The Pride of the Lalune

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Chapit Nèf

Trust me. I had no intention of introducing myself to the alpha until it was time for me to move into the pack house. If we happened to meet each other in passing, so be it, but I had been in no hurry, especially after finding out about the foiled attack attempt by the rogue on the kingdom.

I had noticed the elaborate pack house when we arrived in pack territory earlier in the day so I really didn't need Lena to direct me, I just felt that it would be less rude bringing an actual pack member with me. Truly, I didn't care if Lena was there or not.

"Eva, I know you're upset right now and because of that it may not be the best time to meet Alpha Ethan," Lena spoke up with a hint of... what is that...fear?

I slowed my brisk walk to turn around and face her. "Okontrè, on the contrary, Lena, I believe this is the perfect time." She knows that I can't be stopped so she lifts her hand towards the house instructing me to carry on.

Trudging up the wrap around driveway, I pause for a moment to take in the beautiful architecture of the house. In true Miami mansion style it is very flashy, but quite elegant at the same time. It has 3 stories and the entire front of the first floor seems to be windows from top to bottom with a gorgeous hanging chandelier in the foyer. The kingdom pack house is extremely nice, but it is nothing compared to this. I can't wait to take a t—

'That's not why we're here.' My wolf, Lafwa, reminds me as she paces back and forth flexing her paws, ready for a fight.

I snap out of my daze and make my way up to the front door and ring the bell. After waiting for what felt like an eternity, the door is finally opened by what seems to be a Victoria Secret model, fresh off the runway, scantily clad in a crimson red lingerie set, barely covered by a robe and wearing a scowl on her face.

She looks me up and down before speaking. "Who the hell are you?"

I'm taken aback by her blatant rudeness before I hear a low growl coming from Lena who is now standing next to me. "You need to watch how you speak to the princess!" My lips curl upward a little when I hear her mumble 'bitch' under her breath, knowing full well that this she-wolf in front of us heard her as well.

"Oh... so you're the princess. Well forgive me if I don't bow and grovel at your feet. I'm not a part of this pack so your presence really means nothing to me." She looks on in disgust as she tries to coat her every word with a touch of venom.

"Luckily for you, I'm not so hung up on my title, Ms.?"

"St. Luc. Drea St. Luc, future Luna of this pack."

'Ah, ok. So this is the bitch Lena was talking about. Hell, we can snatch and drag her too! I'm down for a warm-up round...' I internally giggle at my wolf's desire to take her aggression out on anyone at this point.

Lena sucks her teeth and rolls her eyes at the idea of Drea being Luna. "Bitch after that shit you pulled at the confirmation ceremony, the pack will never accept you as our Luna. As a matter of fact, how disrespectful and distasteful are you to open the door to the pack house dressed like that and being rude on top of it? How does Alpha Ethan feel about you parading around half naked in front of the unmated warriors, bouzen, whore?"

Damn Lena is not holding back!

"You got one more bitch to call me, Lena Pierre! And besides, your alpha is my man to worry about. Plus if any one of these imbeciles tried anything, I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to make an example out of them to protect my honor." Drea spit back, sounding more annoyed. "Why are you here?"

Barely restraining my wolf at this point, I respond, "I was actually stopping by to introduce myself to the alpha. Is he available?"

She cocks her head to the side before twirling around slowly with a crooked grin. "Honey, if he were home with me right now he'd be way too occupied to consider entertaining even not so little you." Again, she looked me up and down with disgust.

Now I totally get why Lena hates her.

Before I could respond to her unnecessary attempt at body shaming, a wolf runs towards the house at full speed, shifting into his human form immediately.

"Is the alpha available?" He questions, trying to regain his breath.

With extreme animation Drea throws her arms in the air and brings them down, slapping her hands on her thighs. "Why is everyone looking for him all of a sudden?"

Clearly frustrated and through clenched teeth, the man speaks again, "Drea, now is not the time! My wife just went into labor, there are no pack doctors available right now and the nurses are saying my son is breech. So again, is the alpha available?!"

