The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Senk

"This is bullshit!" Michel fumed as we took the stairs up to my bedroom. "Fuuuucccckkkk!" I watched pieces of the wall crumble beneath his heavy fist. "I'm going with you."

"As much as I want you to, you know you have to stay here and help protect our home, Michel." I grabbed his hand and dusted the drywall from his knuckles. Lucky for him this is one of the few walls that isn't made from stone in this house. Strangely, I found myself giggling at the absurdity of the moment.

I was stunned and confused by the news that was just delivered to us, but I had the sense to mind-link Stacy and Tam to meet me here. They were already waiting in my room when we walked in. Having all of my best friends in together at once was bound to bring me some kind of peace to face my fate head on, right?

"Can someone enlighten us on what the hell is going on and why the domestik are packing up all of your things?!" Tam's face was frantic. "We were just having a girls' night and now all of a sudden Stacy's found her soulmate and you're leaving?" She began to cry.

I reached out my arms to pull Tam into a tight hug and Stacy let go of Philip, who had decided to stay here a few extra days, to join us in the embrace.

"Damnit, I've always wanted us to go to Miami, just not under these circumstances, and definitely not you without us," I could tell Stacy was trying to lighten the mood with a forced smile through her tears.

"It's really too much to explain, but to keep everybody safe, I'll only be gone for a little while." I feigned a lopsided smile to ease the tension a little more. "I don't know for how long, but once I meet up with the Nwa Lalune alpha we're supposed to come up with a plan or something to defeat the asshole that's threatening us."

I honestly don't know what the hell is going on. I just know that 24 hours ago my life was perfectly normal. I had my pack, my girls, my lover, my life. But now, in the next 24 hours, not only will I be in a different country, but I'll be assimilating with a new pack, and making plans with an alpha that I know nothing about. Oh how I wish I could turn back time.

I broke free of our hug when I heard my phone ding.

LENA: Hey cuz!

Me: Sak pase Lena Bena!

LENA: Mom and Dad told me about the shitty sitch, but biiiiiiiiittttttccccchhhhhh!!! We get to hang out and I am so pumped.

Me: LOL! Yea things are a lotta cray cray, but I'm excited to see you guys. I wish the circumstances were better though.

LENA: Same...I'll let you go. I know you're probz busy packing, just know that when you touch down, we're gonna fuck it up like only we can. Grab some drinks, shake some ass!

Me: Girl you are crazy! But I can't wait. Love ya!

LENA: LY2! I'll have to tell you about our fine ass new alpha later ;D Ttyl

Finally, a real smile crossed my face. I am definitely looking forward to spending some quality time with my cousin Lena. Whenever we get together we always have a good time. Plus, we share a very similar taste, so if she says the new alpha is fine, then maybe working with him won't be too bad...

*Ethan POV*

"Yes, sir. She will be greatly protected. I will personally make sure that the princess is taken care of under my watch. Yes, thank you King Marcelin. We will be at the airport awaiting her arrival." I hung up the phone, steam blowing from ears I'm sure. I had the mind to break the phone into a million pieces, but decided against it.

I just became the alpha of this pack and my first assignment is to babysit the bratty princess?! Why the fuck did they choose me for this?! I already have so much work to do to whip this pack into shape because they are way too comfortable. I mean, they have warriors, but they are not ready for a battle of any kind. It's already going to be a struggle because this is mostly a family pack, but luckily they accepted me as alpha based on my skills as a fighter, trainer and leader, along with my well known reputation throughout the US packs. I can't derail my plans, but I can't disobey direct orders from the king either.

In all honesty, I don't know if the princess is a brat or not. I really don't know anything about her at all. Just that she lives in the kingdom, waited on hand and foot, I'm sure. For goddess sake, she's the only heir to the throne so she has to be a brat, right? The only image that pops in my head is a little girl with pigtails, prancing around in a frilly pink tutu, throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Maybe I'm just being a dick. But seriously though, why me? Babysitting in not in m-...

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my office door. "Come in!" I yelled with a little more disdain in my voice than I intended.

"I'm sorry, Alpha. I don't mean to disturb you. I just wanted to find out what the plans are for my niece. My sister, Queen Delphine, called and we have room to accommodate Eva at our home, but I just wanted to run it by you first," James bowed his head as he walked into my office.

