The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Kat

I know what you're thinking. How is this even possible. Granted believing the concept of werewolves is outrageous enough. Generally speaking, when you hear werewolves, you think that vampires may exist too. Well, I've never come across one of those, they sound utterly disgusting anyway. But back to where I was going...other supernatural beings have to exist right?

I am not talking about your walking dead, brain eating, falling flesh zombies. These zombies, Haitian zombies created by vodou, are real. Bokors, which are vodou sorcerers, use a magical potion that turns the recently dead into mindless, soulless minions by taking control of their ti bon ange, the part of the soul that's directly connected to a person. I know the shit sounds crazy and I would never believe it if I hadn't seen it for myself.

"What do you mean they turned your brother into a zombie?!" my father yelled with a look of angst on his face.

We all stood still in line, but I know like me, everyone had to be thinking the same thing. Who the fuck was dealing with the evil vodou preist?

As we listened to the guard tell his story about how his brother had been acting weird the last few weeks, he described how he had fallen ill all of a sudden and died without warning. They buried him immediately the day before. Wanting to keep some normalcy in his life and suppress his hurt feelings, he decided to fulfill his duties as patrol guard. All was fine until he saw someone approaching in the distance. He spoke to the man that was walking his way and warned him that he was attempting to enter an area where he was not allowed. Receiving no response, he reached out to the other guards to let them know what was going on. Before he could even finish his update, he realized that this man was in fact his dead brother.

"My king," the look of pure fear took over his features, "I thought that he was here to kill me, but he was not." He dropped his head and immediately looked in my direction.

My father knelt down beside him, placing a steady hand on his trembling shoulder. "What did he want?" he asked in a way that demanded him to finish describing the encounter.

"He had a message. At first, I could not understand him. He just stared blankly ahead, repeating the same thing over and over again."

'He is coming, in three days time. He will rule. He will take the princess and the kingdom will be his.'

In that moment, I felt my heart drop and all eyes were focused on me. Who the hell is he, and what does he want with me and my kingdom?

Regaining his composure, my father stood up, requested that the guard's brother be delivered to one of our protected bunker cells. "Eva, you and Michel take leave to Carrefour and find a woman. Her name is Fabienne. She is a Ginen vodouisant, a servant of the spirits. Bring her back so that we may quickly find out what we are up against and take care of the threat before it is too late."

Bowing slightly, we hopped into an awaiting car taking off towards Carrefour to find this woman. Usually we would go in wolf form because the travel time would be cut down tremendously, but because we would need to bring her back with us, the car was the best bet.

"What do you think is going on?" Michel looked over at me as he placed a soft hand on my thigh, awaiting an answer that I didn't have.

Placing my hand on his, but continuing to look out the window I replied, "I don't know. It's crazy that we haven't had any type of threat in so long. What's even crazier is that it's a vodou threat. Like who the fuck is messing with the evil spirits, and why do they want me?!" I didn't realize how nervous I really was until my voice cracked.

Usually if there was any kind of threat to us, we handled it in a fight like any respectable wolf would. But what do you do when you're targeted by things that you can't see and really don't understand?


Arriving in Carrefour, we made contact with an elder wolf that lived in the area to get information on where we could find Fabienne. He pointed us down a cobblestone road that turned into a dirt path that led to a quaint little farm deep inside of a heavily wooded area.

"I've been expecting you, Princess." a feeble, yet stunningly beautiful older woman smiled towards us as she sat on the steps of her cottage. She wore a long tan tunic with a thin blue robe over it. She was thin, with soft hazel eyes, and a short salt and pepper curly afro wrapped around her heavily pierced ears.

"How do you know who I am?" a shy and quizzical smile spread across my face.

"Oh cherie, the spirits have already shown me all of this in a prophecy long ago." she reached for my hand as she stood to her feet, holding on to the old wooden railing at her side.

Michel stepped forward, "If the spirits had already shown this to you, why haven't you come forward to prevent this from happening already?" I could since the tension, and mildly annoyed aggression in his voice.

She flashed a toothy grin in his direction. "You are just as strong and protective as they've shown, my dear Michel. You will be a magnificent beta; greater than any that have come before you," she placed a gentle hand on his cheek. "But to answer your question. I cannot work against the forces that are already in play. Things are meant to happen a certain way and I am supposed to sit back and allow things to happen organically before I am able to intervene."

Michel glanced at me with a puzzled look that mirrored my own. I shrugged my shoulders and turned back to Fabienne.