"You don't speak to me that way! I am your future Lu—"

Before she could even finish her sentence I turn to the man and introduce myself. "My name is Eva, and if you can point me in the right direction, I can help your wife and insure that the delivery goes smoothly for her and the baby."

The man, Marquis, gave a short introduction and took off on foot, leading to the pack clinic with Lena and I in tow.

My steps faltered slightly as I took a moment to take in the beautiful building that they are using as a clinic. I can only imagine that the inside is as immaculate as the outside. Our hospital back home is completely up to date and high tech, but it's definitely not this pretty and inviting.

Marquis grabs my forearm and yanks me forward through the automatic doors.

I am instantly drawn to the sound of painful screaming and what seems to be thirty nurses running in and out of a single room. I take off full speed and enter the room to assess the situation.

"Ma'am, you can't be in here!" A very flustered nurse throws my way.

"I'm sorry, my name is Eva and I am a doctor visiting from another pack. Marquis stated that there are no doctors available and the baby is breech, is that correct?"

She nods and I see a flash of relief when she hears that I am a doctor. "Well doctor, let's get you prepped so you can deliver this baby!"

After securing my locs, donning a procedural robe and gloves, I walk over to the distressed couple and speak to the wife. "My name is Eva and I'm going to help you deliver your son."

She barely manages to scream out, "Non mwen se Aliccccccceeeeeee!"

"Ok Alice, I'm going to check the baby's position, ok? Whatever you do, do not push!"

She nods with fear etched all over her face.

After checking her and realizing that she has already delivered the feet, my brain goes into overdrive to figure out the best and safest solution for them.

"Alice, you've already delivered the baby's feet, so we need to get you into a different position to meet your son. I need for you to get on all fours and continue to breath slowly for me." I pause and allow the nurses to help her get into position.

"Now I am giving you the easiest task right now. I need you to keep breathing. Imagine that you're blowing out a candle in long slow breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through puckered lips. Marquis, stand if front of her and do the same thing." I give them a moment while he kisses her lightly on the head and whispers sweet nothings to her in kreyol. "Alright, so instead of pushing when you feel a contraction coming on, Alice, you tell me and I will do all of the hard work for you, ok?"

As soon as I was done speaking a contraction hit her hard and I went into action delivering the baby through the birth canal using a technique that my attending back home perfected. Positioning my hands firmly in the birth canal, I was able to grab and tilt the baby to make sure he didn't get caught or stuck on the way out. Two more gentle tugs, and the sweet little jenn, cub, was out.

Hearing the baby cry for the first time burst the humongous tension bubble that had sucked all of the air out of the room. As soon as I handed the cute little chubby boy to his parents, the loud tennis shoes of the on-call doctor squeaked into the room.

Surveying the the scene and making sure that everything was under control, she turned to me to thank me for assisting her patient. Apparently it's rare for all of the doctors to be pulled for emergency home visits at once, and of course when she left there was absolutely nothing happening in the hospital.

Lena returns, bursting into the room with some balloons and a stuffed wolf and hands them to the new parents. "Awww Baby Quis you're so cute! Wait until you grow up and can tell everyone the story of your crazy birth and how Princess Eva was the doctor that delivered you!"

The entire room gasped, turned to me and dropped to a knee in utter shock and amazement.

"Oh please, that's not necessary! Yes, I'm the princess, but I'm also a pack doctor in the kingdom. And it was an absolute honor to be able to serve you and deliver your little into the world." I smile, feeling a slight blush grace my cheeks. "Thanks for embarrassing me Lena!"

I roll my eyes and laugh as she says, "Oh my bad, you weren't going to tell them?!"

After spending another hour with the new parents and getting a tour of the impressive facilities, Lena and I head out. I'm so energized and content with the delivery having a happy ending and being told that I have privileges at the hospital anytime, I hardly even remember the anger that I carried earlier in the night.

Feeling the 'itis' from dinner creeping back up on me, I can't wait to get back to the house and crash.
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