Fight for Me

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Shifters and other supernaturals held in an underground prison deep in the woods, where they’re being experimented on, are planning to escape the coming full moon. But the appearance of a new prisoner, - a young human woman, makes them question what the facility is actually used for. They help each other to escape, determined to find a safe place to call home. Unfortunately, everyone gets split up without knowing who survived and who died. Will they find each other again? What happens when one of the strongest alphas in the north finds a homeless, human woman his wolf recognizes as his mate? Will he accept her, help her or reject her? What if she isn’t bothered by his choice and too focused on getting back to another wolf?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chained up


I’m weak and exhausted. I can barely open my eyes and barely feel my arms. They’re numb from being chained up with silver to the wall. They continuously drug me with wolfsbane and now I think my wolf is at the edge of dying. He’s the only thing keeping me alive. Once he’s gone, I know I won’t last much longer.


My wolf is stirring in me at the sound of yet another scream, - a woman this time. Someone else is being tortured now. Pretty soon it will be my turn again. I can’t believe I got caught after our pack got attacked, and now I’m a part of some experimental torture dungeon.


I don’t know where I am, but I know it’s underground and somewhere in the mountains. I know there are other prisoners, supernaturals, I can hear them and sometimes see them as they’re dragged past my cell. I still don’t really know what the purpose of all this is. They usually either just drag us into a room to test our ‘pain tolerance’ or they make us fight to the death. It all really seems like it’s just for their entertainment.


But the humans are definitely behind this, - I can smell them. Ever since the supernaturals came out into the open, humans have become scared little pussies like most of us expected. Protesting against us and openly shunning us. And now they’re kidnapping us to do what, - experiment on us? I may have lost everything, but I will not go down without a fight. They destroyed my pack, killed our members mercilessly, and killed my Alpha and best friend. Blood will be spilled.


My chains rattle from hearing such pain. Her screams are echoing through the walls. I don’t know why she’s still alive though, with the amount of torture she’s being put through on a daily basis. They brought her in a few days ago, from what I can tell. I don’t know what she is, I was at the fighting ring when she was brought in.

But she has to be powerful, - a vampire maybe, or maybe a rare shifter. Why else would he lock her up in the furthest cell with a bolted door? That is for maximum security. None of the security guards are even allowed to go in. Only Dr. Ass-Hat goes in to do goddess knows what.

Clank! I hear the heavy metal door opening.

Dr. Ass-Hat is probably done with his torture on her now. The nerve of him to torture someone when they’re tied up. I’ll show him. I may be weak, but these assholes are amateurs. It’s clear that they’re knowledge on us is very limited, which is why they only stick to what they know.

I just need to wait a few more days for the full moon. It will give my wolf and every other wolf here an extra advantage in healing and strength. Some have already suggested that we escape then, but others are too fearful and weak to consider the idea. But I have been sparing my strength long enough for this. This place will crumble to the ground. I swear it by the moon goddess.

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