The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Sis


Last night after the girls left, and Michel reluctantly went off to his own room, I got a chance to spend some much needed time with my parents. It's crazy. I don't remember the last time that we really spent quality time together. In a way, it feels kind of somber considering what may or may not happen in the next few days.

As much as my mother and I wanted to cry, my father shut that down quickly. "No, no, none of that!" he placed a hand on both of our cheeks. "Bél pitit fi mwen an, we're gonna hang out tonight, enjoy a good movie, talk about strategy, and then get you ready for the airport in the morning."

'My beautiful daughter'. A blush crosses my face as I relish in the term of endearment that I've heard all my life. Why does it all of a sudden feel bittersweet?

We had a really good time. We popped popcorn and surfed through the Haitian movie options on Prime Video and found some pretty comical content.

"Fabienne will be staying in the kingdom until we can get past this rogue issue." I cut my attention from the ending credits to face my father who has now switched to a much more serious topic, breaking the comfortable silence.

I nod in agreement. "Do we know anything more about who this rogue wolf is or where he might be coming from?"

"No. I've been getting reports every hour from the borders, as well as some pack members who have been spending extra time near the human cities." He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck, which is usually a sign of nervousness. "Apparently there has been a significant increase in unexpected deaths, specifically amongst young people."

As the realization hit me, I remembered that the prophecy stated that the rogue would be using an army of zombies. "That makes sense being that the zombies need to be recently deceased in order to turn."

"Correct. I doubt that it will offer much solace, but I added more wolf presence near the hospitals, funeral parlors, and cemeteries just in case we have a chance of cutting down on their numbers."

My father clenched his jaw and a major part of me is wanting to stay here and fight alongside him, but then I remember that if I stay here, my father will die, and the kingdom will be lost.

'Princess...I hope you're still awake. I need you so badly. I know I should be focused on strategy and protecting the kingdom, but my thoughts keep going back to your curves, your taste, the lake and how we didn't get a chance for that second round...'

My heart nearly jumps out of my chest as I hear Michel call out to me through the mind-link. As much as I need to get some sleep and prepare for my trip tomorrow, I can't hide the eagerness and lust in my response. 'Mhmmm. I'm just wrapping up with my parents. I'll swing by in a few.'

I thank my parents for a wonderful evening with hugs and kisses before I damn near sprint up the stairs on my mission to Michel's quarters.

The best part of having a lover that lives in the pack house? Room service.

As soon as I turn down the hallway and make my way to his door, I smile knowing that I won't be getting any sleep tonight and I have no regrets.

I gently knock, trying not to bring any attention to myself from the other sleeping warriors. The door cracks open and my breath hitches as he opens it wider to let me in. I pause for a moment just to look him over, head to toe. Eyes slightly glowing and flickering to black, he's freshly showered and standing before me in a plush black towel that's barely hanging onto his waist, freshly oiled and dripping pure sex.

I release a soft moan as he grabs my hand to yank me in, closing the door behind me and pressing his body against mine, wedging me in the corner and leaving me no space to run. Not that I would anyway.

After kissing me so ferociously and taking all of my breath away, he nuzzles into the crook of my neck and runs his teeth across the spot where my mate's mark should be. Usually when he does this I melt from the sensation alone, even though I know he's not my mate, but for whatever reason it feels so wrong this time.

Not wanting to ruin the moment, I turn away from him, arching my back, pushing my hips back against his now tented towel and begin to slowly whine my waist to the konpa music he has playing in the background, teasing him as I bat his hands away every time he tries to grip me.

...Ma chérie, je t'aime
Et, je ne sais comment te dire
Chérie, mwen renmen'w
M pa konn kijan poum explike'w
Amor, te quiero
Yo no se como te decirte
I guess there's one thing left to say
I love you...

He finally has enough, before tossing me over his shoulder, and dropping me on the bed. He begins to gently remove my shirt and bra before peeling away my jeans, only my underwear remain. Expecting him to join me on the bed, I reach for his towel, but it's now his turn to swat my hand away.

I stifle a laugh as he gives his best 'Magic Mike' impression, but rest assured his hip work alone could put any dancer to shame. Ugh, his body is everything!

He grabs my ankles and yanks me to the edge of the bed in one fell swoop. At this point I'm so turned on by his movements I can't even register the almost drunken haze I'm in until the wetness pooling between my legs snaps me back into reality.

He lowers his head and placed his nose right against the seat of my panties and inhales as if he were taking in a fresh lungful of crisp mountain air. I release an unearthly, guttural moan as I feel his strong tongue lap at my soaked and engorged core through the thin lace material.

His strong scent has encased my body and mind in a layer of sinful lust that just makes me want to suck the soul from his body and devour his very essence, but that's one thing that I've decided to save for my mate. Thankfully, he understands and respects my decision.

Werewolves are naturally sex addicts, so 'sex before mating' is not only expected, but allowed and encouraged to keep the urges at bay. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a horny, super strong, overly aggressive wolf. Trust me, we can cause some serious damage.

He bears his teeth against me and loops his tongue into the lace before tugging them to the side. As much as I love covering him in all of my juices, my desire to feel him inside of me suddenly thickens the air space around us. I grab his face and pull him towards me as I take my other hand and wrap my fingers around his base, guiding him into my throbbing entrance.

"Oh. My. Goddess!" we yell out simultaneously as the sensation overtakes the both of us. We smile at each other and I know it's because we're both thinking about how lucky we are that the rooms throughout the pack house are soundproof.

Without leaving my body, he rolls us over so that I am now on top, giving him the chance to slip deeper into my contracting channel. He places is hands on my hips and I place mine over his as he begins to rock our bodies in a mind bending rhythm that has me begging for release in no time.

As he edges me close to the first of many climaxes tonight, he places his thumb over my highly sensitive clit and begins to massage me with the perfect amount of pressure to match the pace of his hips beneath me.

I know that he's ready to release when he grabs my waist tighter, thrusting into me with painful ecstasy. I lean forward, biting his shoulder and am beyond satisfied when I feel my body burst and come undone around him. His deeply sexy groan lets me know that he has climaxed as well.

Drawing me closer to him, I fall into his chest while being encased in his strong arms. Feeling his body still trembling with the aftershocks of his orgasm, I feel his warm breath fan my ear before he says the three words we promised never to say to each other...the three words that stood the chance of crumbling everything we have...

"I love you."

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