The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Sèt

*the next morning*

Needless to say, I didn't get the multiple orgasms I was hoping for because I was so thrown by Michel's exclamation. Obviously I didn't say it back. I love him of course, but not in the way that's reserved for my mate.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid. I knew that one of us was bound to catch feelings at some point, I just wish it wouldn't have been under a circumstance that had our lives in such turmoil.

"I'm sorry for making last night so awkward Princess," Michel broke the uncomfortable silence that we had been riding in. When I finally left his room, I had just enough time to take a shower before we needed to head off to the private air strip, hopefully sparing all of our lives.

I tore my glance away from the passing trees to see the remorse on his face. I smiled and placed a hand on his thigh. "No worries, Mich...I guess I really do hold a lot of power between my legs." We both began to laugh, knowing that our relationship will always be fine, no matter what happens.

A few hours later I arrived at another private air strip, touching down in Miami, not having to deal with a crowded airport or the inconvenience of being questioned by customs agents. The door to the private plane opened and I could hear 'She's Your Queen to Be' being blasted from a cute little dark blue convertible.


I grabbed my bag and skipped down the stairs running to embrace my favorite cousin. "Lena Bena, how are you girl?!"

"It's so good to see you Eva the Diva!" She pulled me into a warm embrace before tossing my bags into her backseat.

We jumped in the car and sped off. After riding for a few minutes, I noticed something was odd.

"Lena, explain something to me."

She didn't take her eyes off of the road before answering, "Uh huh?"

"Now I know that my dad spoke with your alpha directly. No offense, but why would he send you to pick me up, alone?

She grabbed her chest, playing offended. "I'm not alone, cuz. I didn't want it to be too awkward for you so I drove my car and security has an SUV in front and behind us. I didn't want it to seem like such a big deal, you being here. I know it's not a comfort trip, but I want you to be able to relax."

Noticing the sincerity in her voice, I reached over and hugged her tightly.

"Biiiiittttcccchhhhh, I am driving!" She whined and we both began to laugh. "So...before we head over to pack territory, I'm thinking we can hit up Ocean Dr. and grab some brunch and catch up. What do you think?"

"Sounds good. I can go for a drink and then you can tell me all about this supposedly fine alpha of yours."

"Oh girl, I can definitely tell you all about fine ass Alpha Ethan Black!" She gripped the steering wheel hard while making lewd gestures. This girl is crazy, but I'm so glad to be able to spend some time with her while I'm here.

After finally finding a parking space, we made our way to a booming restaurant, filled to the brim with people, loud music, extra large drinks and a menu that I could stare at for days.

The waitress took our order, with Lena making sure to order bottomless mimosas and we settled down for our 'catch-up' conversation.

"So how are Aunt Del and Uncle Marc?"

"In spite of everything that's going on, they're great. I got a chance to spend some quality time with the last night and I must say, I'm seriously blessed to have parents like them." I smiled zto myself because it's really true. "How are Uncle James and TeeTee Marie? Ohh and Cousin JJ?"

"Girl they are all good and can't wait to see you." She poured more mimosa in both of our flutes, filling them to the brim. "But you'll get to see them later. Let's talk Alpha."

I laugh, partly because I know she's not going to hold anything back, and because this drink is really strong. Holy shit!

"Ok, so like I said, his name is Ethan Black. He didn't come up in our pack, but he has a serious reputation throughout the US territories. Like he's a super warrior! And cuz, I know you're a bomb ass warrior, but I think he might even be a challenge for you."

I snorted. I'll let her believe whatever because she's never actually seen my skills, but I let her carry on.

"But anyway, he's still pretty new to the pack and everyone seems to like him. And when I tell you this man is fine...he is foine. Imagine black coffee with two drops of cream, six foot five, built like a chocolate Hercules. Hmmm! Plus, he's unmated and can definitely be on the menu." She gripped the table and started wiggling her eyebrows.

"You're supposed to stay at the pack house, but he granted permission for you to stay with us for a few days first before you have to move into the pack house so that he can keep an eye on you."

"Come again, say what?" Hold the hell up, ain't nobody about to grant me permission to do shit. Princess title, heir to the kingdom aside. I am a grown ass woman.

"Don't sweat it, Eva."

"No sweat." Definitely sweat. Lena might have an infatuation with him, but I'm feeling like he already might be on a power trip because of his title. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now and won't judge him til I meet him. Maybe.

Lost in my own thoughts, I missed part of what Lena said. Something about a crazy, psycho bitch named, Dru? Dre? I don't know. Hopefully I don't run into her and there won't be any problems.

Now I'm looking forward to getting settled and checking in back home. I'm loving this time with Lena, but worry soon takes over me when I begin to think about my real purpose for being here.

Finding a solution to end the rogue threat. I know everyone tried to put on a brave face before I left and I made sure everyone was prepared as best I could. I even made sure the the kingdom hospital was stocked and ready just in case things went sideways.

'Don't stress Eva.'

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