The Horizon of Tomorrow

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Following the devastating effects of 2020 (Coronavirus, Australian Wildfires, violent protests, etc.), the society gets trapped in the abyss of darkness. A boy is forced into a world of war when he tries to help out his brother for a better life. He will challenge everything in his path, including his own father, to finally escape this broken civilization. With the support of friendship and love, Jert will accomplish his goal to finally see a day when everything is back to normal.

Fantasy / Scifi
Fahim Zaman
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Running down the stairs, Gloph approached Jert, “IT’S COMING,” Gloph yelled. Jert felt the shiver crawl up his spine with fear of the unknown. Jert was terrified because he had no idea what to be prepared for. Gloph and Jert were then met with a figure from the shadows. A girl slowly walked out with a smile which showed her bad intentions. She came charging at the two of them and as she made contact with Gloph, she announced her victory by saying “You’re it” and then the school bell rang. “Oh man, gotta go to class again,” said Jert. Gloph asked the girl if they can play tag tomorrow and she said yes. Gloph and Jert quickly went to their classes to finish school for the day.

The guys came home and started doing their homework. They were hoping to finish their work so they could play video games together. As soon as Jert pulled out his notebook, their mom walked in. “Boys, you will not be going to school tomorrow,” said the mom. Jert was super happy not even questioning why their mom doesn’t want them to go to school. Gloph, on the other hand, was upset because he likes school. Gloph then asked their mom why they can’t go. Her response struck fear in both of them. “A deadly virus has been spreading across the world and I don’t want you guys to be consumed by this,” said the mom. She then said that they might not be going to school for a while. This moment really got to Gloph because he was worried about what might happen to his friends and if he might fall behind in school. Jert started dancing because he had no friends to worry about and he disliked school. Later that night, Jert stayed up playing games, knowing that he won’t have to worry about waking up early. Gloph also stayed up, but not by choice. The whole situation made him cry because he wanted his friends to be safe and all the tears prevented him from sleeping properly.

A few months go by and Jert is starting to get mad because even though he doesn’t have friends, he wanted to meet up with people. Gloph was still as upset as the first day. They both shared a common hatred towards that fact of how people let this spread so much. Knowing how many people this virus has killed broke Gloph’s heart and Jert was also surprised, but it didn’t hurt him as much as it hurt Gloph. Later that day, they heard about this innocent man getting murder because of his race. Gloph and Jert were both disgusted by that. As they went along with their quarantine, they started seeing people rioting. These protests were violent as they injured so many people. They discovered that the protests were caused because of that man that was wrongfully murdered. More disgusted than ever, they started talking about how hurting people will not make anything better. Jert said, “as violent as it may be, protests are necessary”. Gloph disagreed saying that “We are not looking for the greater good, but the good for all”. Jert laughed as he argued that good for all is impossible. This made Gloph furious because as true as it may be, it was not something he wanted to accept.

Another few months have passed by and Gloph is getting sick of his day to day life. Jert has been talking to that girl, they last played tag with, so his days are getting better. This made Gloph feel really jealous and lonely, but there wasn’t much he could do. Gloph’s friends eventually stopped texting him, which made him feel worse. Gloph slowly became really depressed. Jert soon joined after the girl stopped talking to him. They both started feeling awful.

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