side, they got it under control.

Like I said, life has been pretty dope. Now I just to enjoy my time as prince consort, and husband/daddy extraordinaire while Eva fulfills her duties as queen.

Her soft snoring pulls me away from my daydream as I look out the window realizing that we've already made it and are preparing to land to begin our new life.


*Eva POV*

I can't help the smile that adorns my face when my father places the crown upon my head.

I was beyond grateful when he gave us the ten year grace period for Ethan and I to just live life. I can't even begin to explain how much I enjoyed being Luna and a pack doctor. But most importantly, I got to be a mom to some pretty amazing kids, even though the youngest is questionable at times.

I will say, I enjoyed growing up and living life in the kingdom. I was never restricted or placed on an unattainable pedestal. People never treated me differently because of who my parents were or what my title was. I was brought up to understand and relate to any and everyone that I came across.

But there was just something so appealing about living life beyond the kingdom. I felt like a unicorn that was gifted a pair of wings. I had never felt freer in my life. Even in situations that should have been stressful, I was more than excited to immerse myself in all of the pack dealings. I couldn’t have been happier.

Throughout the years, Fabienne has visited my dreams a few times, including each time I became pregnant. She always blessed the babies and made sure to tell me how proud of us she is. I still miss her terribly, but I know she's still with us in the ways that she can be. And she had just one more joke. Guess who ended up finding their mate in the Miami pack? Tam. And guess who her mate is? JJ! We laughed for days, but they are honestly so good for each other it just made sense.

When the time came to start preparing for our return to the kingdom, I knew I would need someone like her in my corner so I held my breath and asked Romi to be my advisor. I knew that she was working closely with the New Orleans pack, but I couldn't express my excitement or gratitude enough when she and Michel agreed to return with us.

While I will certainly miss being Luna of the Nwa Lalune, I know that my transition into queen will benefit all of the packs that we govern and they will always have a special place in my heart.

As I stand before the kingdom with my family by my side, I vow to honor and protect them, as my father before me and his father before him. I vow to myself, to nurture my children so that they grow to love, honor and protect the kingdom when it is their turn to carry on the legacy.

I think back to the battle that took place on these very grounds and the sacrifices that were made. I look out and see the warriors who stood by my side and remember those that gave their lives. I pray we never have to go through anything like that again, but I would gladly give my all for the people that I love.

I feel the warmth pool in my chest as the pack officially made the pledge to accept and protect me as their queen, solidifying our bond. I release the ceremonial howl as the pack follows suit and bows down to me. I hold my head high, with my mate, children and family by my side.

I know my journey is not over. It’s only just beginning.
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