"Um, well, I just spoke to her father and I think for the first few days it will be fine for her to stay with you, but then she will need to move into the pack house so that I can personally keep a close watch on her while we come up with a plan to defeat the rogue." I didn't bother to look up from my paperwork because I didn't want him to see me rolling my eyes at the thought of having some random girl move into my house. UGH! Yeah, I'm definitely being a dick now. But I don't really care.

"Yes, Alpha," James turned to leave, but paused a moment. "Alpha, if you don't mind me saying, I know you've just taken over your new position and our pack needs work, hell, a lot of work," he let out a nervous laugh. "I just want to say thank you for all of this. No one expected anything like this to happen--"

I rose to my feet, inhaling deeply as I crossed the floor to shake his hand. "James, it is my honor and duty to serve the kingdom and whatever our pack can do, we will." Even though this is a huge inconvenience to me, my pack is still a part of the Lalune kingdom and I have a duty to uphold.

What's a few days of babysitting the princess, huh? She won't be waited on hand and foot if that's what she's thinking. She will be taken care of, protected and I'll look good in front of the king and queen. As much as I'm not excited about this it'll work in my favor in the long run.

Ok, it'll be cool. I can do this. Bring on the brat.

The next day...

This situation is stressing me out more than it should. I sat up on the edge of my bed, dropped my head into my hands and ran my hands down my face, dragging the skin on my eyes and cheeks down. I already know that I look awful because I didn't sleep at all last night. I tossed and turned, barely getting any rest, obsessing over who I think the princess may be or what she might be like. Better yet, why do I care so much? I'm tripping.

But, like seriously. Who has a princess that no one knows anything about? I asked my beta, Tony, to give me any information that might help me out. Anyen, nothing. The man was born into this pack and knows nothing about this girl. She's some huge mystery. Maybe she's like Quasimodo, or the crypt keeper.

'Bro, calm down. You are stressing way too much about this.' I let out a stiff laugh. Even my conscious knows I'm overreacting. Maybe I just want to prove myself to the king. Yeah... let's go with that.

I really don't know what I'm afraid of. Why am I afraid? Better yet, why am I so mad?

It also didn't help my sanity that Drea's annoying ass showed up here last night either. Don't get me wrong, she's good for keeping a bed warm and I was able to take some of that stress out on her.

My mind wondered back to when she walked in wearing a trench coat with nothing on underneath but some thin body floss on her almost too skinny body. I wasn't totally in the mood for sex and definitely wasn't in the mood for her wild animal noises, but hell once I shoved her face down into a pillow it was easy to take my aggression out on her. I should feel bad for "using" her, but let's be truthful; she's only hanging around because she's hoping I'll finally fold and make her my Luna.

We've been in this situationship since I started moving up the ranks at 20 years old. Shit, I'm 32 now. So, I've been mating age for sixteen years and I've never come across the real deal. At this rate, I don't think it will ever happen. Might be why I let Drea hang around.

"Good morning my sexy alpha," my shoulders instantly tensed as she rubbed her hand up my back to massage my scalp and neck. "Oh baby, you're so stiff! Let me take these kinks out for you." She tried to sound seductive, but her nasally voice and overly strong scent killed off any morning wood I could have had.

I stood up, shaking her hands off of me as I walked towards the bathroom. "Sorry D, I have a lot of shit to do before the princess gets here. Alpha duties call. You know what I mean?" I heard her huff, but I didn't care. I hope she takes the hint and leaves on her own.

I just really need to wash her scent off of my skin. For whatever reason, today it just feels wrong to be scented by her. It ain't like she stank or anything. She smells like lavender and vanilla which is fine, but I guess because she's not my mate she always leaves a tangy sourness behind.

"You know, once you make me Luna I'll be able to take some of that workload off of you." This girl stopped being subtle a long time ago.

I really need to end this shit with her. I swear she's leading me to lead her on. Plus, she's crazy as hell if she ever thinks that I would make her my Luna. She already acted bougie and rude towards the pack members at my confirmation. Showing up in a damn white wedding gown when the event requested all black attire and then started switching up the program to suit her needs rather than follow the traditional layout that the kingdom expected us to oblige. This pack would light my ass on fire if I even considered the idea of Drea Saint Luc becoming my Luna.

I turned on the shower and heard her say, "Well I'll let you get your day started and maybe I'll see you tonight and we can continue what we started last night?"

I cringed, hopped in the shower and pretended like I didn't hear anything. Relief washed over me when I heard my bedroom door close. I slumped under the steamy hot water, allowing it to beat into my tense muscles.

'Note to self: text her to not come back here tonight.' I won't be able to deal with Drea and this princess at the same time.
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