"I must gather my tools and we should be on our way. We don't have much time." Fabienne walked into her cottage and we could hear her rummaging through things. She reappeared with a large leather satchel and a box that clearly held glass of some kind because we could here it clinking as she walked. We grabbed her supplies and Michel helped her into the car before heading back to our kingdom, sparing no regard to any speed limits that may be in place.


Making it back to pack land, we took notice to the extra patrolmen and security on the grounds. It sent a feeling of uneasiness through my body because we've never had to address a threat like this before.

As we walked into the pack house, we were greeted my parents and David, who all stood stoically while we led Fabienne and her supplies into the foyer.

"Misye. Madam. David, my love!" she bowed her head at my parents who rushed towards her to encase her in a doubly strong hug. A sense of familiarity between them filled the space.

How do they know this woman?

"Dam Fabienne, it's been too long!" my mother gleamed as a tear ran down her cheek. In usual fashion, my father kissed away her tear and pulled her close. Seeing the love within their mate bond made my heart swell at the realization that I longed for that very bond.

"Oh come, come children. We have time for pleasantries later," Fabienne grabbed their hands and pulled them over her heart.

"I wonder how our parents know her. They seem to be really close, but I've never even heard my dad mention that he knows someone that practices vodou." Michel reached out to me through the link and I gave him a look of confused agreement.

Fabienne to the lead and walked through the house to the my father's office, pushed open the door to the conference area and directed us to put her supplies on the area. She proceeded to pull out a very thick book that was covered in symbols that I did not recognized, as well as an array of different colored powders and liquids that were housed in the clinking box.

She motioned for us to close the door and to take a seat. She began chanting in a whisper while mixing and crushing various things together in her pilon, a wooden pestle and mortar.

"Wa mwen ak larenn, my king and queen," she began. "Long ago, the spirits had shown me a prophecy about the kingdom of the Lalune. A man, born of a she-wolf and of dark vodou priest, would garnish a power stronger than any have ever seen before. The evil spirits have shown him that he will take the princess and the kingdom as his own and rule for all eternity."

My mother let out a small gasp, but no one said a word as we tentatively listened to the rest of her story.

"They have shown me two ways that this may come about. In three days time, this rogue wolf will call upon the evil spirits with an army of zombies that will create a path for him to descend upon the territory. Unfortunately, even with preparation, the kingdom will not be ready. If this vision comes to pass, King Marcelin will perish at the hands of this wolf and the princess will be forcefully claimed as his mate and leave no choice to the kingdom to bend at his will."

"We will never let that happen!" Michel jumped up, slamming his fist into the table, causing it to crack and splinter. I placed my hand lightly upon his and he slowly sat back down in his chair.

David sent a harsh look at Michel, cleared his throat, beckoning for her to continue.

She sent a worried smile in my direction. "The other way that they showed me will not make the princess happy."

I shot a worried smile back at her, but I'm sure what I thought was a smile was really a painfully nervous grimace.

"If this way shows us being able to save our livelihood and protect our kingdom, no matter how any of us feel about it, we will do it," my father almost glowed with regalness as he stood to his feet.

She looked into her pilon and continued, "They've shown me another wolf. A strong leader. An alpha in the Nwa Lalune. You must send her to him. Together they will protect one another, though they will prove to be an obstacle to each other, this will be the only way to guarantee the peace and survival of the kingdom. The rogue will still attempt to attack in three days, but his attempt will be futile because the princess will not be here. Once she builds an alliance with the alpha, she will return to the kingdom and defeat the rogue." she stumbled backwards and clutched her head before fainting and nearly hitting the floor before Michel caught her by her waist, sitting her down in the chair.

I could hear the buzzing of voices discussing everything she just said, but my mind could not make sense of any of it. I am a warrior. I do not run from battle. I stay and protect what is mine. But I cannot stay. For if I do, my father will perish and we will be doomed. My only option would be to leave and find this alpha and figure out what we need to do in order to defeat this rogue wolf that we still don't really know anything about aside from the fact that he's a wolf-vodou hybrid.

"Eva. Eva? Eva!" my father called out to me while snapping his fingers in front of my face.

Snapping out of my daze, I gathered my lost thoughts. "Yes, yes, I'm sorry."

"The Nwa Lalune just appointed a new alpha. This is the Miami settlement. Gather your things and we will have you off by tomorrow. I will reach out to your aunt and uncle that are there so that they can supply you with shelter." I could hear the sadness in his voice. "David, step into my office and reach out the alpha. His name is Ethan Black. Get him on the phone at once. Delphine, you and Fabienne continue to find out if the spirits have anymore information that can help us figure out who this rogue wolf is."

Taking a final look at me, David nodded his head and ducked into the office to fulfill his orders.
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