Primous Rising

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Mature⚠️ In the year 4020, a realm defying war between witches, vampires, and werewolves threatens to wreak havoc on Earth, changing countless lives. Most of all affecting Celestiana, a mighty yet untrained witch Primous. To secure his throne, Prince Lyonaurd snatches her away and titles her as his betrothed, but chaos erupts when the Prince's most trusted lord finds himself falling for Celestiana. Plummeting into the court's scheming, Celestiana gets tangled in strings of love, lust, hate, revenge, power, and survival. And if she fails to follow the right path, she might become the sole reason for her loved ones' death.

Fantasy / Romance
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✒︎ Author's Note

Hello! Thank you for choosing to check out this story!

✵ I just want to share a few quick notes in this AN: ✵ Please read till the end of them especially the 5th, 6th, and 7th. ✵

1- I’m a college student and I try to stick to my update schedule but you know, college and life can be... well, let’s say unpredictable and time-consuming. The update schedule of this story will be every Friday (the exceptions will be during my exams and if work gets too much). I’ll probably make it twice a week once my other story is finished.

2- I’ve had the idea of this story for about five almost six years(!). It’s safe to say this story is my baby and I’m very emotionally attached to it. I’m uploading it here to share it with you guys and improve it. Any constructive criticism will be welcomed and appreciated. And please don’t steal my ideas, thank you :]

3- Fun fact! This is my first story on Inkitt ^.^ You can find this story on Wattpad too (my username on that website is the same as here). Also if you see this story on any other platform it has not been uploaded by me and kindly report it and inform me about it.

4- I’m not good at managing my wc XD some chapters might be short and others might be a bit too long. But I’m working on it. Also, I edit before posting these chapters, however, I’m somewhat blind when it comes to spotting typos and errors, I’m still working on it, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to update something with almost no typos and errors (fingers crossed).

5- Last but not least, the story is mature, like really mature (Okay that sounds a bit stupid, but you get what I mean right? And have you ever seen a vampire-ish story that is not? XD). It contains strong language, mild violence, gore, mature sexual content (That are totally skippable, but there are some harassments and a rape scene).

6- The sub-genre is vampire, but this is not the type of story where idk, the vamp and the girl are soulmates or the vampire has met her lookalike centuries ago. And this story is definitely not the type of let’s say Fifty Shades of Grey (cause, idk any other abusive-ish BDSM-ish story) the point is that this story is not like that!

7- In all my stories I always try to convey a message, in this story, my main focus will be on equality (racial, gender and...), overcoming the damages that sexual harassments leave behind, and rise up and above a world driven by sex and power. (I hope I can do that. So, honestly, feel free to critique it or point out any part that you think it’s not right, cause I really want to improve my work. As I said before, this work is my baby so I want it to shine!)

You’re still around after reading all of that? Wow XD Well, I hope you enjoy reading this story.

Official starting date: 13th September 2020 (on WP)/ 15th November 202 (on Inkitt)

Official ending date: ... (let’s hope I can manage to finish it!)

This story is the first book in its series.

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