Middle School: The Worst First Year

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Charlie Roberts Is a middle school kid who doesn’t know anything about making friends, and in middle school, you NEED friends. Or else you’ll be nonstop bullied. Charlie finds an animal friend who seems to be magical. Will she make it through the first year of middle school, or be stuck in the first year FOREVER?

Fantasy / Children
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Chapter 1

I ran down the hallway, so did the odd creature. “Hey thing! Come back!” I shouted. It didn’t answer. Pretty normal for a creature. It could be a very fast baby, it could be a small cat or dog.but it didn’t bark or meow, so I didnt think it would be a dog or cat. I kept chasing the creature and it slowed down, so I kept running. Finally it stopped, thinking it lost me and I grabbed it as soon as possible before the “thing” could catch its breath. “Ah Ha! Got you now!! A- A pig?” It was a pig?! “Weird.. can you oink?” And it didn’t do anything but say, “No! I’m not a pig ya dummy.” And then it gasped and covered its mouth. “Your not a pig! Are you?..” I screamed. “No.. I’m an alien!” The thing said.
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